Friday, September 8, 2017

Friend's Friday - Tami's Escape Part 2

Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. Made my way downstairs and had a cup.  Looking up, I noticed I was late,,,,, - (From A Day In the Life - Beatles)
By Tami

See Part 1

Despite the 2 hour time zone change, I overslept on Saturday morning. The sun was coming up and the desert sun was already warming the air. I walked 4 miles on trails in Sabino Canyon. With lightweight capris and a tee shirt, I didn't see hardly a soul.  Back at the house at 9 am, I brushed my hair, put on a touch of foundation and was in the car to the bike shop for a new tube. (I get a lot of flats road biking). I walked in close to 10 am and the woman who had sold me my last bike three years ago gasped and rushed over to talk.  I hadn't seen her since, and had assumed she thought I was a little nuts as I was always opting for the women's jerseys over the men's. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was glad to see me, had wondered where the heck I had been, and if I had a new name. "You look great", she said noticing the changes. So we continued talking in a low tones and got caught up.  She looked great too and had had some degree of face lift which gave her a very fresh youthful look. Good for her!

Back at the house, I messed around, showered and did my makeup, put on my cropped jeans with the dropped hem and a very cute top. I headed to my noon appointment at Gadabout. The two girls that had done my hair in the past were not in, so I was introduced to a bubbly and tiny young lady who sat me down to ask me what I was hoping to achieve. "Just a simple blow out, some volume, soft and piecey." is my usual run down. So she rinsed me down, and started combing things out. "You have great arms", she said. (Women often compliment my arms, as they are small but a bit of definition shows). We got along really well and it wasn't long before my being trans was the topic, and that she volunteered that her boyfriend too was trans. Well, i have meet several hairdressers who know one or more trans gals, but this was the first time meeting someone who was seeing seriously a trans guy. Live and learn.

After this enlightening 30 minutes, I drove to Barnes and Noble for a relaxing tour through the history books, and a bowl of soup. I asked about finding Steven Kings, IT, and the very helpful gal led me around the corner and told me about all the King books she had read. IT was way too big for me. I thanked her and went back to the history section! This gal walked by ten minutes later and asked how I was doing. She was so pleasant and we shared some small talk for another minute or so.

The balance of my day was uneventful, as I just did errands, and stopped in to see the mineral and jewelry exhibit at the U of A. Stopped at a restaurant, got take out, and headed home to relax. Just another normal, productive, pleasant day in the life. 

And, I renewed one friendship and maybe made a new one.

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