Friday, September 1, 2017

Friend's Friday - Tami's Escape

By Tami

While I am not hesitant to hop on a plane and take a 3 day weekend, I am pretty intimidated by the TSA.  So I was up at 5 am, showered, fluffed and brushed my hair, put on a touch of foundation, even less eye makeup, one ring, my watch and small bracelet.  I dressed in my androgynous comfortable jeans, top, blue jacket and was off to the airport.  To complete this picture, please know that I work hard at improving my feminine presentation, so my hair is a long pixie or a very short bob.  Decent nails, very good clear skin, small frame, and I have lash extensions, but I am presenting as male to the TSA and my license confirms it.

At the airport I breeze through security and walk to the coffee shop.  My latte order is ready quickly and I get a cheerful "thank you mame".  So I know right away that it is going to be a good day!  The flight to Phoenix is near ready to go, and I ask and get upgraded to first class - who-hoo!  I take my seat , nap, then enjoy a second breakfast.  The flight attendant is especially kind and friendly, and my ambiguous appearance doesn't phase her.  A few hours later we are landing in Phoenix and I make the uneventful walk to another gate for those of us heading to Tucson.  I notice at the gate that my male name appears as first in line for an upgrade, but the loading door is opened and group 3 is headed into the plane.

I settle into aisle 9 next to a very pretty young woman and we exchange a few words.  The captain is done with his announcements, and one of the attendants is coming down the aisle with a ticket in hand.  She walks up to my row, looks down at me and my seat mate and confused, turns quickly to the two men in the opposite seats and says something to them.  She turns and walks to the front of the plane, takes the mike and asks if I am aboard.  I raise my hand and back down the aisle she comes again (studying me), and hands me the ticket for first class.  She didn't explain, but it would seem she didn't at first read me as male and wondered who was in my seat! 

Once in Tucson, I shower, do my makeup and put on jeans, a sleeveless top and sandals.  Now I am Tami.  I am off to my favorite salon, and Dolly is always happy to see me.  She does a great job with my hair, and I love how she fusses over every detail, and explains why she uses one product or another. I tell her that I love being high maintenance!  Off again to my 3.30 appointment with my cosmetic dermatologist.  We are good friends after several years of her magic - making little wrinkles disappear and softening my facial contours.  We get caught up on both of our lives while she pokes and improves.

Forty five minutes later I hug we good bye, and I head to the front desk, sit and pull my cc from my wallet.  The gal at the desk always takes time to organize the bill and find a discount or two.  So a couple minutes pass and another woman in the waiting area speaks up and says, "I can't help but admire your wonderful posture, your back is so strait and it’s so good to see! - so elegant!"  I thank her profusely.  Since my youth, I have always pulled my shoulders back and sit or walk with my chin up.

Thirty minutes later, I practically steal a cute pair of kitten heel black shoes on sale at Talbots.  (You can shop there and find good quality pieces that have to make you look prim).  A stop in Anthropologie scores me two casual tops.  Another stop at Kate Spade and I am very tempted by a small adorable black purse with buttery leather (small Isabel satchel).  I may return!

My day ends with fried green tomatoes at Sazerac, which are to die for.  I ask for my bill and walk to the ladies room which I find busy.  Standing in the hall for a minute, the woman inside exists, similes, and holds the door for me compliments my hair and I thank her. 

At the end of the day, I am not especially surprised by how well the day went or how kind everyone was whether I knew them or not. I have never had a bad day or even a bad moment I can remember.  This speaks well for how accepting the majority of people are of a trans gal who knocks herself out to look nice, smiles a lot and appreciates the little things other do.


My Note: Thank you Tami for sharing this beautiful story/escape.  So many times our fears are exaggerated and the fun/benefits out weigh the trepidation. 

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