Friday, January 12, 2018

Friend's Friday - That Is A Hobo Suit, Darling

You can’t be seen in this. I won’t allow it!

Guest Post By: Tami

Since many things don't fit all genetic women correctly off the rack,  you or I need to expect that many tops, skirts or dress' right of the rack won't be perfect either, even if we think so!   I am a firm believer in finding and using a good tailor often to make a good outfit really great.  Over the many years I have used to my great satisfaction the services of at least four female tailors that quickly all became trusted advisers and friends, capable of:

  1. Taking a bargain basement dress and making it look far more expensive or up to date.
  2. Altering a neckline on a too conservative dress to one that isn't dowdy.
  3. Lengthening the sleeves on a cute cropped jacket for custom made look.
  4. Making any piece in my closet that isn't getting worn for reason of a marginal fit, perfect.
  5. Getting the hem on those jeans just right.
  6. Open that arm hole just a touch.
  7. Add darts on that loose fitting top to look more fit
  8. Close the long slit on that skirt a bit, to be age appropriate.
  9. Find a little extra fabric in the dress that is a fraction too snug.

(As you can see, there can be plenty to adjust!)

First things first, loose some weight!  Everything comes together easier the more trim you are, as well as expanding your stylish choice options that may need to be altered.  But no matter your shape, grab a couple things and walk into you local tailor shop (in either boy or gal mode), and ask for help.  You won't be the first.  Your experience will likely be like mine - a warm welcome and good service.  I started by going in boy mode, put on a few undergarments and then the piece in need of help.  Then just stepping out in front of the mirror and letting (Lynn), her do her pinning and adjusting.  In the beginning, most things I bought were a size ten, and my goal was to get everything age appropriate, a flawless fit, with all proportions correct.  Proportions such and shoulders to hips, hem length, sleeve length, nipped in waist on tops and dresses, etc.all lend to a better feminine presentation.  Everything was easy to improve. Lynn was awesome, encouraging me on every visit.

By the time I met my second tailor, I was living in another town, and had dropped almost 15 pounds and was passing very well.  So tailor number two (Margaret), was equally helpful and happy to meet Tami and to help.  We know each other well now and blab about everything while she does her fittings.  So this process is not only stress free, but filled with confidence as she knows what she is doing and I know I am going to look great!  I am now altering eights and sixes with less frequency, but I don't hesitate to make a 'good' piece even better.  I recently found a really cute embroidered jacket at the resale shop.  It has multiple colors of thread and trim / piping between the shoulders on the back and a bit down the front and at the sleeves.  Kind of Spanish influenced with silver buttons.  The sleeve length looked tolerable to me, but Margaret insisted on adding to them a good inch, and she is texting me fabrics now and ideas on how she suggests adding length and making the additions look spot on original.

It helps if you tailor is a dress maker.  Her skills will be beyond the average gal who mostly does simple hems and other adjustments.  She will also have a better eye for making changes when they are possible, and how to pull them off.  She will be invaluable, so don't take her for granted.  Be generous with tips.  You never know when you may find the perfect dress for an event and you need it now!  She will be your Edna Mode and will come through for you!

The upside in using a good tailor is that you will learn what a good fit should look like on you.  You will have a better eye for a outfit that works or not!  You will learn what styles or makers can easily be made to work for you.

My number three and four tailors are out of town, where I vacation a lot.  I pop in after shopping to say Hi, and drop off a piece that needs to be tweaked.  Often they will hold it till I return to town or mail it out.  In every instance all these women genuinely enjoy helping me, seeing things look great on me and knowing that I appreciate their skills and advice.

Nothing beats walking into a room wearing an outfit that looks, fits, feels, moves correctly on you.  I always dress (to blend appropriately),  like other women depending the event or time of day, but I don't mind looking a bit more tailored and polished at the same time!


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