Friday, February 9, 2018

Happy Girls

 Guest Post By Tami

We all have our definition of true pampering.   When I received my first pedicure I was pretty sure that was nirvana.  But like a pleasure - junkie, I am always open for that new experience in feeling wonderful.

Having my hair washed and styled is right up there.  Not all stylists can give you a really good scalp massage, but the best is heaven. So here is a new one for you, and not enough women have indulged.  Try lash extensions!

I have recommended extensions to many girlfriends and those that go, love it.  In fact it is addicting, and I am!  I will explain; You lay down for 30 minutes or more on a comfy table with a pillow under your knees.  Soft music is usually playing and your eyes are closed.  There are a few pieces of tape applied at your lower lash.  You close your eyes.  For the rest of the procedure you feel only a gentle applying of one lash at a time on top of your natural lashes.  You can chat with the technician or just fall asleep - she is used to that!  I find the gentle combing of my lashes and the entire process very, very pleasant.  When done you will have some seriously beautiful eyes!

There are so many ways your lashes can be embellished.  You can do just a little to define them, do them a bit flirty, or go over the top. You can specify very thin lashes or thick, longer or not, lots of curl or very little.  They can be barely noticeable or a sexy cat eye.  You will get the hang of this and learn what looks are best for you and when.  I use 9-10 lengths, minimal curl, thickness - fine, for every day.  Just make an appointment and and start the process.

The payoffs with extensions are many;  1. Totally gorgeous natural looking lashes, unlike the strip variety. 2. You can stop using mascara completely.  (The manufacturers of the lashes don't want you to use it, as removing the mascara with makeup remover is not good for glue holding those lashes.).  3. You can and may skip the eye liner - but that's optional.  I still line a bit.  This just depends on the look you are going for and night time clean up preferences. 4. For the next 2-3 weeks your are going to have lashes and that look and feel really great!  5. You can have them put on only for a special occasion or vacation.  You don't have to make a long term commitment unless you want to.  You can also buy some remover, and with care, remove them yourself.

You will lose some individual lashes over time, so yes they need maintenance.  Follow ups for a fill in about 3-4 weeks is important for a consistent look. Watch how you sleep. Don't bury your face in your pillow or use your fist to rub your eyes. Wash your face around your eyes gently, and don't let the shower head spray you hard in the face.  Lastly, use Latisse too.  The stuff works and your natural lashes will grow and make the extensions look even better!  I apply Latisse every other night.  Also, if you find you love them, try out different techs.  Some are more skilled than others.  

My lash tech confessed that with a 2 year old at home, getting her own lashes done was difficult for her to schedule, but that she isn't giving up her pedicures


  1. My wife has the Lashes done - I wish I could lol

    1. Diane, you can do a very suttle application, and few will pick up on it.
      Give it a try, Tami