Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Feminine Differential - Not Overthinking

There was a time when getting Rhonda out the door was a three hour process. Choosing the outfit, bubble bath (to set the mood), makeup, getting the hair just so, foundation garments, and finally getting dressed.  Every moment along the process severed to set the mood.  Does any of this resemble your process.

As some would describe the dilemma - "Fish or cut bate". 

Fast forward to this morning's market shopping.  Being a people-watcher over the years, I have been studying wardrobes utilized in situations in which i would like to  participate. Office/professional was my goal for many years because that is where I pictured myself. Casual later became a destination as my "Escape" world expanded; now the everyday reality.  

This morning I did not give a second though to the decades old henley cotton top, Lee slim jeans, and Skechers D'Lites that I wore. "Do you need any help ma'am".  'Can I reach that for you ma'am.".  "Do you need any help with your cart ma'am".

Yes, there are times when I do question either their sincerity or vision.  However, welcome the recognition that I am blending; deserved or not. It is  appreciated. 

Lesson - there is nothing wrong with a great afternoon of self-indulgence and feminine pampering. As I look at my calendar, I am not getting any younger and time-is-a-wasting.  Plan accordingly and realize that there is not anyone you need to impress, other than yourself. Dress to blend and take advantage of of the time you have. Overthinking only slows the exit. It is not the process but the reality of the escape.   

Monday, November 18, 2019

Tima Marso Loves It When People Don't Realize He's A Guy

Bride groom meet the beer-loving biker making a mint out of modelling WEDDING DRESSES… and it was all his girlfriend’s idea.

Tima Marso likes soccer and motorbike riding, but after encouragement from his girlfriend he also got into modelling wedding gowns.

"The idea I do the wedding dress shoot was my girlfriend’s idea," the 25-year-old guy said. "In fact she pushed me into modelling women’s clothes because of my high cheek bones and long blonde hair. I love how I can pull off the look of a woman and am proud to be an androgynous model."

He's already well on his way to stardom, having rocked dresses and skirts on high-end catwalks - and raking in thousands in the process.

"I grew up wanting to be a rock star and never thought I’d be making thousands were couture and high street women’s outfits," Tima, from Moscow, Russia, said.

His surprising career began when he started dating his make-up artist girlfriend, who prefers not to be identified.

"My girlfriend would take me to her make up jobs for fashion shows, she’d even practice looks on me because my face has an n angular feminine look and it was her who suggested I try modelling," he said.

In 2013 Tima posed for head shots and started working as a male model. Things went well, but it was his partner who got him his big break.

"She’d seen the success of other androgynous male models who did male and female modelling, or only female modelling, and nagged me until I agreed to try out for women’s wear," he said.