Saturday, December 16, 2017

Attitude is Everything

I found this yesterday on Susan Street's blog "Susan After 60".  Susan's blog is one of the blogs I check every day and she does post several time a week.  She is a beautiful person inside and out with a positive attitude.  Do read Susan's post on attitude - Her life's example is touching.     

Susan and I met a year or so ago and I can tell you that in person, she is the same intelligent, friendly and beautiful woman you see on the blog. I pride myself in knowing Susan. 

When we are out, our single most important wardrobe item is our attitude. Being positive is contagious and is always displayed with a smile. 

Thank you Susan for this beautiful post and your timely advice.     

Susan and I - October '16

Friday, December 15, 2017

Friend's Friday - Another Evening In Palm Beach

Stefanie and Rhonda

I do not have to go into to many details and just need to say that Thursday is a wonderful open evening at Palm Beach Colony's Polo Lounge. Last evening was many of the typical crowd with the exception of Stefanie.   

Stefanie was my guest for the evening. This was one of her first outing and looking beautiful, she fit in perfectly. There is always a glow that sets in when one is comfortable in their skin. Stefanie - a natural.  

After the Colony we went to dinner at the Raindancer Restaurant and we were treated like royalty.  

A wonderful escape evening with a new local friend.  Stefanie, let's do it again.