Friday, October 30, 2020

What Halloween Means to Me as a Transgender Person


Addison Rose Vincent
By: Addison Rose Vincent

Halloween reminds me that safe spaces are not confined to people or places, that it can instead be based on time. It’s an annual event that gives people like myself permission to be who we are, even if it only lasts a few hours before needing to lock it away for another year. It’s a time when you can finally see yourself reflected back in a world with broken, distorted mirrors. I will always love, appreciate, and celebrate Halloween, as well as every person who uses that night to embrace their magic.

In Fall 2010, I had just moved from Michigan to California to attend college and finally come out publicly as gay. I gave myself permission to gender bend and cross dress for Halloween, deciding to go as a cliché sexy witch with black and red stalkings, a black dress, a red feather boa, and curly black wig. My friends did my makeup, and when I saw myself in the mirror it all clicked. The person I saw in the reflection took my breath away, I felt I was seeing myself for the first time. But the moment faded as my friends laughed, thinking I was in on a joke I was supposedly telling. We went out, the night ended. I felt magical but that it was too much, that I needed to tone it down and lock it away.

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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Asymmetrical Fashion

Asymmetrical design - clothes in which one side is not the same as the other. 

Supposedly, humans  have strong preference for symmetry, but no one has figured out why.  It was once thought to be a sign of health, but there is much debate about that theory.

Perhaps the reason is simply that symmetry is just so familiar. Think about it; How many time have you arranged a shelf so so that items on the right balance with items on the right.  Yes, symmetry. 

According to science asymmetry get your attention; it’s edgy, bold, and says one thing loud and clear; “I don’t need to be like everyone else.”. 

I love the look.

Amazon - LACOZY Women's Waffle
 Knit Off The Shoulder Tops
 Knot Batwing Shirt Tunic Blouse

The photo above is a Lauren Ralph Lauren
Off-The-Shoulder Top that I wore to my Mercedes club dinner event last Sunday.  It has one side that falls off the shoulder, one sleeve is longer than the other and the hem falls on the diagonal. Lots of stuff going on. 

Recently I have purchased several sweater from Amazon that have done the same with off-the-shoulder and full arm opening on one side.  

Here are 5 reason from Fasionnia on "Why does Fashion Love  asymmetry?"   

1. Asymmetry is unexpected, and great style is never boring.  Off-center buttons make this chambray shirt so much more interesting.  

2. Uneven hemlines are perfect for covering your assets.

3. Asymmetry can be bold and dramatic.  One shoulder dresses are perfect for making a grand entrance whether for daytime or for the evening.

4. An asymmetric cut-out elevates basic style.  

5. Asymmetrical style is subtly sexy.  As popular as it is with celebrities on the red carpet, I find the “nude” dress trend to be tasteless.  For most of us, a little shoulder exposure or a discreet cut-out is a sensuous enough.  

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