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BC - Before Confidence

 Happy Halloween

There was a time when I was so afraid to venture out, I would get dressed in my motel room mid-afternoon and sit for hours, afraid to move. Finally, getting undressed, taking a shower and swearing, "NEXT TIME!"  

Halloween, or as I referrer to it as "National Be Something Else Day", is the day many of us have used to finally escape and venture outside the closet. Be it ever so humble or crude, an exercise that was our first outing. 

Over the years on this day I typically re-post my "National Be Something Else Day" story. It was first posted in 2015 to encourage you to escape; not just on Halloween. After my first time out my world did not end and self-acceptance became the new/better me.      


National Be Something Else Day

This is national cross dressing day; AKA Halloween. A day when we can pretend to be anything we want to be. Little boys like being a super hero. Little girls like being a princess. Then there is us. 

Delia Melody at Huffpost Voices described it this way:

"I'm not the only one who loves the excuse to play dress-up in public without the weird stares at least once a year. It's fun to pretend to be someone, or something else for a night. 

I am not going to rain on a parade so today I will tell you about my first time ever “really dressed” and going out. Something I had only fantasized about doing.  Months of planning - frequenting wig shops, boutiques, and hair salons to get makeup lessons all were part of the plan.  This was a time before electronic spreadsheets, but had they existed I am sure the engineer in me would have prepared a detail plan.  Instead, I had written checklists.  

I used "Halloween" and being out of town to solicit help, an innocent request - “My spouse wants to dress me up – so I want to know what I can look like beforehand.” was my cover story (lie). It seemed plausible and remember, this was the late 70’s.  I had barley admitted to myself I was a cross dresser and still had delusion that just seeing my self dressed “once” would cure me.  Let’s get this thing out of my system - forever. 


Several makeup artists I contacted really enjoyed the process, which amazed me. There was one that was so proud of her work she went to get her boyfriend that also worked in the mall, to show him her masterpiece. I think there was a secondary motive in that she wanted to dress him up. Several insisted that we do it again and next time bring the whole “costume”, so they could see the total look. Oh darn – must I – If you insist!  After each encounter, I had pages colored in and products in little bottles with numbers that corresponded to the colors on the face sheet. 

Revelation One: Makeup was much more complicated and expensive than I ever imagined.  

The big day arrived and still out of town, I revisited my favorite make-up artist for the makeover.  She helped me get dressed and WOW.  

Revelation Two:  This was not going to be the cure.  I loved the look.  I would date the woman staring back at me from the mirror.  Where can we go?

I had studied and several upscale restaurants were having a costume party/contest so dinner with my newly unnamed friend seemed in order.  Just choose one and go.  So I drove to one of the places. Side note:  As I look back now, going everywhere, anytime and in a variety of outfits, I see that my anxiety was so unfounded.  Note to younger self – Just do it.

I had arrived early and there was still some daylight.  “I can’t go in yet.”  So I waited for a while - but saw no one else go in wearing a costume.  Cannot go here!  So I drove to the other place. Now it was dark and I was safe, but there were only a few cars in the lot.  Let’s wait until a few more show up.  After about an hour, waiting in the car, only a few arrived and none in costume. Cannot go here!  So, I drove back to the other place. Now I did see a few going in wearing a costume and it was dark.   Perfect.


Cannot go in yet!  By now, nerves and anxiety had taken its toll on my makeup. Therefore, I need a quick trip back to my motel to see if I was still together. I will come back once I know I still look OK.  After a quick check, I was still together and did return to the restaurant. It was getting late by now and I was seeing people leaving in costume.  Had I missed my opportunity? 

I finally worked up enough courage to go in and sure enough the “costume walk was over”.  Prizes had already been awarded.  The host suggested that I go to the bar where several of the “costumed customers” had congregated for a final drink.  “You look great – who did your makeup?” was her comment.

 With much fear, I did go and join in at the bar.  I sat down and the bartender asked without hesitation asked " ma’am what can I get you?"  I felt the need to explain everything and his comment – “This is not going to be the last time you do this, is it?”  

Revelation Three: No truer statement was ever said.

 Happy - "National Be Something Else Day".

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Friday, October 29, 2021

Patricia Ferrari - My First Adventure to the Mall

My Note - I am friends with Patricia on Facebook and marvel at her beautiful presentation. I knew that there had to be a story for such a beautiful person so ask her to write something.  Although English is not her first language she put together a beautiful story for us to enjoy.  With such a beautiful look, I am not at all surprised as to what happened.  Thank you Patricia for sharing your story and lovely photos.  Please write more... 


By: Patricia Ferrari

I am a married cross-dresser with a supportive and understanding wife; She has known Patricia for the last six years since I confessed my secret. 

Most of the times I dress up at home and on some occasions, I go to some trans clubs to enjoy a drink and music (not very often). I try to avoid crowed and public places like supermarkets or malls.

 In 2019 I changed my mind and decided to (escape) venture a crowed mall on Christmas. I was so excited and afraid to expose myself in public place as Patricia. My wife agrees to accompany me in this experience and to take some pictures to memorialize such experience. I dressed at home and we left the house by the back door trying to avoid the neighbor’s eyes, she drove the car. 

We arrived the mall at 7.00 pm, parked the car in the parking lot and left the car, I walked first to the main door of the mall and she followed me with certain distance, so nobody suspects we were together. Went I reached the main door a lady looked at me and smile kindly, she noticed of course I was not a biological woman and gave a compliment “you look beautiful, and I love your outfit” she told me. Ohh my God!! I received the compliment with joy and thanked the girl telling her “thank you so much, you are so kind”, I smile her of course. It gave me some confidence.

I entered the mall and walked moving my hips from one side to another as biological women do, and with my head up. I was determined to enjoy that experience releasing my femme side, started looking items like shoes, dresses, and purses, I felt the whole people look at me. Nervousness and fear invaded all me, I experienced at the same time such excitement.  

After around twenty minutes, I I decided to go to the second floor, so reached the elevator and got inside.

Around eight people in the elevator with me including my wife who was there as another shopper. Going to the second floor for me was like an eternity with  all people there looking at me. I just kept breathing. I notice that a man was looking at me from my head to my toe. When the door opened he waited until I exited the elevator and I felt he was following me, As he he reached me he asked my name. 

My wife saw the man and she approached me, so I told the man that I was with my friend, “Sorry sir”.  I smiled inside me. I walked on the second floor and enjoyed looking clothes in the real world as a woman. 

My wife took the pictures as to  memorialize the experience. It was a great night for Patricia. Since then, I ventured to other public places. 


Thursday, October 28, 2021

Celebrate Your Authentic Self...

During the Holidays

By Terri Lee Ryan, December 21, 2020 at 5:12 pm

Terri Lee Ryan

For the past eight years since I have been writing and having conversations on gender issues, I have been telling those who struggle with their gender identity to be true to their authentic self and not to “hide in shadows” for life passes by too quickly to waste time not living as the person you were meant to be. And, now after a challenging year living with COVID-19, it seems to be more important than ever to not waste a moment by pleasing others.


Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Embracing Our Age - Hair Color

Humans register grey hair as a sign of age. It’s unfortunate because a lot of people look fantastic with grey /white hair. 

Let’s face it – grey hair can age you and it could be that you don’t like the feeling of “looking your age”.  However there is much more to style than your hair color. One blog comment recently mention that with make-up and hair styled she looked 10- years younger. The power of good fashion choices, makeup and well styled hair, without question, is age redefining.

My every day look 
No makeup and heading out to do errands. 
I am going to discuss hair color. Don’t bail yet even if your hair is thin or non-existent. Thinning hair happens, and for many, inevitable. That is why wigs are make and are not exclusively for the transgender community. My female hematologist this past week has very thin, almost non-existent hair. At my last Meetup group, one-third of the women there wore wigs. So, get over it.

Cis-gender females go to salons to have their hair styled and those with thinning or no hair, go to wig salons/shops to purchase hair and/or have it styled.  Quality wigs and hairpieces are indistinguishable from natural hair with the proper styling /selection and color. 

With my travels, I have noticed regional differences. Here in Florida, many mature women tend to maintain the blond look longer than necessary. In the northeast and Canada, I notice that many women embrace their natural color. As our face ages, choosing a too youthful color draws unnecessary attention.  

Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada 

There is one big advantage we have over a cis-gender woman who wants to go natural. The process of growing out long hair (transitioning) from dark to natural white / gray is arduous. Many times taking months/years depending to the length. For those that rely on wigs, it is just a visit, selection, and style process.  There you can try many different color / shades and styles. Voila! The instant new you.  

My hair has been almost totally white for at least 20 years. I wore long red-tone wigs as Rhonda unit a very insightful hairstylist encourage me to grow out my hair. This was one of my best fashion decisions ever. However, somewhat disruptive as I had to accept other changes. My makeup needed to be more subtle, and certain colors no long looked best on me. 

Here is a good post on 40+Style - "To Grey Or Not To Grey?" with pros and cons.  

I enjoy having white hair and do not think it ages me (any more than I am).  Even if I am “looking my  age”, I am proud. Looking youthful is not purely based on our hair but also our attitude, face, makeup, and how we comport ourselves. Especially how we dress. My Silver Sisters network.

There are people out there who rock grey / white hair. Be one of them!  ESCAPE!

Which styles look "OLD"?       Which styles are wigs?

None and all!


Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Joe Pederson and His Pearls

Joc Pederson's necklace is the new fashion statement of the postseason. His jeweler has never seen anything like it.

Breaking News - Atlanta Braves to face Houston Astros in MLB's World Series after beating Los Angeles Dodgers.
Joe Pederson

Sports Illustrated — Gabe Arik has made jewelry for baseball players for two decades. He creates the engagement rings they use to propose, the gifts they give, the necklaces and earrings they wear on the field. He estimates that his business, Happy Jewelers, has made thousands of pieces, for players on each of the league’s 30 teams. He has never received a request like the one he got in September.

“I want to do something really different,” Atlanta right fielder Joc Pederson texted him. “I want to make a nice fashion statement. And I’m thinking about pearls.”

Arik replied: “?”

“Pearl necklaces are for, you know, women,” Arik says now.

But Pederson insisted. “He said, ‘That’s what I want to do,’” says Arik. “And that’s what we did.”

Pederson has been evasive as to the inspiration behind his new fashion statement. On various occasions he has said, “I just saw the pearls and I was, like, you know what? That looks cool;” that there is no story, he’s just “a bad bitch;” and, “It’s a mystery for everyone. They’ll never know.”

Whatever their origin, the pearls appear to be working. Since their debut on Sept. 29, Pederson has an OPS of .953 and one home run per every nine at bats. Atlanta is 10–4 and one win away from the pennant. The team has begun selling replica strands at the ballpark for $5. When Atlanta legend Dale Murphy threw out the first pitch before Game 2 of the National League Championship Series, he first pulled a string of pearls out of his pocket and draped them around his neck.

Arik finds the attention baffling. “This pearl necklace is not very expensive,” he says. “They’re really nice, high-quality pearls, but the retail is, like, four grand. … He has gold chains with diamonds for, like, 40 grand. But this, I don't know. Everybody's talking about it, everybody's wearing it.”

Monday, October 25, 2021

"My Life" - Bosom Buddies

Peter Scolari 1955-2021

Peter Scolari famously starred in 'Bosom Buddies' alongside Tom Hanks.

Bosom Buddies was an ABC television sitcom, 1980-1982. It was a show I enthusiastically watched. I was just starting to venture out and that show so entertained me. The show was hokey and improbable, however, inspired many fantasizes.

Peter Scolari, one of the leads actors, passed last week. His character, Buffy, was believable and cute in his presentations.  A fun show.   

Whenever I hear the Billy Joel song "My Life", which was used as the opening song, I think of the many fantasies that "Bosom Buddies" inspired.  This also is an anthem for us.  


I don't care what you say anymore this is my life
Go ahead with your own life leave me alone.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Rhonda's Political Week In Review 10-24-2021


Hopes are dimming after a lone coal-state Democrat sounded the death knell for President Joe Biden's clean electricity program.

Had there been one more senator who cared, then Manchin's vote would not have mattered. Just one! 


Saturday, October 23, 2021

Agony ...


I found this quote on Maryanne Marttini Facebook page.
A beautiful quote and a beautiful person.

Friday, October 22, 2021

The Back Story - "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!"

Shania Twain: The Surprising Inspiration Behind “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!”

On the surface, Shania Twain’s 1999 hit “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” is the ultimate girl power anthem. With lyrics like “No inhibitions, make no conditions / Get a little outta line / I ain’t gonna act politically correct / I only want to have a good time / The best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun,” it’s all about letting loose for a no hold’s bar night on the town.

But the actual inspiration behind the song? Crossdressers.  Read the whole article.  

And it’s that gender-bending which she appreciates:

Entertainment doesn’t have a gender. The fashions that ended up stringing together my career — especially the epic, iconic looks — [go] both ways,It can be drag queen-y as easily as it can be a sophisticated woman. We created a seamless, natural place for all of us.”

Thursday, October 21, 2021

I Love A Success Story - Rachel Levine

Transgender official sworn in as four-star admiral

Dr. Rachel L. Levine
Sworn in as an admiral Tuesday
Levine was appointed to lead the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, making her the nation's first openly transgender four-star officer.

By Matt Lavietes 10/19/2021

Dr. Rachel Levine, the nation's most senior transgender official, made history again Tuesday by becoming the first openly transgender four-star officer across any of the country's eight uniformed services.

Levine, the assistant secretary of health, was sworn in Tuesday as an admiral, the highest-ranking official of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, whose 6,000 uniformed officers are entrusted with protecting the nation's public health. Levine's appointment also made her the organization's first female four-star officer.

Levine said in a speech at her swearing-in ceremony: 

This is a momentous occasion, and I am honored to take this role for the impact I can make and for the historic nature of what it symbolizes. I stand on the shoulders of those LGBTQ+ individuals who came before me, both those known and unknown. May this appointment today be the first of many more to come, as we create a diverse and more inclusive future.

Levine, a pediatrician who previously served as Pennsylvania's health secretary, has spearheaded numerous efforts to combat public health issues, including the opioid epidemic, maternal mortality and childhood immunization. A graduate of Harvard College and Tulane Medical School, she has also written on medical marijuana and pediatric medicine.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Woman Who Shops in the Men’s Department

 “It's more than just the sizing and pricing—sometimes what’s designed for men simply looks more modern and not as precious.”

By Leah Bourne

For Glamour Style

A men's suit jacket is the
 perfect oversized fit.

Shopping for clothes that fit hasn’t always been the easiest task for me, which is why I'm a shameless patron of men's clothing stores. I'm almost six feet tall, so buying pants that are long enough is a challenge—let’s just say I’ve been wearing culottes long before they were cool. 

My shoulders are broad and my arms are long, so buying jackets that don’t make me look like a squished-up hot dog is its own special treat too. And, to complicate matters, I wear a size 11 shoe. It’s gotten easier in recent years to find footwear in my size, but trust me when I say a surprising number of brands seem to assume no woman could possibly wear shoes larger than a 10.

When I was a teenager, my height and frame were hard to deal with at times. I was embarrassed by it, often left thinking that I was somehow less feminine because I'm not petite or super slim.

But over the years I've grown into myself, and along the way I've discovered one simple style trick that makes being tall—with broad shoulders and size 10 in clothing—a hell of a lot easier: I voraciously shop men's clothing stores.

It started naturally enough: Most people steal clothes from their mom; I steal clothes from my stepdad including—but not limited to—his button-down shirts (I love that they're actually oversize on me), an old tuxedo jacket that I wear with just about everything I own (from sweatpants to gowns), and a brown felt fedora he used to wear to work in the 1980s (I wear it with jeans and T-shirts).

From there, it was a hop, a skip, and a jump to regularly browsing the men's department at stores and online—I now buy vintage men’s Levi’s on eBay, because why spend $200 on designer “boyfriend jeans” supposedly designed for women when I can buy the real thing for 20 bucks?

Shopping this way has led me to discover some of my all-time favorite wardrobe staples. Brooks Brothers’s noniron shirts are now my daily go-to (seriously, these shirts are the absolute best, and no, the retailer isn’t paying me to say that). Champion sweatshirts, J.Crew men’s belts, and men’s leather jackets are on regular outfit rotation in my closet. One of my favorite bags was even designed for men: a Montblanc portfolio that I wear as a clutch (it’s big and roomy and fits all my stuff—seriously, why don’t brands design women’s bags like this?).

It's more than just the sizing and the pricing that draws me to men's clothes; it's that sometimes what's designed for men simply looks more modern and not as precious. (Button-down shirts, for example, are made without those dated rib cage seams women’s versions so often have, preventing a genuinely slouchy fit.)

There's a reason some of the hottest brands right now are offering gender-neutral collections—everyone from Diesel to Mother Denim to Zara. Increasingly, the casual clothes men and women want to wear are essentially the same.

Not all retailers, of course, have caught up. And until they do, I am more than happy to buy my oversize sweaters and button-downs in the men’s section, where the clothes actually fit me and are cheaper to boot.

Believe me when I say you don't need to be tall to find men’s pieces to love. Women of all sizes—even the most petite girls—can find cool pieces that provide a genuine effortlessness that's sometimes hard to come by in the ladies' department.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Feminine Differential - Athletic Look

The photo in the layout inspired me. It is cute. The photo is from a Nike sales site as it is obvious that all the items in the photo are Nike.  All of the items I choose have a feminine differential and would be perfect for a morning walk, or if brave, the gym.  
The tee shirt is the Venus "Love Print Top" and I use it many days as my pool cover-up top. Graphic t-shirts have a feminine differential (with the right graphic) and especially look great oversize.  For cooler areas, a white sweat shirt would work well as shown in the photo.  The t-shirt also looks great with jeans.  

However, the best item in the layout -  Women's Skechers D'Lites Fresh Start 11931 Sneakers.  I have had many of these athletic shoes and they just feel and look great.  When all new and white, they just look great with jeans, shorts and a short skater skirt.  I love my 3'" (7.62 cm)  pumps, but nothing beat my  "Skechers" for comfort; as close as you can get to walking on a pillow.  Available in wide and up to size 13.  

Escapes don't always involve dresses, gowns, and everything coordinated.  Escape for a morning walk and let your new found confidence take you places.  

Monday, October 18, 2021

Raising Our Child Gender-Fluid

 Here's What We've Learned In The Process.

By Mary Kearl, Guest Writer


“My parenting choice to attempt to raise my toddler free from the pink and blue gender binary wasn’t necessarily a result of one thing, but rather a conscious choice I’ve been trying to figure out over time.”

“Which came first: Putting bows on babies to identify them as girls or the assumption that individuals have to be 'dressed up' to be perceived as female?”

“I want my little one to know that all people deserve to be loved — to be whoever they are — no matter what colors they like, outfits they wear or hobbies they enjoy.”

When I see my child dart off ahead of me, stepping with purpose down the dirt road outside the home where we’re staying, I don’t see a girl or boy running, I see a small person so full of life — possibility. And I hope that always stays the same.


An Interesting concept - the whole article is fascinating and can't wait to see how this plays out

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Rhonda's Political Week In Review 10-17-2021


The slowdown has begun - My Latest Macy's Delivery

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Friday, October 15, 2021

Friends Friday - Connie Looking Good

From Connie:

Connie Looking Good and Happy 

My wife went with me to the salon this day and she seemed to like seeing the feminizing process I had to go through. Since, she's been a bit more enthusiastic helping CONNIE look nice when we go out. 

Also, since wife saw me at hair salon she seems to enjoy putting me in rollers a bit more now, as well as more eager to use curling iron on my hair.

I'm starting to  feel more confident as well. I only wish it had happened 35 yrs ago though !!

At times I find it strange to think my WIFE enjoys being with her man as her G/F !!

Connie, what a lucky girl!


Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Why?

Julia Reece is a prolific writer on Quora.  I enjoy her willingness to describe what one feels and explain our difficult feelings so well. 


The question put up for open discussion: I'm a boy. Why do I like to wear girls' clothes?

I like very much Jilia's answer:

Julia: I grew up as a boy and enjoyed wearing girl’s clothes too.

At first, the sensual silky feeling really felt amazing. I had never in my life felt such soft fabrics against my skin.

The feeling of nylon, silk, and satin was unlike anything I had ever known as a boy. I was mesmerized by the feeling of nylon stockings on my legs and knew deep down inside that somehow, someday, I would find a way to continue wearing girl’s clothes.

And so I started looking around for any girl’s clothes I could find. I was too young to visit a lingerie store in those days, and I didn’t even have a credit card.

But as they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

I scoured my neighborhood until I found one or two garments. That started my budding collection of women’s clothing.

Over time, I worked up the courage to shop for hosiery on my own. The first time I was a bit flustered, but after a couple of visits to our local retail stores, I became more comfortable making purchases there.

For me it was all about the soft silky feeling I had when I ran my hands along my legs while wearing stockings and pantyhose. I didn’t overthink things - I just enjoyed living in the moment.

Time passed. My collection of clothing grew. And before I knew it, I created entire outfits for myself.

The desire to wear women’s clothing never left me. But it did change over time.

In the early years, it was all about feeling sensual - and that may explain your interest too. The feeling of soft fabrics caressing my body was heavenly and unlike anything I had ever experienced wearing boy’s clothes.

Gradually, I experimented with other things designed for girls - shoes, handbags, fragrances, jackets, sweaters, leggings and panties.

After years of secretly dressing in my own apartment, I wanted more - much more.

So I gave myself permission to explore my inner desires. I wanted to learn everything I could so I started experimenting with makeup too.

Today I use a woman’s name and openly shop for women’s clothing at major department stores - right out in the open. I don’t make private appointments or go to the stores when nobody else is there. Not at all. I shop right alongside the rest of the shoppers — and naturally, all of them are women.

I don’t know if your path in life will in any way mirror mine. You may like to wear girl’s clothes for kicks and the novelty may wear off at some point.

But then again, if your experience turns out to be anything even close to mine, you may enjoy wearing girl’s clothes for the rest of your life.

I have.


Thank you Julia - Me too.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Feminine Differential - Skinny Jeans?


The Best Women’s Skinny Jeans for Men

It was nearly four years ago when the idea of men wearing women’s skinny jeans was raised on The Jeans Blog. It was (and continues to be) one of the most heavily commented upon articles that we have here. It is apparent that we have a large contingent of males in our reader base who wear women’s skinny jeans, so this article is for them and those who are on the fence about trying women’s jeans.

In my opinion, the taboo about men wearing women’s skinny jeans is overblown. Truthfully, when people see you on the street, they notice that you are wearing skinny jeans, not that you are wearing women’s jeans. As such, the real question for men is do they feel comfortable wearing skinny jeans? The answer seems to be a yes. In which case, it gets down to what brand and style of jeans gives you the fit and look you want for your body. There are certain tells such as rear pocket size and placement, inseam length, embroidery on the pockets, and fly length, which avid readers of this blog may pick up on as being characteristic of women’s jeans, but are mostly oblivious to the public at large.

With the proliferation of skinny and extreme skinny jeans for men why bother with women’s jeans? Well for one thing, women have been dealing with extremely skinny jeans for a considerable amount of time. Once you approach form fitting styles, the bio mechanics of walking and sitting introduce new challenges into finding a good fitting jean. Poorly designed jeans tend to bunch up at the knees and slip down from your waist. For example, if the leg is tight on your thighs or waist and the fabric has insufficient flexibility, they will start to bunch up around the knees. On the other hand, if the jeans are tight on the calves and the fabric has insufficient flexibility, the jeans will have a tendency to slide down below your waist.

I don’t know about you, but I hate having to constantly pull up my jeans to keep them in place. Innovations in women’s jeans which have yet to take hold in men’s styles are in soft stretchy fabrics, usually characterized by a low percentage of cotton fiber such as Paige’s Transcend material and the use of a higher rise for the jean. The newer fabrics beyond being incredibly comfortable, don’t stretch out yet have a flexibility that minimizes bunching along the leg. By going to a slightly higher rise, the jeans rest on the top of your hip bone which helps anchor them in place.

As someone who has dabbled in women’s jeans, I’d like to share my opinion on several pairs that will work for a man if he is willing to give it a try. Rest assured, I do have a pair of each and wear them often. 

The characteristics I take into account when selecting a pair of women’s jeans include:

  • Am I comfortable with the way they fit on me?
  • Is the inseam long enough as the jeans’ leg must cover my ankle?
  • Is there a sufficiently long fly for obvious reasons?
  • Do they stay in place with minimal slippage and/or bunching?
  • Plus, are the size & placement of the back pockets ok? If too small or placed too high, they can look overtly feminine.
Read more with different brands discussed...

So if skinny jeans are your go to style, women’s versions have to be considered an option if you are looking for your perfect pair. Whether that holds true for other styles is TBD. As always, the brands websites can give you more details regarding the jeans covered in this article. Let us know what women’s jeans you guys love to wear as well.


Tuesday, October 12, 2021

A Different Look

From my Facebook post Yesterday: Saturday was a rainy afternoon at the beach.  I took the time to play and for the first time put my hair up in a high ponytail. Not exactly my favorite look, but I understand why women enjoy playing with their hair. It felt different. I wore it this way the rest of the day and went by the grocery store later. Maybe I will try it again another day and see what reactions I get.  What do you think?

Do I look like someone's  grandmother?  Oh, I forgot; I am.

Fashion notes - The cute cotton top is from a little consignment shop where I have purchased furniture here in Jupiter. They have several racks of new clothes and could not resist this polka-dot top. The jeans are my every day NYDJ jeans and my most comfortable old Coach Heels.  No makeup. The fall decorations I put together from my local Michael's craft store.    



Monday, October 11, 2021

Our Rich History...

 We Were Never Alone in Our Transgender Journey

Lili Elbe and Julian Eltinge

Last week T-Central featured two post that gives insight into our rich history.  It is hard to understand where we are today without appreciating those who pioneered our way. They were out and fearless.   

Yes, RuPaul, Jim Bailey and Caitlyn Jenner, there were forerunners.


Sue's news and views - A dip in the archives provided detailed links to biographies of Julian Eltinge, a famous transgender entertainer and Vaudeville star from the early 1900's.  The sites are: Los Angeles Public Library (link here), Wikipedia (link here), The Legacy Project (link here). There are a few film clips on YouTube and this documentary sample:

Julian Eltinge Documentary

Trans Express - The interaction between doctors and trans people explored in new article on the medicalization of transgender lives sent us to a medical paper written in Oxford Academic. The abstract for this paper starts with this:

This article explores the history of what the German-American endocrinologist Harry Benjamin labeled in 1966, “the transsexual phenomenon.” By mid-century, a growing number of individuals in both Europe and America were approaching physicians such as Benjamin searching for answers and means to change their bodies to match their gender. This phenomenon had started in Europe in the 1930s, when the Danish painter Einar Wegener underwent a series of operations that transformed a body defined at birth as male into the female body of Lili Elbe.

Don't miss reading these two post for the understanding that we were never alone in our transgender journey.  

Two very well written post. Thank you both for sharing.  

Even better known was the account of Christine Jorgensen [photo above], an American Army veteran seeking a sex change who became an international celebrity in the 1950's