Monday, October 18, 2021

Raising Our Child Gender-Fluid

 Here's What We've Learned In The Process.

By Mary Kearl, Guest Writer


“My parenting choice to attempt to raise my toddler free from the pink and blue gender binary wasn’t necessarily a result of one thing, but rather a conscious choice I’ve been trying to figure out over time.”

“Which came first: Putting bows on babies to identify them as girls or the assumption that individuals have to be 'dressed up' to be perceived as female?”

“I want my little one to know that all people deserve to be loved — to be whoever they are — no matter what colors they like, outfits they wear or hobbies they enjoy.”

When I see my child dart off ahead of me, stepping with purpose down the dirt road outside the home where we’re staying, I don’t see a girl or boy running, I see a small person so full of life — possibility. And I hope that always stays the same.


An Interesting concept - the whole article is fascinating and can't wait to see how this plays out

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