Friday, October 29, 2021

Patricia Ferrari - My First Adventure to the Mall

My Note - I am friends with Patricia on Facebook and marvel at her beautiful presentation. I knew that there had to be a story for such a beautiful person so ask her to write something.  Although English is not her first language she put together a beautiful story for us to enjoy.  With such a beautiful look, I am not at all surprised as to what happened.  Thank you Patricia for sharing your story and lovely photos.  Please write more... 


By: Patricia Ferrari

I am a married cross-dresser with a supportive and understanding wife; She has known Patricia for the last six years since I confessed my secret. 

Most of the times I dress up at home and on some occasions, I go to some trans clubs to enjoy a drink and music (not very often). I try to avoid crowed and public places like supermarkets or malls.

 In 2019 I changed my mind and decided to (escape) venture a crowed mall on Christmas. I was so excited and afraid to expose myself in public place as Patricia. My wife agrees to accompany me in this experience and to take some pictures to memorialize such experience. I dressed at home and we left the house by the back door trying to avoid the neighbor’s eyes, she drove the car. 

We arrived the mall at 7.00 pm, parked the car in the parking lot and left the car, I walked first to the main door of the mall and she followed me with certain distance, so nobody suspects we were together. Went I reached the main door a lady looked at me and smile kindly, she noticed of course I was not a biological woman and gave a compliment “you look beautiful, and I love your outfit” she told me. Ohh my God!! I received the compliment with joy and thanked the girl telling her “thank you so much, you are so kind”, I smile her of course. It gave me some confidence.

I entered the mall and walked moving my hips from one side to another as biological women do, and with my head up. I was determined to enjoy that experience releasing my femme side, started looking items like shoes, dresses, and purses, I felt the whole people look at me. Nervousness and fear invaded all me, I experienced at the same time such excitement.  

After around twenty minutes, I I decided to go to the second floor, so reached the elevator and got inside.

Around eight people in the elevator with me including my wife who was there as another shopper. Going to the second floor for me was like an eternity with  all people there looking at me. I just kept breathing. I notice that a man was looking at me from my head to my toe. When the door opened he waited until I exited the elevator and I felt he was following me, As he he reached me he asked my name. 

My wife saw the man and she approached me, so I told the man that I was with my friend, “Sorry sir”.  I smiled inside me. I walked on the second floor and enjoyed looking clothes in the real world as a woman. 

My wife took the pictures as to  memorialize the experience. It was a great night for Patricia. Since then, I ventured to other public places. 



  1. Yeah, they were looking at you.
    AND NOT in a 'you got clocked' way.
    You looked stunning and AUTHENTIC in the published pictures.
    Just 'own it', and enjoy.

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment Velma, you are so kind; I enjoy every moment being Patricia.

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  3. What a wonderful story and it is always so great to hear about understanding and supportive wives. So glad she was able to help make that experience for you!

    -Christina Cross

  4. Thank you so much Christina, she is very supportive and understanding with Patricia; thank to her, Patricia has ventured escaped) with her company to some public places so far as two women friends.

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