Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Jeans In Two Styles

Neither will be mistaking for male bifurcated garments. 

I loved Stana's post on Bifurcated Crossdressing, So thought I would add jeans to the discussion. Again, my "day-to-day" look with that never go out of style look. With the proper stitching, fit and cut, they would never be mistaking for male bifurcated garments. I see many 
similar outfits at the mall where I work; from teen to my age. 

As an added plus, both of the jeans above are tight which provide a reminder that something is different. Tight / slim leg jeans are rumored out this season, however, not for me. They always look great and provide just the right feminine differential. 

The TEMU high rise jeans shown, are tight everywhere with the exception of the flare leg openings. Again a nice blast back to the 60's, bellbottom and stylish modern fit.  


TEMU - High Waist Washed Flare Jeans, Single Breasted Button Fashion Bell Bottom Jeans, Women's Denim Jeans & Clothing $14.86 (a great buy)

Loft - Striped Boatneck Tee image - $26.97 This arrive today and is adorable with just the right fit and style.

Talbots - Slim Ankle Jeans $99.50 (watch for sales /discount)

Note on sizing: The Talbots Jeans are a size 6. (i go between a 4 and 6 depending on the amount of stretch at the waist. The TEMU jeans were ordered in medium, and are a perfect fit.   

Monday, April 29, 2024

What Trans Visibility Gave Me

 What I want for my people is the right to be ordinary. To be just one of the variations of human.

Story by McKenzie Wark

Sign during the 2023 LA Pride Parade
 Hollywood on June 11, 2023

It’s been nine years since the TIME cover story in which journalist Katy Steinmetz declared that we are living in the time of the “transgender tipping point.” That put a name to the rise in visibility of transgender people within pop culture and the media we consume. Some of these people became celebrities: That same year, writer Janet Mock became a bestseller author; model Geena Rocero came out in a Ted Talk that has been viewed over 3 million times; the actress Laverne Cox, who was on the cover of Steinmetz’s story, became a star.

To some, 2014 was supposed to herald in a much-awaited recognition—a moment when trans people could finally be included among those who have the right to just be. Others, however, particularly trans people of color, cautioned that this kind of visibility has always been an ambivalent gift, as visibility also exposes trans people to attack. The highest levels of violence brought against us is towards the BIPOC members of our community.

Read More: Laverne Cox on What’s Changed Since the ‘Transgender Tipping Point’

 Looking back on that story nearly a decade later, it’s clear we’re in a different era—one in which news stories about trans issues don’t spend as much real estate on definitions and history, but readers’ increased literacy has paralleled more troubling developments. “In 2023, we are at the height of the backlash against trans visibility. We have way more people who are educated about trans folks, but there’s also been a rigorous misinformation media machine,” says Cox. “The backlash is ferocious. It’s genocidal.”

In reflecting on the effects of our visibility, I’ll admit that it’s hard for me not to feel conflicted about it. This moment of visibility enabled me, finally, to come out. For many years, I didn’t understand my own trans-ness. Few resources were available. The few books I found didn’t seem relatable. Visibility helped me and I know it helped others. It helped me find trans people who were already out, who could advise and support me.

But the wave of media interest in us also made us a more visible target. Those who like to harbor prejudices against others came to realize that they had been neglecting to hate trans and gender nonconforming people with the gusto they applied to hating other groups. They came for us as if they were making up for lost time. The wave of legislation against transgender people across the U.S. is one of the consequences of the rise in visibility. As I write, the ACLU is tracking over 400 such bills. And when we are attacked, it is always BIPOC trans people who bear the brunt of it.

For whom was visibility worth it?

I sometimes think there are only two kinds of trans people: Those who can hide that they are trans to avoid persecution and those who just have to come out in order to live at all. I was the kind who could hide it, even from myself. Not always that well. As a teenager in the ‘70s, I was sometimes perceived to be a gay man and pushed about or ridiculed accordingly. I thought they might be right. I tried, and failed, to be a gay man. I was something else—I was a woman. It took me a long time to work out that this was me.

At age 19, I met other trans women for the first time. Everything about their lives was a struggle. They could not get regular jobs, were often homeless, and struggled with addiction or feelings of helplessness. While I recognized myself in them, it felt unimaginable to me that I could have a life, a career, anything, if I, too, were a trans woman. By staying closeted, I felt like I was choosing life over death. That’s overly dramatic, but not entirely baseless. There were very few role models.

Putting any thought of coming out aside wasn’t easy either. It’s hard to communicate to people who don’t feel the visceral need that drives most trans people to modify our bodies, our appearance, our speech, and comportment. The sex of the body is the music of the body—and it can be hard to be in your body when everything about it is felt as intolerable noise. Sometimes, it’s not possible at all.

That noise can be so harsh that we look for any way we can to silence it by drugs or suicide, or over-compensate by being one’s assigned sex in the most self-punishing way. For trans women, it can be by becoming jocks, for example, or joining the army. Mostly, though, we dissociate. We’re just not in our bodies all that much. I was lucky in that I cultivated a writing habit out of that dissociated state. Writing saved me. It was a place to be where I didn’t have to dwell on my body, and could practice a skill that would lead to a career. But for many of us, all this noise just leads to depression, to an endless flailing about at life.

It meant a lot, during that moment of heightened visibility, to see trans people in magazines or television, carrying themselves with dignity and self-respect. Those who ended up being our spokespeople rightly refused to talk about their genitalia, their surgeries, or hormone treatment. Laverne Cox politely but firmly told Barbara Walters not to ask about that on national television. Trans people insisted on being people rather than sideshow attractions.

But what was so hard to convey, and not least to other trans people, is our community’s shared story of the noise of the body and the means we find to cope with it. In so many ways, the trans story was reduced down to an “identity,” when it’s really far more than that. When we come out, we’re not putting an identity to a sexuality. (For trans people can be gay, straight, all the other sexualities other people can be, too.) What we’re actually doing is declaring something about our whole bodies and selves. We’re saying it’s impossible to go on being who everyone, sometimes even ourselves, took us to be.

What the “tipping point” obscured is that we have always existed, and always will. We’re just one of the many variations on what it means to be human. Trying to eradicate us impoverishes the whole of humanity. We know things about what it means to truly be in our bodies in a way that nobody else does.

I wouldn’t say I’m “proud” of being trans. That would be like being proud of being tall. It’s just a fact of the flesh. I had to learn not to be ashamed of it, but maybe the step up from shame isn’t pride, exactly. Tackling the world head-on as something more than ordinary is a survival tactic for many trans people—but it’s exhausting. On the other hand, being considered less than an ordinary human gets too many of us killed. What I want for my people is the right to be ordinary. To be just one of the variations of human.

In the end, you really have to wonder what all the fuss is about. Perhaps it’s that bodies are complicated and can get weird. That’s something a lot of people would rather not confront. I certainly didn’t, until I was left with no other option for a viable life. For this is what trans people being “out” actually means: That everything about the sexed body can vary from whatever arbitrary norms a culture might try to forcibly mold us into. That being human, even at its most ordinary, is also variable. That if you want to really see us, this variability is something to celebrate, rather than merely tolerate, or at worst, repress.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Legislative Attempt To Erase Trans People

Florida Republicans Propose A ‘Fascist’ Bill to Remove Trans Kids From Parents’ Custody

Story by Josh Marcus 3/4/2023


My Notes: I know this is just a proposal for a Fascist-Republican waco. However Ron DeSantis may see political points with the right and gets behind this. He has a super-majority in the Florida House and Senate and the Florida Supreme Court is his as well. We are still mining the depth of his mean spirit and ruthless ambition.

 This is awful and another possible preview of what fascist DeSantis might do as president. I do not see how a cross state law could be enforced without the US Supreme Court getting involved. There is much danger as to how this court  would rule.  See, Ableman v. Booth, (1859), case in which the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Fugitive Slave Act      


What is the new bill 254 in Florida?

Treatments for Sex Reassignment: Granting courts of this state temporary emergency jurisdiction over a child present in this state if the child has been subjected to or is threatened with being subjected to sex-reassignment prescriptions or procedures; providing that, for purposes of warrants to take physical custody ... (The Florida Senate)

Florida Republicans are under fire for a slate of bills targeting transgender youth, including a proposal to allow courts to take custody over trans kids that’s been called “fascist” by its critics.

On Friday, GOP lawmakers submitted SB254, which allows the state to seize custody of children when they “at risk” or “being subjected” to gender-affirming medical care, including from families where the child at question may reside outside of Florida.

Critics argued the bill was a legislative attempt to erase trans people.

“I can’t believe I’m writing this,” Carlos Guillermo Smith, a former House lawmaker, and the state’s first Latino LGTBQ representative, wrote on Twitter on Friday, “This is fascist.”

Alejandra Caraballo, a former staff attorney at the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, argued on Twitter that SB254 would empower anti-trans family members to seize children from potentially more supportive environments and find safe haven in Florida.

“This is a greenlight to transphobic family members to engage in state sponsored kidnapping,” she wrote.

Backers of the bill defended their effort.

“Parents have the right to raise their children as they see fit, and government intervention should be a last resort," Senate President Kathleen Passidomo said in a statement to WUSF. "Unfortunately, all too often we are hearing about treatments for gender dysphoria being administered to children, often very young children. That’s just wrong, and we need to step in and make sure it isn’t happening in our state.”

Other bills in the Florida legislature this session have sought to restrict bathroom access for trans people and make it illegal for doctors to provide gender-affirming medical care like puberty blockers and hormone treatments to minors.

The bills follow Governor Ron DeSantis’ approval last year of the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law, which forbid teaching about sexual or gender identity to younger children.

As The Independent has reported, Republican lawmakers across the country, following the lead of Florida, are seeking to pass what the Human Rights Campaign called a “historically bad” slate of bills restricting access to transgender healthcare, inclusive literature, and quality education about sexual and gender identity.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Style Authenticity

Susan, my friend at the Susan after 60 Blog had a wonderful post on "Style Authenticity"

Our choice of clothing, hairstyle, and other appearance details are considered a means of nonverbal communication.


So what are you communicating?  I am a female impersonator, crossdresser, or a stylish woman going about her day, being what my appearance communicates.

The above fashion layout is one of my go-to-looks; although I covet the cartoonish height and long / slim legs. I can make this style work with my hair up and confidence. I love hearing, "Ma'am what can I get you?", even if I know sometimes they are only being charitable.   

Many times I have encouraged you to blend in [be authentic] . Being able to do this is not hiding who you are but celebrating your courage and style. Develop you own style and Escape.  Visibility is our best defense against hate.  


Tuesday, April 23, 2024

I Love A Success Story - Felix Nieder

 A Genderfluid Model

Felix Nieder

See  Felix's site

Felix Nieder has turned his uniqueness into a strength: As a "genderfluid model" he takes the freedom to move fluidly between the genders, wears both men's and women's clothing on the catwalk - and is now one of the most booked models in Germany.

The path to get there wasn't easy: as a teenager in a small town he came out, was rejected for being "too feminine" and was met with hostility. He talks about this in his touching debut book “When my gay self died”. He suffers through crises, fights against self-doubt - and to be accepted. But he is also keen to raise awareness about grievances in the fashion industry - and what he can do as a genderfluid model to make society more inclusive. Lots to discuss with Felix Nieder in STUDIO 3.

He’s in parliament in the morning and on the catwalk in the evening: Felix Nieder, one of Germany’s top male

Monday, April 22, 2024

60's Protest Song - Where Is Today's Protest...

Or Comment?  

This is a follow up to the post "My Generation" from last week. Thank those of you that commented. If it struck a nerve, even if you think I am wrong, please comment.    

Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction

"Eve of Destruction" is a protest song written by P. F. Sloan. Barry McGuire recorded the track in July 1965. It was released by Dunhill Records and was an instant hit reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in September of that year.

Friday, April 19, 2024

A Second Trump Presidency ...

 Would Be A Nightmare Scenario For Transgender People

Lil Kalish
Apr 18, 2024

My Note: This is an in-depth look at what has happened in Florida under Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and moves the discussion to the conservative Project 2025. An agenda that will likely be Trump's policies. Please read, understand the implications, discuss with friends, and above all else vote


...  Under DeSantis, Florida has in many ways been a testing ground for the broader conservative movement to push some of the harshest anti-LGBTQ policies — from the memo to laws barring trans people from bathrooms and gender and sexuality from being discussed in public classrooms.

...“The right wing was using Florida as a petri dish for what would be possible across the country should they gain power in Washington, D.C., again,” said Brandon Wolf, the press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign. “I think we should believe them. It is a road map to making America a place like Florida, and allowing the federal government to do much of what we’ve seen governors like DeSantis and [Texas Gov. Greg] Abbott do across the country.”

The reality unfolding in Florida today is just a microcosm of what the United States could look like if Donald Trump were to be elected president this November, according to a nearly 1,000-page document that lays out goals and recommendations for a conservative president. The “Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise,” better known as Project 2025, draws upon many of the current state-level anti-LGBTQ+ laws and policies and expands them to the national stage by any means necessary.

“The right wing was using Florida as a petri dish for what would be possible across the country should they gain power in Washington, D.C., again,” said Brandon Wolf, the press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign. “I think we should believe them. It is a road map to making America a place like Florida, and allowing the federal government to do much of what we’ve seen governors like DeSantis and [Texas Gov. Greg] Abbott do across the country.”

Wolf, who until last fall worked as the press secretary for Equality Florida, said he has seen firsthand how a government can wear down individuals and families, and is terrified by what would happen if the rest of the country reflected Florida’s current reality. 

The attack on the very rights for trans people to exist as themselves in this country is terrifying for me and heartbreaking because it is a blatant attempt to give trans and nonbinary folks in this country an ultimatum,

Either you conform to this right-wing idea that there’s only one right way to be a human being or we will use everything at our disposal to push you out of society.”

Brandon Wolf, the press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

I Love A Success Story - Emira D’Spain

Transgender Model Emira D’Spain Shares Her Story of Self-Acceptance and Empowerment

Emira D’Spain 
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for alice + olivia

Story by: Ella Bennet

Emira D’Spain, recognized for her stylish beauty tips on TikTok and known historically as the first Black trans model for Victoria’s Secret, has used her platform to discuss various facets of her transgender experience. With over a million followers and in anticipation of Trans Day of Visibility on March 31, she has provided an intimate glimpse into her journey, discussing gender euphoria, inspirations, and more, all conveyed in her own words below.

“Where did I first encounter gender euphoria? My family’s acceptance has always brought me the most profound sense of gender euphoria; just being with them. And recognizing that many LGBTQ individuals never receive this acceptance makes me increasingly thankful, a sentiment deeply entrenched within me.”

“Lady Gaga, while not queer herself, remains an icon who profoundly influenced my youth. Her presence on the music scene, specifically during my middle school years with anthems like ‘Born This Way,’ empowered me to embrace and live my truth authentically.”

“Life unfolds as it’s destined to.”

“Nowadays, I’m recognized for more than just being a trans individual; in fact, many of my followers are unaware of my trans identity. Discussing it occasionally offers a new perspective, which I find fascinating. It’s heartening to see queer creators achieving success, living their lives fully and forging careers.”

“To other young trans individuals, my message is one of hope: everything will eventually fall into place. Whether you’re grappling with acceptance from others, self-acceptance, or living your truth, please remember that things will work out. It’s easy to lose sight of this in challenging moments, but life will unfold as it should. Practice self-compassion and patience.”

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Pink Blazer Four Ways


Barbie inspired pink does not seem to going away for spring and summer. Even my lingerie store has a larger than normal supply of pink bras, bralette and panties.  Be still my heart!

At least for the short term, it is going to be a wardrobe staple and feminine differential. I like wearing my blazer with a slight roll-up of the sleeve.  It looks less dressy and casual especially with jeans or shorts.  Most any shoes work from pumps to sandals.  

Shown are four ways to dress-up and dress-down a pink blazer.

Monday, April 15, 2024

My Generation...

By Rhonda Williams 4/15/2024

I am a proud  “Baby Boomer”. In the 60's and 70's, collectively we changed the world. If something didn't look right, we tried to make it right. We protested, we marched, we made noise, and we made people take notice. Some of us went to jail, some of us lost our lives. But we held strongly to our beliefs. We believed in peace and love not war or hate. And we made a difference. 

The sixties defined the era of social upheaval, and we Baby Boomers led the charge through activism, social change, and freedom. Baby Boomers opened eyes to social attitudes with a decade of riots, boycotts, antiwar demonstrations, and protests for civil rights. We stopped an unjust war that killed 47,434 American fighters. In 1968, President Johnson yielded to our generation’s pressure by deciding to not seek re-election.        

Baby Boomers opened the door for social change by fighting for women's rights, gay rights, civil rights, and social equality. We created the personal computer and linked the world with the internet making communication instantaneous and book encyclopedias obsolete with any subject instantly accessible.  

This is what a protest 
looked like in the 1960's

Where are we today? We still run businesses, we take an active role in our communities, we run local and national politics, and we are in leadership roles. However, have we become the very people we protested against in the 60's? Have we forgotten how to fight for what is right? Stand up for the minority? Protest wrong wars?  Have we lost our way?

We are turning our collective backs on two subjects that will undo all of our positives; Gun control and the environment.  

When students were gunned down at Kent State, we protested even louder. Eventually, we made those in charge listen to us, and make changes. But what are we doing today? Our children are being gunned down in our schools... IN OUR SCHOOLS! And what are we doing about it? Where is our unified voice to shout out about what is right? Like in the 60's, we can still make changes that are right for everyone yet, we do nothing. The gun lobby (manufacturers) quote an archaic Constitutional Amendment from 1791 that is irrelevant in our time.  In 1791 you could fire only once every thirty seconds. Today a military-style assault weapon can fire 10 rounds per second, 600 rounds per minute.  And, with a modification, it can be made to fire 800 rounds per minute.  Now is the time to demand change.  

Where are the protests today?  U.S. children and teens are more likely to die because of gun violence than car crashes, drug overdoses, and cancer.  31,780 is how many children in the U.S. under age 18 that have died from gun violence in the 20 years between 2000-2020.  Where is the outrage? Where are the protest?  

Energy company executives have long known the scientific consensus on global warming. Exxon leaders were informed by company scientists that there was general scientific agreement on the topic in the 1970's. Oil giant Shell created a film in 1991 explaining the future threats of extreme weather, flood, famine, and climate-related conflict. Still, they continued to use their influence and money for misinformation; putting profit ahead of the planet.  

Shell Oil created a film in 1991
They Knew.  

Three individual weather events in 2022 topped the $20 billion economic loss threshold: Hurricane Ian ($113-$115 billion), drought in the U.S. ($21-$22 billion), and drought in Europe ($22-$26 billion). According to NOAA, “In 2023 [alone] (as of September 11), there have been 23 confirmed weather/climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each to affect the United States. These events included 2 flooding events, 18 severe storm events, 1 tropical cyclone event, 1 wildfire event, and 1 winter storm event. Overall, these events resulted in the deaths of 253 people and had significant economic effects on the areas impacted.”

According to the European Union: “The three-month period from June 2023 through August surpassed previous records by a large margin, with an average temperature of 16.8 degrees Celsius (62.2F) - 0.66C above average.  August (2023) was also the hottest month ever recorded globally. The third straight month in a row to set such a record, following the hottest ever June and July.”

How have we “Baby Boomers” become so complacent. We are allowing guns to kill our children and our grandchildren in the place they go to receive their education?  Is the generation that initiated the first "Earth Day" willing to doom our planet to be uninhabitable for future generations?

It's time for the Baby Boomers to wake up again. The generation before us was known as the “Greatest Generation”. How does our generation want to be remembered?  

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Friday, April 12, 2024

Why I Still Get Dressed Up


My Note: We all have our reasons for getting dressed up.  I am casual most of the time (jeans / tee) and work is black pants and black top (store uniform). However, I look forward to raiding my closet (Pinterest enhanced) and getting out to an elegant restaurant, play. or just an evening with girlfriends. It is part of the "Feminine Differential" I write about and adore. I don't think I will ever grow weary of this routine. 

Paul Simon sang it best:  

I will not be convicted by a jury of my peers - Still Crazy After All These Years.


[Beth's take on] Why i still get dressed up:  Earlier this spring, i asked the question, “does fashion still matter?“.  Many of you responded and said that it does.  given everything that’s happened and continues to happen this year, i think it’s still a reasonable question to ponder. in fact, it was just the other day someone asked me, “why i still get dressed up?”.  given that we’re all spending a lot more time at home than we used to, it’s a totally reasonable question to ask.  it’s so easy to spend the day in comfies or athleisure wear.  is there really a point to getting dressed up anymore?  

Why I still get dressed up

As you might have guessed, i think there is still a point.  and today, we’re going to show you three of my favorite “dressy” outfits from this summer.  but before that, i just want to give you two simple reasons why i still get dressed up: 


Looking our best can and does lift our own spirits.  taking care of ourselves, irrespective of our circumstances—good, bad, or in-between—goes a long way to keeping our own spirits high.  taking care of ourselves encompasses a lot no doubt, and dressing up is just one aspect.  however, it’s an important one.   taking some time in the morning to pick out a well put-together outfit, get ready, and then get dressed goes a long way to setting the spirit and pace for the rest of the day.  don’t believe me?  try it.  you might be surprised.  


looking our best serves as an inspiration to others.  seems odd, right?  it’s not, really.  putting some time and effort into how we look can show people that we care.  and it’s important to show people that we care—about ourselves and the world around us.  back in the spring, we committed to you, our readers, to continue to provide you a fashion distraction.  we hope that it has and will continue to serve as an inspiration to you.  and we hope that you will continue to serve as an inspiration to others, because boy do we need to spread some of that energy around at this moment in time.   

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Fashion Police In Florida

Florida House dress code: No skirts more than an inch above the knee. Is this 2023?

My Note: My state has gone mad! In my post on the Skater Skit, tongue-in-cheek, I mention that in Florida could "Fashion Police" coming soon.  Well here it is...


You might have the right to bear arms,
 but not to bare arms.
The Florida House, not content with creating an election police force, banning books in schools or regulating women’s bodies when it comes to pregnancy, has apparently taken on yet another enforcement role: fashion police. 

Women, say goodbye to your sleeveless tops “when members are in the building.” The sight of your upper arms is too much for the hallowed halls of the Legislature to bear, it seems. And short skirts? We can’t believe you even asked.

A flyer circulating in the Capitol shows, complete with helpful photographs, what a person can and cannot wear. Some items are labeled as “NEVER work appropriate.” No “dress or skirt more than one inch above the knee.” No “low cut blouses or dresses.” No shoes without socks — that one, refreshingly, is aimed at men.

There are different (extra conservative) rules for days when House members are present. Suits are required for both men and women on the House floor. 

All right. Sure. It’s important to preserve the dignity of this storied institution. Serious business going on here, folks! (Remember that the next time they are debating whether Key Lime pie or strawberry shortcake should be the official state dessert.)

Read more....

Ah, but that’s not so easy. So we have one more thought that is sure to spur women, anyway, to take action against these silly rules if nothing else: How long before they start requiring pantyhose?

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Feminine Differential - Chambray Shirt part 2


I talked about the ease of styling a "Chambray Shirt last year.  It is one of my wardrobe go-to-looks especially with white jeans even in summer.  See: Feminine Differential - Chic Ideas to Wear The Chambray Shirt

Here is what's the "Take It From Nicole" blog said about the look

There’s nothing more classic than white jeans and a chambray shirt! This outfit is one I wear on repeat. I love the pop of color with the pink Longchamp bag but you could always be more subtle with a plain brown one. I love that this can be casual or work outfit.


I have paired this "available everywhere" chambray shirt, with my Talbots Slim Ankle Jeans, and newly acquired (on sale) Coach Dakota Bucket Bag. The shoes LAUREN RALPH LAUREN Women's Hilarie Ankle-Strap Espadrille Platform Wedge Sandals from Macys. The other shoes are Adidas and Coach Platform sneakers; a suret "Feminine Differential".

See also "21 Ways to Wear White Jeans" for some great suggestions with fashion layouts.  .  

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

I Love A Success Story - Angela Kade Goepferd

 The Good Doctor: Angela Kade Goepferd, MD

January 12, 2023•Susan Swavely

Angela Kade Goepferd, MD

This year, the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on LGBT Health and Wellness presented Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd (they/she) the Ellen Perrin Award for Excellence in LGBTQ+ Health and Wellness on October 10th, 2022, in Anaheim, California. Minnesotans can be proud to call one of their own a pioneer in the field of health for LGBTQ+ kids, specifically trans and gender-diverse children, who, historically, have been left out of most of the conversations surrounding their own wellbeing. Dr. Goepferd is the founder and medical director of the Children’s Minnesota Gender Health program (CMGHP), which is proudly the largest pediatric program serving queer youth in the area. CMGHP offers complete care for trans and gender-diverse children, taking into account both their physical and mental health. 

Dr. Goepferd’s rise to this position did not come easily. In their own words, “As a queer and non-binary pediatrician, the path has not been easy for me to become a physician, to become a leader, to claim my expertise and my space at the table. I have learned that silence helps no one.” Dr. Goepferd faced intense homophobia and transphobia in her studies, both by other students and superiors—sometimes even receiving physical hate mail in their medical school locker, having supervising doctors use anti-gay slurs, and having peers call for the erasure of LGBTQ+ people and identities. Dr. Goepferd did not let ignorance or hate stop them then, and they surely don’t let it stop them now either. 

The revolutionary truth about kids and gender identity
Angela Kade Goepferd | TEDxMinneapolis

Dr. Goepferd is fighting harder than ever for the rights of the LGBTQ community, especially when “public policy attacks their rights, like it did throughout 2021.” Oppressive bathroom bills, forcing children to play on sports teams that don’t align with their gender identities, and many more examples probably come right to mind when thinking of transphobia in the United States, and Dr. Goepferd has spent her entire life fighting for the voices of those who are being silenced. “[Dr. Goepferd] co-authored the Star Tribune op-ed ‘Anti-trans legislation is inhumane’ to explain the harmful consequences transgender youth experience from legislation that penalizes transgender athletes for participating in school sports if they play on a team that aligns with their gender identity.” 

Monday, April 8, 2024

Feminine Differential - The Pallete


The color palette and different styles available as a feminine person are endless. I am always looking at fashion blogs and Pinterest for new and exciting outfits.  

Lauren loose knit Sweater
Why would everyone not want to choose this and express your uniqueness. I found on the Valmoods blog many such outfits that represent so many fun outfits. Enjoy.   

I have never considered myself fashion
illiterate, however, enjoy studying other's choices. This  reminds me of how I used to study the Sears Catalog and Wish Book for fashion ideas.

I have an orange Lauren sleeveless sweater and have had the tan cargo pants shown above for several seasons.  

This is a combination that had not crossed my fashion-show play.  Orange is still big this spring season, so I am sure I will wear this outfit for a spring / summer evening.