Thursday, April 11, 2024

Fashion Police In Florida

Florida House dress code: No skirts more than an inch above the knee. Is this 2023?

My Note: My state has gone mad! In my post on the Skater Skit, tongue-in-cheek, I mention that in Florida could "Fashion Police" coming soon.  Well here it is...


You might have the right to bear arms,
 but not to bare arms.
The Florida House, not content with creating an election police force, banning books in schools or regulating women’s bodies when it comes to pregnancy, has apparently taken on yet another enforcement role: fashion police. 

Women, say goodbye to your sleeveless tops “when members are in the building.” The sight of your upper arms is too much for the hallowed halls of the Legislature to bear, it seems. And short skirts? We can’t believe you even asked.

A flyer circulating in the Capitol shows, complete with helpful photographs, what a person can and cannot wear. Some items are labeled as “NEVER work appropriate.” No “dress or skirt more than one inch above the knee.” No “low cut blouses or dresses.” No shoes without socks — that one, refreshingly, is aimed at men.

There are different (extra conservative) rules for days when House members are present. Suits are required for both men and women on the House floor. 

All right. Sure. It’s important to preserve the dignity of this storied institution. Serious business going on here, folks! (Remember that the next time they are debating whether Key Lime pie or strawberry shortcake should be the official state dessert.)

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Ah, but that’s not so easy. So we have one more thought that is sure to spur women, anyway, to take action against these silly rules if nothing else: How long before they start requiring pantyhose?

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