Monday, April 1, 2024

A Feminine Differential - How To Wear Polka Dot Pants


One of the rewards for working in fashion retail is the employee discounts. The rational; to showcase / encourage customers to purchase a new look / style.  At the lingerie shop that is not possible other than the one or two days each year we are encourage to wear our Soma PJ sets.   Not my best look.  

However, Soma has two sister stores; Chico's and Whitehouse Black-Market. I used my spring "one item major discount" at Chico's recently to purchase the "Brigitte Polka Dot Wide Leg Pants".  A great fit, a fun look and I just love Polka Dot everything. 

My Grandmother and Mother 
I have encourage polka dots in many post before, and see the look as a definite feminine differential. A personal favorite style statement. It is a look you see season-after-season. 

There is a favorite photo of my mom holding me as a very new baby, wearing a polka dot dress.  Dr. Freud, is that where my polka dot love started?  

The above white top is, sister store, Whitehouse Black-Market's, "Long Sleeve Off-The-Shoulder Poplin Blouse".  The black square neck top is Macy's "Women's Polka-Dot-Sleeve Knit Top". Seldom do I pay full price, however, this one was worth it. 

Below is a video from a woman who loves Polka Dots as much as I.  Enjoy! 

How To Wear Polka Dot Pants


  1. I simply adore polka dots⚫️ I have 2 pair of black polka dotted pantyhose...one with tiny dots and one with big dots... that are so much fun to wear!

  2. I put my polka dot pants on just like everyone else - one leg at a time! :)