Wednesday, April 3, 2024

I was born 'Male' but I'm not Trans

 Understanding Intersex

Welcome to Interesting and SeXY, a podcast dedicated to spreading the awareness and visibility of intersex people, as well as discussing and sharing issues / experiences about Queer life, being different and all other things interesting and sexy.  I also will be exploring all aspects of LGBTQIA+ Community as the podcast progresses, but today I am sharing own story. In future I plan to bring in guests to discuss intersex issues, queer life, and other interesting and sexy topics. Join this safe space to learn, inspire, and create.


Florida bills defining sex call intersex variations disabilities, or exclude them entirely

Intersex variations are different from a transgender identity — the view that one's gender is different than the one they were assigned at birth — though an intersex person can be transgender. But laws attempting to define biological sex have an impact on both communities, advocates say. They can strip people's rights to accurate identity documents, block health care or may result in someone going to prison for using the "wrong" bathroom.

The law also does not use the term "intersex," but rather "disorder of sexual development," a term InterACT calls "controversial and pathologizing."

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