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Friday, September 29, 2017

Friend's Friday - Lunch In Palm Beach

Woman's Social - Palm Beach 

Yesterday I had the honor of being invited to join a delightful group of women for lunch.  A lovely/brilliant group and the conversation was enchanting. We are coming together to share ideas, conversation and a sense of friendship - One a lawyer/writer, one an artist, one a foundation founder for Women’s Cultural and Economic Literacy. What a privilege to be in their company. Everyone had so much to share.  Keeping up was the challenge.  

Lunch in Palm Beach outside on a second floor veranda overlooking a golf course and the Atlantic Ocean. While we were eating, we watched sailboats, yachts and dolphins play in the ocean. I do look forward to more fun times with this group. Cynthia thank you so much for the invitation to join in.  What a day!!

Palm Beach CG

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Kids Discuss Gender

By Kelly Wallace, CNN 

What happens when you bring a group of sixth-graders together to meet for the first time someone who is transgender? You get an easy and honest conversation that speaks volumes about how we can talk to our kids about gender and how much we can learn from their openness. 

Hennessy, a 32-year-old transgender male, recently participated in a workshop held by SheKnows Media, a leading women's lifestyle company.

"What gender do you think I am?" Hennessy asked 11 sixth-graders in New York City who are members of SheKnows' unique Hatch program, which focuses on teaching digital literacy and citizenship to the next generation. The program is in its fourth year.

There is silence for a second, and then one girl says "male" and another says, "I heard earlier that you were transgender."

Hennessy, an actor in New York City. "I'm a transgender male," he says.

And then the questions begin. "When did you first realize you were transgender?" a boy asks before the conversation turns to terms the kids may or may not have heard before: transgender, agender (when you don't identify as male or female), gender fluid (you feel more masculine one day, more feminine the next) and sexual orientation.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

And The Oscar Goes to...

In 1929 - Mr. Max Factor
for unique makeup techniques. 
Facial makeup in one form or another has been around for multiple-centuries.  Makeup has been found in the pyramids of ancient Egypt. For example, when King Tut’s tomb was opened in 1922, cosmetics were found inside that were still fragrant and perfectly usable. Palettes are also often found in pyramids, dating as far back as 10,0000 B.C. (source: Modes in Makeup)

There is one man that deserves a lot to acknowledgment when it comes to modern make up as we know it; Mr. Max Factor. He coined the term "makeup" and defined glamour. Yes a real person. Thank you - I love my makeup. 

Upon arriving in Los Angeles from Poland he saw an opportunity to provide made-to-order wigs and theatrical makeup to the growing film industry. 

In the early years of movie-making, greasepaint in stick form, although the accepted make-up for use on the stage, could not be applied thinly enough, nor did the colors work satisfactorily on the screen. Factor began experimenting with various compounds in an effort to develop a suitable makeup for the new film medium. By 1914 he had perfected his first cosmetic product. With this major achievement to his credit, Max Factor became the authority on cosmetics in filmmaking. Soon movie stars were eager to sample his "flexible greasepaint".

Max Factor instructs
English actress Dorothy Mackaill
In the early years of the business, Factor personally applied his products to actors and actresses. He developed a reputation for being able to customize makeup to present actors and actresses in the best possible light on screen. Among his most notable clients were Ben Turpin, Gloria Swanson, Mary Pickford,  Jean Harlow, Claudette Colbert, Bette Davis, Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, John Wayne, and Judy Garland. As a result, virtually all of the major movie actresses were regular customers of the Max Factor beauty salon, located near Hollywood Boulevard. (source: Wikipedia)

I toured the Max Factor Museum back in 1990 during my day out as Rhonda in Hollywood. The Max Factor building is still located at 666 N. Highland Avenue, Hollywood. Although the museum is now known as the Hollywood Museum. What a fun experience and day escape. 

I thought of Max Factor last week when I was discussing the selection of matching skin tones with makeup colors. Max Factor pioneered this process and had rooms that he used to apply the star’s makeup. According to their web site: 

The original Max Factor studio contained four special celebrity make-up rooms, each designed to bring out the best in women of a particular hair color: one room is labeled "For Blondes Only" (and is decorated in flattering shades of blue); other rooms are solely for redheads (done in mint green), brunettes (dusty rose pink), or brunettes (pale peach). I am happy to report that these special rooms have been preserved, and are complete with the original make-up chairs, settees, lights and flattering multi-angled mirrors. 

In 1929 Mr. Max Factor received an Oscar for his unique movie make-up. It is on display at the museum along with much more; including a custom made wig for John Wayne. Are you shocked? The Duke wore a rug. It shocked me.    

If you live in LA or plan travel there, The Hollywood Museum is a wonderful ESCAPE adventure for us lovers of makeup.    

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Feminine Differential - Wearing Pants

Wearing pants/slacks presents a dilemma.  If I wear pants am I really venturing into the feminine differential?  I had a recent conversation with a girlfriend and she mention that she did not wear either skirts or dresses any longer.  Pants had become her go-to choice.  After she mentioned it, I cannot say that I have ever seen her in anything other than slacks.

Yesterday, I featured two cute dresses. In the same post I mentioned that to my own disappointment, I was typically wearing pants more often these days. Why pants - to better blend. 

The fashion layout above highlights stylish Banana Republic Logan-Fit Pants that I purchased last week. However, I did not buy then because of the color - it was the fit. The fact that they are pink definitely put them into the feminine differential area. However, based on my friend's aversion to anything other than pants I started to wonder if my "wanting to blend in" is a developing trend? Are skirts and dressing becoming a novelty, just special occasion option?   

I tried to find a reasonable survey taken among women. What I did find was a small sample, limited female survey:

Pants always 46.67%
Pants mostly; skirts for special occasions 20%
Pants mainly; skirts sometimes 26.6%
Pants and skirts about equally   0%
Skirts mainly; pants sometimes   6%
Skirts mostly; pants for special occasions   0%
Skirts always   0%

What do you typically wear and why?  Give me your comment and I will compile our preference.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Two Casual Summer Dresses

I have poked fun at the Macy's "Sales" several times. You know the "One Day Sales" that go on forever. Every now and again I look around their site and find good choices. This week's sale de-jour is "The VIP Sale". I love dresses however have come to wear pants a lot to simply blend in and not draw undue attention. My tops tend to more daring, scoop / V neck and I usually wear heels to complete the look. Just your typical older lady out for dinner or a casual event.  

Back to Macy's shopping - The above two dressed caught my attention. I saw one like the shift dress on the right while in San Antonio a few months back. The woman wearing it looked stylish and cool. The "cool" being not an easy task with the Texas heat and humidity that evening. I have been looking around for something like that for a few months and found it here (ECI Tiered-Sleeve Off-The-Shoulder Dress) on sale for $41.99. It is polyester/cotton and washable. I am not so sure about the sleeves, however like another off-the-shoulder top purchased, I can have it altered to straight or elastic sleeves.  If I like the dress and it is cool looking as I think, it will be worth the alterations. 
The one on the left just looks stylish. Macy's - (Jessica Howard Cotton 2-Pc. Off-The-Shoulder Dress) also on sale for $41.99.  I did not realize until after I ordered, it is actually a skirt and blouse (2 pieces) sold together. It also looks cool for the warm Florida evenings, made of cotton and is described as a "Retro-tinged dress that includes a ruffled, shoulder-baring top and stylish A-line skirt."

A-line is super feminine looking and in my case, needs to fall just above the knee to not look frumpy. Again if it works in the fit and style area I can have the length altered/shortened if necessary.

I hope you do not mind me sharing these items and will point out well priced and fun items from time-to-time.  I have talked about this being part of the "Feminine Differential" before. The shopping and then enjoying the effort; the ESCAPE. I will keep you posted on how they work out.  


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Friday, September 22, 2017

You Make Me feel......

There are times when you must turn off CNN, FOX and not listen to the Weather Channel for another moment. Guilty pleasure or not, you need to relax and hope for something that will warm the heart or at best entertain. A special genre of television audition shows began with the Ted Mack Original Armature Hour (1948-1970), The Gong Show and now America's-Got-Talent (AGT). The UK version of this show (all singer) is known as The X Factor and both the US and UK version are part of the television producer, Simon Cowell, business empire. 

A good friend was a winner on the the Ted Mack Original Armature Hour. Norm Kubrin was an extremely talented piano player.  I did the photography for all of his CD covers and web site.  

This genre is a carry over to when television was an absolute waste land during the summer with nothing but reruns - A filler show for summer audiences. Every now and again AGT comes up with an outstanding act among many “gong worthy” tryouts. I found this singer on YouTube from a 2011 X Factor audition. Stacy Francis did not go on win the X Factor however, has been successful both acting and singing since. This song has soul and emotion.  It is tear inspiring, especially for us. Enjoy. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fashion Outlaw

Zara Launches Gender-Neutral Clothing
Fashion does have understated rules. To be an outlaw requires courage and carries consequences. Like my encounter at Lord & Taylor a few years back, store security noticed something was amiss and called me out. Go into any clothing store, there is still a section that sells “Women’s” clothing and another section selling “Men’s”. Progress has been made and some progressive thinking clothing stores are presenting gender-less options. See the photo to the right.

This stuff is just plain and boring. Who wants to wear that?  Maybe to clean the garage, wash the car or walk the dog on a cool day. Women choosing this style are abdicating all sense of fashion. Men choosing this are being uninspired and choosing the line of least style imagination.

If this is the future, no thanks. This is not a step forward. It suggests that when men and women have the opportunity to wear the same clothes, the pieces cannot be too feminine or too masculine. It actually reinforces the idea of feminine clothing is not going to be acceptable for men to purchase and vice versa.  Although women have been raiding our (men's) closet for years.  

However if you go to any mall you do see this everywhere. If you confront either party, they would likely become offended. The female would say – now dare you challenge me – these are woman’s Jeans and a woman’s sweatshirt that I got at Walmart. Ask a man if he is wearing his wife’s jeans, he would likely take a swing at you. In addition, here in Florida you will likely see the ultimate, least fashionable item in the world; his-and-hers matching flip-flops or unisex velcro/Birkenstock  sandals. So internally, they both are justifying their choice by shopping and purchasing in their respective departments.

Levi's Split-Neck
Graphic T
Why not venture into the opposite section and utilize your imagination. Exercise your sense of adventure. I am not talking a silk dress and heels if you are male. Although that would be my first choice. No, just choose something that has a little flair and imagination. For an adventure, be different. Be courageous. Break a rule.  

One of the best examples is Brian's sense of adventure; our ballet flats expert. He is brave and lives his adventure.   

As an article on the blog Outlet stated: 

Let’s start a new generation of adults that are accepting and excited by the thought of uniqueness and difference. Let’s be ourselves.

Outlaws break the rules. If I do wear jeans, they are recognizable as definitely not from the men’s department. Boot cut or pull-on, tight, with decorations around the pockets. I have t-shirts that are the V-neck, split-neck, boat neck and 3/4 sleeve. My sneakers are low cut white Keds. Most of us have a great sense of style. Let us utilize it. Be an outlaw.  

My travel outfit - comfortable, stylish and markedly feminine. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Statesman McCain

Sen. John McCain is pushing back
again on President Donald Trump’s plans.
A statesman or stateswoman is usually a politician, diplomat or other notable public figure who has had a long and respected career at the national or international level. I have always thought of a statesman as a better politician, one that has transcended politics and is working for the greater good of all. 

The founding fathers, Washington, Jefferson, Adams are often spoken of as statesman.

We are watching that evolution occurring in John McCain. It is maybe the fact he is now staring at the inevitable and wants to be remembered not as a politician. I want to believe that he is now, like us, escaping to what he has “always been”. In his case, a honorable person, seeking the betterment of all and not just being a Republican or a Democrat. During the highly charged debate on the Affordable Care Act, he voted against his own party line and voted to spare million from the loss of coverage. The right position. 

Last week he stepped up and cosponsored a new bill that would prevent President Donald Trump from kicking transgender people out of the military. 

The bill, which already has bipartisan support, would prohibit the Defense Department from denying transgender service members the ability to reenlist or continue service in the armed forces based on their gender identity. It would also require Defense Secretary James Mattis to complete his review of transgender troops’ effect on military readiness by the end of the year and report his results to Congress.

McCain, who chairs the Armed Services Committee, said nobody should be turned away from volunteering to serve their country if they are able to serve. Here is his direct quote:

Any member of the military who meets the medical and readiness standards should be allowed to serve—including those who are transgender.

Recognition goes out to the bill’s other sponsors, Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Jack Reed (D-R.I.). Thank you – statesman and  stateswoman doing the right thing. 

Read the whole article at the Huffington Post and Washington Post.  

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Emmy Dancers

Did anyone else notice the two dancers to the right? 
Sunday Night's Emmy opening with Stephen Colbert



The Orange Is the New Black actress changes into a Tadashi Shoji dress for Netflix's party at NeueHouse.

What a Beauty!

Monday, September 18, 2017

A New Sports Opportunity - JetCross Games

I am involved in several business groups.  Most of the members are entrepreneurs and every now-and-again a presentation comes along that is fascinating. Here is one that a friend presented to me a few weeks ago and we presented to the group recently.

Have you ever wanted to invest in a sport’s League or be an owner of a sports franchise? How about being a part of something that has the same potential as the NFL?  There is a new league forming that has the same excitement and financial opportunity. 
“JetCross Games ®” 

The sport is “JetCross Games ®”.  It is a combination of the very exciting game Lacrosse, played on Jet Skis. Lacrosse players use the head of the stick to carry, pass, and catch a ball to score by shooting the ball into the opponent's goal/ net. (source Wikipedia

Using two-man Jet Skis, the new adapted game, becomes a fast moving and exciting water sport. The rules will be similar to Lacrosse however, with the maneuverability and action that the Jet Skis provides insures that the game will be new and captivating.  

The game process (patent pending) and league organization are already well thought out and planned.

The game will be played using 6 Jet Skis (3 per team) moving from side to side and a goal defender. The events will include professional league players; male teams, female teams and mixed male/female teams. Half time could include Jet Ski acrobatics/races or other water based entertainment/promotions. There will be numerous sponsorship opportunities (Jet Ski manufacturers and the Marine Industry in general), as well as sports entertainment revenue.  

Any medium or large water area can be roped-off into a field of play. The stadium will consist of free-floating flat barges with bleachers and shade cover for spectators. The other side of the stadium can be for boats to tie up, The JetCross yacht and concession. 

The initial teams will be Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Stuart. Game will be played in each of these cities, rotating one weekend a month during the winter season. City location have been selected, and both municipality and Coast Guard pre-approved has been granted. Each selected location has ample weekend public parking and pontoon boats will ferry spectators to the stadium.  

The JetCross Yacht
Team owners, investor, and VIP seating will be  aboard the air conditioned 135 ft. JetCross yacht. The yacht which is "Water Jet" powered, will provide full gourmet lunches and refreshments. (216 spectator main deck + an upper deck, 66 spectator, Sky Box)      

Look at the video and see what you think. I helped with the presentation and made several comments (off camera) at about the 20-minute point. For Scott, I would love for the business/league to take off. He is a good friend that is a deep well of ideas. I am not sure of my involvement yet, however hope to have a role as it emerges. 

Anyone out there interested in investing or have suggestions?  

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017

Investment Shopping

I was out with a friend a few years back and she told me how she like me in a total one color look. I assumed one color, top to bottom. She is a great fashion resource and does her shopping on Worth Avenue, with her favorite store being ESCADA. I too noticed this early on when I had a photo shoot with a friend in Tampa many years ago. Oh, such a young Rhonda.  

I have used this white look many times and love to brighten it up with colorful shoes, and purse as with the red accents here. I did the fashion layout a few days back on "feeling blue" and broke up the look with white pants. I have learned that I have to be careful because this can either make you look short (in my case) or make you look longer (taller) if you are not careful. A lot about height has to do with perception, and your clothes are on the front lines as far as changing or reinforcing that perception.

Here are some suggestions to make you look taller and to look shorter if you are tall.

Now back to the original thought. While putting last evening outfit away, I noticed how a sweater from Boston Proper matched perfectly with a leather skirt from White House / Black Market. A found treasure and it matches perfectly with the Banana Republic pouch bag and suede pumps. Some match-ups are planned and I love shopping to get it all-together. Then there are some that just happen. Three out of the four items purchased separately and at different times, different seasons. 

Feeling Really Blue
Some of the accidental match-ups do come about from investment shopping. More is not always better and investing in quality does work long term. When you spend more you plan more. That does not preclude shopping/looking and sometimes seeing something you like. Then waiting for it to go on sale - now justifiable.   

Seldom do is see something that I cannot wait to buy - A justification process. Also in my opinion one quality outfit is so much better than 10 thrift shop finds.  

I have found that "wait for the sale" shopping works very well for Ralph Lauren items at Macy's. Their once in a lifetime, "One Day Sale" every weekend - Thursday through Sunday.  

Just a suggestion and a wonderful fun part of the feminine differential.   

I do love being a girl.  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Another Role Model

Fashion Model Teddy Quinlivan

The personal is the political - Model Teddy Quinlivan reveals transgender identity.

Written by Clive Martin
CNN Exclusive

As the fashion industry bows to pressure to become more progressive with its casting choices, a new generation of models from all backgrounds, cultures, genders and sexualities has taken to the runways. The transgender community -- for so long underrepresented in fashion -- can today count several fashion superstars in its ranks, namely Gucci muse Hari Nef and fashion week stalwart Andreja Pejić.

Now, in a CNN Style exclusive, model Teddy Quinlivan is publicly disclosing her transgender identity for the very first time.

Quinlivan, 23, is a catwalk and campaign regular, having walked for the likes of Jeremy Scott, Carolina Herrera and Diane Von Furstenberg at this fall's New York Fashion week alone. Since being discovered by Louis Vuitton's creative director Nicolas Ghesquière in 2015, her career has been in the ascendant.

Speaking between New York Fashion Week shows, Quinlivan explains what inspired her to come out, during what appears to be a crucial time for transgender people.

I am Doing it for myself. I've decided to reveal my trans identity because of the political climate in the world right now -- particularly in the United States," Quinlivan said. "We made an amazing progression under the Obama administration, and since the new administration took office there's been a kind of backlash.

There's been violence against transgender people -- particularly transgender women of color -- since before I even knew what transgender was. I just felt a great sense of urgency. I'm very fortunate to be in (a) position (that) I never really thought I would be. It's really important to take advantage of a time like this.

I don't think it's a problem because I don't think there's anything wrong with being trans. I'm a woman first and foremost ... I'm a model but I'm also transgender, and I think in a time when I can count most transgender celebrities on my hands, (this) is crucial.

With her views on Trump and violence against the trans community, would Quinlivan say that her decision to come out is rooted in politics, or something more personal? "I think the personal is political," she replied. "It's political, but I'm also doing it for myself. I was ready to come out, but I think the times we live in elevated the sense of importance and urgency."

See the whole article here: CNN

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Irma Update - Tuesday Night

Yard Hurricane Damage

As more of the devastation become evident from the Florida Keys and Islands it makes my hot nights seem less consequential. Many friends in my area will likely be without power the rest of the week. So far my power is holding although I am receiving reports of intermittent restorations. With shutters installed it was very difficult sleeping with little of the night's cooling being able to get into the interior. Last evening with power restored was a glorious full night of sleep.

I have supplied left so hope that I can find a way to donates these to the relief efforts. I am not big on donation to global charities whose administration exceeds the goodwill. What I have seen from my up-close-and-personal volunteering at previous desisters, is that the Salvation Army does live up to it's mission. I saw real hot meals being served and help being administered 24/7. Donate wisely because this rebuilding will take time.

Just throwing emotional money today at the disaster is not fixing anything. Wait a few weeks and find local animal rescue shelters (in the disaster area) or real children's aid organization and donate direct to them. That money will find a need and be appreciated at a local or even person level.   

Today getting out in my area I did see addition localized damage.  Very large trees uprooted as if twisted out of the ground; likely small tornadoes. Overall the east coast of Florida spared major devastation.   

Again I want to thank everyone for you e-mails, and comments of support. They were very much appreciated.  Tomorrow back to regular programming...              


Irma Saturday evening 9:05 PM
I want to let everyone know that I have my electricity back after 48 hours and have minimal overall damage. A lot of trees with limbs off and yard debris. Nothing major!
This hurricane was scary.

I got to see the news for the first time tonight and the damage is wide spread and major in many places. Although I was hot for a few days, I feel for those without homes and facing major repairs. I hope all of my Florida friends and neighbors came through this without too much water or wind damage.

One newscaster today: "Which part of Florida does not have damage from Irma? The answer, NONE" 

I want to thank all of you for your kind words of support. I will post more later today.  

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Big Blowheart Update

Morning Hurricane Update from South East Florida:  Overnight wind gust up to 60 MPH with strong rain bands. Each rain band passes quickly moving at the speed of the wind. I do have one sliding glass door not covered (protected under the patio) so can watch the palm trees being buffeted by the wind. There are lots of leaves and small tree branches on the road and blowing around the yard.  The streets are deserted.      

With each passing wind band tornado, watches are issued. There is lots of wind movement that is not straight-line in a hurricane and this wind can spin up into a tornado. The danger is real however, the tornados are short-lived and resemble more of a waterspout than the typical wide tornado.   

Between the wind bands, there is only light rain and light wind. South East Florida is going to be spared the eye wall, which wraps around the hurricane center. The lower Keys all the way up to Miami and the West Coast of Florida are going to have a stressful and dangerous day as the center of the storm touches the coast and come ashore.

If my power and internet hold up, I will post another update later today. 


My beloved area is suffering a Category 5 stupidity attack. Does anyone listen to care what this ass says any longer?  

Rush Limbaugh (Palm Beach Resident) did evacuate South Florida, just days after the popular conservative radio host claimed that Hurricane Irma would not hit the United States and that scientists and the liberal media were hyping up the hurricane as proof of their global warming “lie.” 

Limbaugh said on his show Tuesday.

So there is a desire to advance this climate change agenda, and hurricanes are one of the fastest and best ways to do it. You can accomplish a lot just by creating fear and panic. You don’t need a hurricane to hit anywhere, All you need is to create the fear and panic accompanied by talk that climate change is causing hurricanes to become more frequent and bigger and more dangerous, and you create the panic, and it’s mission accomplished, agenda advanced.

Has he completely lost it? I guess this falls into the 2% of the time he is not correct. Makes you wonder about the 98% correctness he claims, if he could be so wrong and stupid on this. Hard to call this "fake news".  

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Political Cartoons Weekend 9-9

Hurricane Irma Update:  South and West Florida is fully expecting full Category 3/4 winds this weekend. Though no stranger to tropical storms and hurricanes this might be a doozy; not in the best sense. Likely many will be touched by this extreme event. I am all closed up and will likely ride out the storm at home. Evacuation may become necessary and I have plans well ahead of an extreme danger point. I have supplies and water for the required days and hopefully conditions will improve by Monday. My power and internet could be off for weeks although my electric grid typically comes back fairly quickly. I will post, as I can, over the next weeks as we cleanup and return to normal.  

To all my West and East Coast Florida friends, be safe.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Guest Post - Botox vs Fillers

When You Should Use Botox and When You Should Use Fillers – There’s a Difference

by Dr. Vartan Mardirossian

These days, you’ll find dozens of different treatments available for anyone who wants younger, firmer, glowing skin. There are surgeries and implants, of course, but there are also minimally-invasive procedures like Botox and fillers. Here, you’ll learn more about the latter two options, the differences between them, and when you should consider them. 

Botox vs. Fillers – Similarities and Differences

There are two main similarities when it comes to Botox and fillers.

  • They’re injectable. Botox and fillers are both injectable products, which means there’s no real recovery time afterward. Your doctor will likely provide a local anesthetic before using either product in the intended areas.
  • They’re both designed to provide younger-looking skin. Both Botox and fillers were designed to make the skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

While it may seem as if these two products are interchangeable, this is not at all the case. There are some situations in which Botox is the best solution, and there are others in which only a filler will do.

When to Consider Botox Injections

Botox, or botulinum toxin, is an injection of a purified protein that can temporarily cause the muscles in your face to relax. It’s primarily used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and some people use it as a preventative measure early on – even in their 20s – to prevent wrinkles from developing in the first place.

Botox is injected directly into the area to be treated with a very small needle, usually after a local anesthetic has been applied. Patients may experience a little swelling and perhaps some bruising immediately after the treatment, but these typically dissipate completely in one to three days. Botox is best for patients who want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but it’s also well-suited for those who also want to prevent wrinkles in the first place. Because it relaxes facial muscles, it inhibits much of the repetitive motion that causes wrinkles. You can still laugh, smile, and frown, of course; Botox relaxes these muscles rather than paralyzing them completely.

When to Consider Filler Injections

Whereas Botox is an injection designed to limit muscle movement and prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fillers are quite different. They’re also injections, but they contain a compound known as HA, or Hyaluronic Acid, which assists the body in creating the collagen that supports the skin. It’s this collagen that makes skin soft, supple, and wrinkle-free, and our bodies naturally produce less and less collagen as we age.

Fillers are injected in much the same way as Botox. Your doctor will likely provide a local anesthetic, then inject the product directly into the area to be filled. Once again, patients may experience a bit of swelling and even bruising for one to three days after the procedure. While fillers are fantastic at treating the appearance of wrinkles like Botox, they can accomplish much more, as well. Fillers can be used to restore lost volume in certain parts of the face, including the lips and the cheeks, which can improve their overall appearance and make them look younger.

Botox and fillers are two completely different things, even though they’re quite similar in a number of ways. If you aren’t sure which one best suits your needs, schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist near you to learn more. In some cases, patients benefit the most from a combination of fillers and Botox injections, but in others, only one is required to produce the desired results.

For more information about Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, visit www.palmbeachplastics.com

Note: Vartan is my doctor, business associate, and friend.  We will be presenting at the SCC Conference (Ft Lauderdale) on Saturday, September 16 at 3:00pm.  On site free consultations will be available. 

For more information about Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, visit www.palmbeachplastics.com

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Cat 5

I published this feel good semi-political cartoon last Sunday. Today I made a relevant addition and I hope Mr. Day does not mind. All of Florida is facing a Category 5 storm that looks like it will produce major disruptions this weekend. Florida, the US East Coast, and the Gulf Coast are no strangers to tropical disturbances.   

I vividly remember first grade (1954) in Virginia and being sent home early because of a hurricane named Hazel.   We were a good distance from the coast but the powerful hurricane came inland after a landfall near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In my area, there were trees uprooted and a general disruption for several days.  

When I moved to Florida over 40 years ago, I knew that hurricanes were a possibility and being closer to the ocean enhanced the overall risk. We went many years in this area with no landfalls, until 2005. That year we had three direct hits and none since. Names I will always remember; hurricanes Francis, Jeanne and Wilma.    

South Florida did have a major hurricane in August 1992. It was to hit in Palm Beach County however took a southerly course. Landfall was southern Dade County / Miami. Andrew had a measured wind gust clocked at 177 MPH – Category 5+. Homestead, a small town on the edge of the Florida Everglades, received the brunt of the storm. Massive destruction.   

Apartment Complex - Andrew 1992
I did volunteer work in Homestead in the aftermath of Andrew and saw destruction that I will never forget. There were whole homes lifted off their foundation with nothing left or even nearby. Just slabs with pipes sticking up from the cement. Even the toilets were gone. My best description - like a new home, had been started with no building material delivered yet. The family was living in a nearby pickup truck with a camper cover. We left two cases of water and alerted another crew to bring food.  

A little, further down the road there was a completely vacant field, maybe 40-50 acres. Evenly spaces were craters about 5 feet in diameter and 2-3 feet deep. There was no clue as to what had been in the field. Miles down the road we came up on a massive pile of mature orange trees. Every orange tree in the grove had been “sucked out of the grown” and deposited in a big pile.    

Closer in to Miami there was a home off in the distance that looked like Barbie doll house. It was a two story home with the complete front of the house gone. Most of the furniture was still in place and from a distance it looked like you could just reach in and rearrange the rooms. 

Tuesday evening I found this on Weather Underground: Irma poses the most serious hurricane threat to northern Cuba and Florida since at least Hurricane Andrew (1992).

Thus my area of Florida in now planning for what the Weather Underground described as “Category 5 Irma - The 5th Strongest Atlantic Hurricane on Record”. There will likely be disruptions in my blog posts going into the weekend and after. Wherever the landfall occurs there is likely to be damage. Let us all hope for a minimal loss of property and no loss of life.