Saturday, September 2, 2017

Melania's Shoes

It will be rare that you hear me defend a Trump. However, here goes. Melania's heels were beautiful. As she was leaving the White House to visit flooded Houston, she wore her signature heels. I applaud her gracefulness walking in these and her ability to navigate grass; a nearly impossible task. Try it someday and you will see

Upon arriving she change to more appropriate sneakers although white may not have been the best choice for a flood zone. Still, she looked beautiful and tasteful even in her "FLOTUS" hat. (Where can I get one of those?) She was a runway model – No one should be shocked or surprised if she always dresses the part. The whole world has become her runway.  

On "The Daily Show," Trevor Noah slammed critics of the first lady Melania Trump's high heels that she wore en-route to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Source: CNN  

Saturday Update - No to be deterred! 

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