Monday, September 18, 2017

A New Sports Opportunity - JetCross Games

I am involved in several business groups.  Most of the members are entrepreneurs and every now-and-again a presentation comes along that is fascinating. Here is one that a friend presented to me a few weeks ago and we presented to the group recently.

Have you ever wanted to invest in a sport’s League or be an owner of a sports franchise? How about being a part of something that has the same potential as the NFL?  There is a new league forming that has the same excitement and financial opportunity. 
“JetCross Games ®” 

The sport is “JetCross Games ®”.  It is a combination of the very exciting game Lacrosse, played on Jet Skis. Lacrosse players use the head of the stick to carry, pass, and catch a ball to score by shooting the ball into the opponent's goal/ net. (source Wikipedia

Using two-man Jet Skis, the new adapted game, becomes a fast moving and exciting water sport. The rules will be similar to Lacrosse however, with the maneuverability and action that the Jet Skis provides insures that the game will be new and captivating.  

The game process (patent pending) and league organization are already well thought out and planned.

The game will be played using 6 Jet Skis (3 per team) moving from side to side and a goal defender. The events will include professional league players; male teams, female teams and mixed male/female teams. Half time could include Jet Ski acrobatics/races or other water based entertainment/promotions. There will be numerous sponsorship opportunities (Jet Ski manufacturers and the Marine Industry in general), as well as sports entertainment revenue.  

Any medium or large water area can be roped-off into a field of play. The stadium will consist of free-floating flat barges with bleachers and shade cover for spectators. The other side of the stadium can be for boats to tie up, The JetCross yacht and concession. 

The initial teams will be Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Stuart. Game will be played in each of these cities, rotating one weekend a month during the winter season. City location have been selected, and both municipality and Coast Guard pre-approved has been granted. Each selected location has ample weekend public parking and pontoon boats will ferry spectators to the stadium.  

The JetCross Yacht
Team owners, investor, and VIP seating will be  aboard the air conditioned 135 ft. JetCross yacht. The yacht which is "Water Jet" powered, will provide full gourmet lunches and refreshments. (216 spectator main deck + an upper deck, 66 spectator, Sky Box)      

Look at the video and see what you think. I helped with the presentation and made several comments (off camera) at about the 20-minute point. For Scott, I would love for the business/league to take off. He is a good friend that is a deep well of ideas. I am not sure of my involvement yet, however hope to have a role as it emerges. 

Anyone out there interested in investing or have suggestions?  


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