Monday, July 31, 2017

What Kind of a Man

Sisters cast members Julianne Phillips, Patricia Kalember,
Sela Ward and Swoosie Kurtz 
The wonderful portrayal of the transgender son in Golden Girls caused me to remember another instance of transgender activity in a 90's TV drama. 

“Sisters”  was an American drama series which aired on NBC for six seasons from May 11, 1991 to May 4, 1996. The series was created by Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman, who were also the executive producers and showrunners. The show debuted on May 11, 1991 for a seven-episode test run and was subsequently renewed for the 1991 fall schedule. Source Wikipedia.  

The four sisters were Alexandra "Alex" Reed Halsey Barker (Swoosie Kurtz), Theodora "Teddy" Reed Margolis Falconer Sorenson (Sela Ward), Georgiana "Georgie" Reed Whitsig (Patricia Kalember) and Francesca "Frankie" Reed Margolis (Julianne Phillips).  All beautiful and smart. Many of the story lines centered around "sister interactions" and were very engaging.  

David Dukes

In the story line that got my attention, Dr. Wade Halsey (David Dukes) was Alex's first season husband and the father of their daughter Reed. The character Wade was a successful plastic surgeon who resented that Alex needed everything in her life to be perfect, including him. In this first season episode, Alex suspected Wade was cheating on her. She discovered lingerie receipts and hotel room charges on their credit card, but when she confronted him, she discovered he was actually someone who cross dressed.

To me what was most memorable was his response when discovered by his wife. Remember the buildup in the episode was she fully expected him to be cheating. He was discover in a hotel, wearing his female items. His response is classic:

Upon finding him in the hotel room lounging in female clothes, she stated “I thought you were having an affair.”

His comment, “What kind of a man do you think I am?” 

Busted! - What a classic and beautiful come back. My unceremonious "coming out" was not that different. We all have a story - Tells us about your discovery and the outcome.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Brian's Review - Tory Burch Flats

Nordstrom's Display 
I am officially hooked on Tory Burch ballet flats.  I now have two pairs and I am sure that this is not the end of it. Before I get too far out of control I will be looking for a 12 step program. Oh my – somewhere to wear my new shoes.
Brian, our flat’s expert, has been tempting me from his blog for months and finally this week Nordstrom Anniversary Sale trapped me. To the right is the photo from the Nordstrom’s display. It is amazing how comfortable and I love the blue polka dots. 

Brian writes a blog and has a wonderful review of my new Minnie flats. I also purchased the red Minnie pair yesterday; almost 60% off at my local Tory store. 

Thanks Brian.  I never knew that girl's shoes could be so wonderfully comfortable.  
Blow is Brian's review.


Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats

Brian in Tory Burch
Minnie Travel Flats
My favorite designer, Tory  Burch has created a new twist on her classic Reva flats. They are called the Minnie travel ballet flats. They look just like her iconic Revas but that’s where it ends. The nappa leather used on the uppers is much softer and less structured than that used on the Revas making it very foot friendly. The soles are like pillows for your feet. Dare I say it feels like you’re floating on air. The Tory medallions on the toes are still metal but come in the same basic tonal color as the flat itself. If you’ve every heard of Tieks flats, these Minnie flats are quite similar but with a Tory twist. They are called travel flats cuz they’re made to be folded up and put in your handbag or purse, just like Tieks. I don’t think I’ll  ever do that with mine and besides, only on certain occasions do I carry a purse. 

The first pair of these I bought were the Laguna blue ones. These were given two thumbs up by my close friend Jen.  While buying them the gunmetal pair also caught my eye. I think they appealed to me cuz that’s the color of my little Honda Accord coupe. These first two pairs were bought at the TB boutique in Scottsdale in March while on vacation.  Shortly after I got home from that vacation, my local TB sales associate put a gold pair aside for me to try. I guess the picture will tell you if I bought them or not. Ha-ha.  The gunmetal pair has a certain iridescent look to them in certain lighting conditions. So does the gold pair but in the direct sunlight the gold pair just POP’s with all the colors of the rainbow. I likely won’t get the green or red pair but if they are every made in black. Count me in, sign me up or let me at them. 

So far the online reviews are good.  Most women (or men) find the Revas need some breaking in. The Minnie are comfy right out of the box. If you’re a fan of Tory flats you need to try a pair of these.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Political and National Problem

After vowing To fight for "L G B T Q" people, Trump shows his true colors.

President Donald Trump has announced he’s reversing the Pentagon’s 2016 decision to allow transgender people to serve in the U.S. military.

Yesterday, even his one time supporter, Caitlyn Jenner made this comment:

There are 15,000 patriotic transgender Americans in the US military fighting for all of us. What happened to your promise to fight for them?  Caitlyn Jenner July 26, 2017
Supporter or not of transgenders in the military, a lie is a lie. Take a look at the complete NY Times list of Trump's Lies.  

Maybe his supporters will finally start to understand, as his deceitfulness become evident to one group after another, he is not to be trusted. We cannot believe anything the says. A political and national problem! 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I Interrupt This Blog

"For a Sever Polka Dot Alert"

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Golden Girls

"Oh what a beautiful teddy.
He always had beautiful taste"
Television has been our friend on more than a few occasions. It is easy to laud the current crop of internet based series; i.e. Laverne Cox, "Oranges Is the New Black", "Doubt" and Jeffrey Tambor in "Transparent". They do enlighten and in most cases provide a positive story line. 

There have been other that have played with the transgender subject that I remember well. The one that came to mind this week was, Golden Girls episode 12 Season 6 – “Ebbtide's Revenge”. It aired December 15, 1990.  

In this story line, Dorothy’s (Bea Arthur) brother died and is being buried in women's lingerie. If you remember that would make him the son of Sophie (Estelle Getty). Phil was a some what a recurring character and was someone that cross dressed. 

The subject of his death was played both serious and with humor. Golden Girls after all was a situation comedy. The manner of his death as described by Dorothy, “A man goes out to buy an evening gown. You don’t expect anything unusual. Heart attract at his age trying on big gal’s, knock offs at Pay Less”.  A round of laughter follows.  

Not all bad – The serious part of the story, was that his mother Sophie, never came to accept the fact he was someone that cross dressed and also has a long term feud with Phil's wife. Sophie ask, "What did I do wrong?"  Good and meaningful discussions insured. As Dorothy told her mother, “His crossdressing fulfilled a deep emotional need”. And as only Rose (Betty White) could add, “Why didn’t he just drink?”  

Phil’s wife of 26 years, Angelia played by Brenda Vaccaro, is beautifully sympathetic and understanding. At the funeral home, she discussed what he is wearing in the casket and says:

It is a beautiful teddy – He always had such wonderful taste – That is one of the things I love most. We were married for 26 years and my family still talks about that wedding dress. God, I wish I could wear a plunging neckline like that. He was special.

Phil's Thursday Nigh Poker Friends
I am not going to spoil the whole story – It can be watched on Amazon; well worth the $1.99 it will cost if you have a Prime Membership. 

In a scene at the grave side three of Phil’s “Thursday Night Poker Group” all arrive in black dresses, face vials, and carrying a rose. I can only hope. 

Dorothy's eulogy is beautiful.  

In the end the serious discussion is; "Not letting shame ruin your life". A good lesson.

Although the show is 30 years old, the message that people deserve love, respect and laughter is timeless. Additional information here on how "How the Golden Girls fought for gay rights." 

So a little blast from 1990.  Although done with humor a writer who knew us, oh so well. Enjoy.  

Monday, July 24, 2017

Saturday Retail Therapy

It was a stormy summer South Florida afternoon. That  sounds like the start of a Carl Hiaasen book. No, it was retail therapy at my local mall. I saw the super cute cotton stripe off the shoulder top at J.Crew and was thinking, "what would go with it".  Most of the item in the layout I have with the exception of the Tory Burch Flats.  They were irresistible and on sale today at the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. 

I know the flats will make Brian smile, our resident “Tory” expert. Brian you better hurry to your local Nordstroms. They were selling fast.  

There was one other surprise this afternoon; The crowd at Nordstrom. I did not realize the Anniversary Sale was such a big event. According to an expert shopping site: "This is the retailer's biggest event of the year, featuring brand-new arrivals at insanely discounted prices for just two weeks."  So check it out - until August 9th.   
Saturday Weather Radar

So this was my stormy Saturday afternoon. I am just going out to dinner this evening so I already have my outfit planned. Let’s hope it stops storming and raining soon. A daily occurrence in tropical South Florida. We are used to it.  

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Threads of Our Life

Colorful Fabric
Being transgender is not within it self, an unusual lifestyle. 

Transgender people are people whose gender identity is different from the gender they were thought to be at birth. Source: National Center for Transgender Equity. 

Lifestyle is defined as the “way in which a person or group lives”. Lifestyle is expressed in both work and leisure behavior patterns. Lifestyle is a composite of motivations, needs, and wants and is influenced by factors such as culture, family, reference groups, and social class. Source: Business Dictionary

So let's ask the question, what differentiates a transgender person from others?

Let break down the lifestyle definition and I will make it personal. I do work at a meaningful profession, have employed others, made products, paid taxes and contributed to a better situation for myself, my employees, my family and my community. 

My behavior patterns have always been legal and moral. I have raised children that I am very proud. They are self-sufficient and contribute to society in meaningful ways. My motivation in doing these things has been to have others see me a giver and not a taker. I believe that I am psychologically stable, not physically impaired and socially adaptable.   

So in what degree am I unusual?  Oh, sorry I failed to mention several other activities. I love to shop and at times have been to known to wear the items I purchase in a fashionable manner. Being a social person, I love, to dress nicely, in the clothing of my choice, have lunches/dinners and be entertained by movies, theater, concerts and friends. 

I do not think we have found anything unusual yet.  
In fact, I have always considered myself to be rather ordinary or usual. To compensate, I am outgoing; socially extroverted. This is something I take an effort in being. I admired this in my mother and saw it as a quality that both made friends and deepened bonds with existing friends.  

So never consider your being transgender anything other than something that adds to the fabric of your life. Any beautiful piece of fabric has many threads interlaced to create a pattern and add strength. Being transgender is not a flaw or anything unusual; It is a thread in our life’s pattern.

Escape negativity - Enjoy life! 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Feminine Differential - Mix Textures, Colors, and Prints

Deborah at "Fabulous After 40" had a great post on Mixing Textures, Colors, and Prints.  There are some bold combinations shown and I love to play with looks that contradict. A casual skirt with heels; A strait skit with casual top; Jeans and a dressy blouse.   

To that end, I had fun shopping last week and my first stop, Banana Republic. I know what you are thinking, "Too young a store  for me" and you are likely right. As I was trying on the white Cotton "Easy Care Off-the-Shoulder Top" I was thinking, what to wear it with? Today I ran across this Lauren Polo "Lace-Up Denim Pencil Skirt" at the Lauren site - on sale. Perfect! 

I love contradictions because we are just that. Style can be so button down (pun intended) with rules, so choose styles that reflect your personality. I am not trying to dress like a teen but who said age has limits. As long as I stay in my age group and way from the trashy look, we can dress to please. The key phrase; "Good taste has no age limit".  

The Coach denim wedge sandals are at least 7 or 8 years old and I have the matching purse (shown).These are so cute and add to the contradictions.

The contradiction here is the loose fitting top that flows, shows shoulder (bohemian style) and a tight pencil skirt. The loose top worn out is all the rage this spring. That put together with a pencil skirt and its lace-up placket are the perfect outfit for dinner at a sidewalk cafe.   

I have also shown an alternative jeans a-line skirt (less contradiction). I have this skirt in my closet and it also is Lauren. I love denim skirts. 

Fashion is so much fun. Mix Textures, Colors, and Prints.  Enjoy the differential. 


One of my photo from the photo exhibition In Virginia, 2017

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bath Room Buddy

Transgender Texan posts photo with Abbott to decry bill

Transgender Texan Trolls Governor to Protest ‘Bathroom Bill’


AUSTIN, Texas — A transgender Texan has posted an all-smiles photo with Gov. Greg Abbott to protest a "bathroom bill" that state lawmakers will again consider during a special legislative session beginning Tuesday.

Ashley Smith posed with Abbott after he announced his re-election campaign Friday in San Antonio.

She later identified herself in the photo as "trans-woman" and posted it on Facebook with the hashtag #BATHROOMBUDDY.

Post by NBC News.
Smith, who has been active with groups opposing the bathroom bill, also posted:

 How will the Potty Police know I'm transgender if the Governor doesn't?

It received thousands of likes.

Texas tried and failed to pass a North Carolina-style law requiring transgender people to use public restrooms corresponding to their birth-certificate gender during the regular session ending in May. But Abbott revived the issue for the 30-day extra session.

Also See My San Antonia . com 


Thanks Caitlin Ann for sharing this. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Taylor - Non-binary

Taylor - Asia Kate Dillon
I am a big fan of the SHOWTIME series, Billions, now in Season 2.

It is a story about wealth, influence and corruption. Played by Paul Giamatti (Chuck Rhodes, Federal Prosecutor, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York) and Damian Lewis (Bobby Axelrod, billionaire, ambitious, owner/manager of the hedge fund, Axe Capital). There are lots of side stories one being with the prosecutor's wife (Wendy Rhodes) working at the hedge fund as a psychiatrist, in-house performance coach. Plus lots of other characters; friends and foes. The twist and turns are many.  

The most interesting person this season is Asia Kate Dillon as Taylor Amber Mason. A non-binary analyst at Axe Capital, who becomes close to Bobby and is appointed CIO of Axe Capital. Taylor character is usually the smartest person in the room. 

Taylor is widely considered to be the first non-binary character on mainstream North American television.

In Dillon’s character-defining scene, they introduce themselves to Axe: “Hello sir, my name is Taylor. My pronouns are ‘they, theirs, and them.’” And in one breath, Dillon and Billions broke new ground for both TV and the LGBTQ community.  In a self description:

The rumor has it that SHOWTIME has put Asia Kate Dillon in for an Emmy nomination.  They deserve it.

Paul Giamatti                  Damian Lewis

Monday, July 17, 2017

2-Year Blog-a-versary!

My First Post - July 16, 2015
Why - Because I love being a girl. That was my first post two years ago yesterday. 

I hope you have enjoyed some of my views, trips, outings, fashion layouts, and shopping experiences. Most important, I hope these have inspired your escape. Escaping my fears was something I put off too long. If in any small way, I have encourage you to get out and live your life on your terms, keeping this blog going has been worth it.    

Being a transgender person has been an integral part of my life. Not at all my whole life, however always there. Maybe being an artist, cabinet maker, writer, or traveler are things you have always wanted to do. Why not do it.  Why not be it. Escape, what is holding you back. Grant yourself permission. 

It is a crazy thing to start a blog and even crazier to keep it going long enough to celebrate a 2-year milestone of daily post. The truth is, I am proud of my little corner of the web and I am more than a little grateful to all of you. The fact that you drop by on occasion and leave your thoughts means more to me than I can ever say.

I want those that know me and are my friends to have an awareness that they now are acquainted with a transgender person. The very same person they always knew. Being transgender was never a choice and it is not a lifestyle. 

It is easy to rationalize, even be justifiably noble in hating a concept. However conscious effort is required to be prejudice against someone for being who they are. Prejudice can be overcome by direct contact. By being out and forward I have used this blog to inform and at the same time hopefully presented a positive image and message.

I especially want to thank those that have contributed experiences and stories to my "Friend's Friday" post. These are some of my most read post. Please submit more, and if you have not submitted yet, please tells us about your ESCAPES. 

I especially want to thank you for tolerating my dyslexia enhanced writing. A lot of concentration is required and at times I do embarrass myself; I apologize. I never knew I could write; actually, still not 100% sure. 

When I started this blog, I wanted to record bits and pieces of my transgender life; Learning to be myself and now the best part, living my life. Being transgender is a gift. 

Along with my own writing, I have tried to present current article you may not have seen. Many of these are relevant to the transgender experience and future. Maybe some have caused you to consider where you are in the transgender spectrum or caused you to become active in our community; or just a fleeting fantasy. Whatever, We all must choose our respective place and not dwell in the land of denial. Live your life.       

As of today there have been 728 post and as long as I still have something to say, I will commit to 1000 post. After that, I will evaluate continuing.  

Please comment from time to time. Followers, thank you reading. Friends, thank you for your tolerance and understanding and being my friend.  

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Oscar Night 2017 - Mr Armani's design for Viola Davis

Friday, July 14, 2017

The End Of Gender - Part 2

Elliott  Alexzander
Several days ago I wrote about the End of Gender.  I found this Pinterest site with many images of how the young people are defining gender on their own terms. 

On one of my flights last week. I saw a young person (maybe 13)  traveling with dad. I could not determine boy/girl. The father seemed to be accepting which made me smile as I watched the two work together to get their baggage.     

The youth had a great feminine short hair cut, no body shape other than human, petite, and dressed completely uni-sex. There was nothing that was overtly masculine or feminine. Maybe the revolution has began. 

Here is a great quote for the Elliott Alexzander Site:

I hope the day will come when the world will know gender to be a personal understanding of ones self, instead of an outward understanding of everyone else. 
from Pinterest

Enjoy the photos. 

Ruby Rose

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ballet Flats - Dress Like a Parisian

Yesterday I discussed the above wonderful Jessica Simpson Mandalaye Elastic Ballet Flats.  I first saw them in San Antonio and then purchased online. They are likely the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet.  

With my new treasures in hand, I wanted to create a layout that would work. I have all of the above item with the exception of the tan off the shoulder top;  I am looking. The Lauren white a-line skirt is short, well above the knee and is a summer item I wear a lot. Great for a nautical look with a strip top. The white jeans are Not-My-Daughter's jeans in petite and are also a go-to item for casual summer wear.  
Samsung Level Over

The Braided Handle Hobo Bag I purchased last week at the Palm Beach Ralph Lauren store. I saw this bag on sale a few weeks back and knew it would make a great replacement for my old travel stripe beach bag. However, even at 2/3 off the original $1950.00 price, out of reach. I have come to know the associates at this store and a few days later I got a call that there was going to be an additional 30% off. Still a lot, but for an investment piece, justifiable. This will become my travel purse, to hold tablet, cell phone, various cables/chargers, headphones and business portfolio. 

Street Ballerina
The two other items in the layout are my Fred Eyeglasses and my Brighton watch. Brighton has great accessories, from watches, rings, to necklaces; all reasonable.  

One of the best travel investment I have made recently is the headphone; Samsung Level Over - noise cancelling.  A few flight ago there was a screaming baby the whole flight - A life saver for the baby and myself.     

Several weeks ago I getting into my seat on an PBI/ATL flight and my seat mate said, "You look so organized." In these days of delays, full flights, and lack of customer support, being organized is a must.  

I found other great ballet flats suggestions at the site "How to Dress Like a Parisian" blog. Here is their Ballet Flat suggestion:
Think of yourself as a dancer when you choose them [ballet flats]. They have to give you the feeling that your feet are super light. Most important is: ballet flats should reflect a spirit of lightness. Think “delicate”...
Delicate - I like that.  


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ballet Flats - Shopping

During my trip to San Antonio I made a quick stop in Macy's.  It was right there and the mall was air conditioned. A cool, quick, break after walking round Riverwalk and the Alamo gardens.

While there I spotted these Jessica Simpson Mandalaye Elastic Ballet Flats.  In tan as shown, they really looked cute.  Now I am no expert on ballet or the "pointe toe shoe" that these are meant to represent however, I do know when I see a cute shoe.  

These ballet flats by Jessica Simpson are a spot-on ChloƩ Criss-Cross ($485 Saks Fifth Avenue) look alike, yet they cost only $69.

I tried on my usual size and they fit near perfect, maybe just a little snug on the side and a little large. So I tried the Goldilocks  approach - I tried on the next size up and next size down and walked around the shoe department several times. Luckily for me the shoe associate was not busy and was very helpful.  

I did not purchase.  One reason, I was a few blocks from my hotel and was going to have dinner next on Riverwalk. So I put off my purchase. I am happy I did - Macy's on-line has a good selection and wide. I know the next size down will fit, so I have it ordered.  A $20.00 coupon and frees shipping also helped.  

Note: They just arrived and fit beautifully. Actually feel like I have nothing on my feet - That comfortable. A really great purchase.  I will pair them up in a fashion layout soon.  Stay tuned.  

I am thinking cute with white dress pants or even tight Jeans with a full top.  I will keep you posted.  

Thanks Brian for getting me hooked in the ultra-feminine shoe.  Here is one of my previous post on ballet flats.  

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Escape and Travel with Confidence.

With the vacation season in full swing, many of you may be thinking about a trip. My job involves travel and I have always like travel. One of my early adventures/escapes involved Rhonda flying from coast to coast. Security was different then and many things went wrong, however none of the problems involved how I was dressed. In fact, how I was dressed likely solved a problem. Read about this adventure here.

On many of my trips today, I fly as Rhonda and do not give a second thought to how I am dressed. Trips are uneventful and routine although flying in this manner adds an extra punch of excitement as all escape do. Here are several suggestions - Your mileage will vary:  

  • Purchase TSA pre-check. Because of age, I get pre-check about 75% of the time. Lines are shorter (sometimes no line) and the check-in process moves along quicker with less hassle. There are written guidelines for the TSA to use for us.  
  • Always be friendly. Typically when I present my passport I get the classic double take between the passport photo and the person presenting. I just say “It is me” with the biggest smile I can manage. A smile many times disarms and usually results in a smile back. Once in Chicago ORD, the TSA agent said, “Honey, You have your husband’s passport”, before I could give her the It is me. I just said, “No, It is me” with a big smile and I added “You have made my day”. She really laughed aloud and apologized. I think I made her day also and I can only imagine how boring her day is usually.  
  • After the TSC check there are few interactions and seat conversation are under your control. I have some good conversations, met some interesting people however usually put on headphones and listen to a book/music. The headphones drown out the airplane noise and usually interface with the in-flight entertainment.
  • Restrooms during connections can be stressful. Larger airports have “Family Restrooms” which are unisex and easily accessible – no line. Even if locked (in use), I just wait across the aisle until it is free. These one-person small rooms can serve as a facility and have good lighting for a makeup check.  
  • On most trips, I check my bag. It is usually heavy with outfits, shoes and training materials needed for work. A large bag or even roll-on, is not something I want TSA going through in public. Also not having a large carry-on eliminates the problem of finding space in the overhead bin. Yes checking a bag is an extra cost, but worth it. 
  • My large tote bag carries all needed flight items including my tablet computer. Pre-check eliminates the need to turn on the computer/tablet. Although the bag is not unisex, it works and fits under my seat. In the winter, I carry my coat on board and quickly place it in the overhead. 
  • Car rentals and hotel check-in sometimes get interesting, however the “It is me” usually works there also. At a Holiday Inn recently, I was asked, “Will Mr. Williams be joining you”. With a big smile, I answered “Of course”. 

Recent Travel Outfit
Just one other suggestion - likely the biggest; to blend in dress comfortably. The day of people dressing up to travel is gone. Jeans, t-shirts, comfortable shoes and sweaters are the dress of the day especially for early flights. Anything other than that will produce unwarranted attention. You do not have to be boring, but dress down. I am always neat and coordinated, with minimal makeup. Blending in is better.  

I hope these suggestion help. Remember your mileage will vary. Be confident, smile and Escape with confidence. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Guest Post - Get Rid of Your Double Chin

Face Time with
Dr. Vartan Mardirossian

Although double chins can be caused by excessive weight in the face or neck region, this isn’t the only culprit. Double chins can also be caused by weak jaw lines, or sagging skin caused by the natural aging process.

A double chin is a source of stress, discomfort, and reason behind failing confidence for many people – and is also one of the hardest places to exercise or target to get rid of. This is why so many people turn to surgery to get rid of their double chins. The good news is there are a variety of different options, ranging from noninvasive to full blown surgery. Look at the options below to help figure out which method is the right one for you.

Noninvasive Option: Kybella Injections

Kybella injections are a new breakthrough in targeting stubborn fat, and it works particularly well in the neck region. It is also noninvasive, which makes it perfect for people who don’t want to opt for full blown surgery yet. With Kybella treatments, a few small injections are made in the areas around the neck where the fat has deposited. The fat liquifies, and then is naturally gotten rid of through normally body detoxification processes.

The results received through Kybella injections are not immediate, but over the course of a few days to a few weeks, you will receive your final results – which means no more double chin.

Minimally Invasive Option: Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction is a minimally invasive option that liquifies the fat around the neck area by way of heat. Very small tubes are then placed to drain out the fat, which gives you instant results. As a bonus, the heat used in laser liposuction also makes the skin tighten and contract. The results are less fat, tighter skin, and an instantly more youthful jawline.  

A minimal amount of recovery time is necessary, but as there may be tiny amounts of discomfort or bruising you should leave two to three days free for your body to recover prior to resuming normal activities.

Full Surgical Procedure: Neck Lift w/Fat Removal

During a neck lift, the fat is surgically removed from troubled areas. Sagging muscles are tightened, and any loose skin left behind is then removed through surgical incisions behind the ears. This placement means the scars are not noticeable. Since the techniques used encompass all the troubles that contribute to a double chin, the results are truly earth-shattering.

An important thing to note is that this is full invasive surgery, and you will need an adequate amount of recovery time prior to resuming your normal routine. You may experience swelling, bruising, discomfort, and tiny amounts of bleeding in the days following your surgery. Some individuals may find themselves ready to go back to work in a few days, while others may require a week or even a little more.