Monday, July 17, 2017

2-Year Blog-a-versary!

My First Post - July 16, 2015
Why - Because I love being a girl. That was my first post two years ago yesterday. 

I hope you have enjoyed some of my views, trips, outings, fashion layouts, and shopping experiences. Most important, I hope these have inspired your escape. Escaping my fears was something I put off too long. If in any small way, I have encourage you to get out and live your life on your terms, keeping this blog going has been worth it.    

Being a transgender person has been an integral part of my life. Not at all my whole life, however always there. Maybe being an artist, cabinet maker, writer, or traveler are things you have always wanted to do. Why not do it.  Why not be it. Escape, what is holding you back. Grant yourself permission. 

It is a crazy thing to start a blog and even crazier to keep it going long enough to celebrate a 2-year milestone of daily post. The truth is, I am proud of my little corner of the web and I am more than a little grateful to all of you. The fact that you drop by on occasion and leave your thoughts means more to me than I can ever say.

I want those that know me and are my friends to have an awareness that they now are acquainted with a transgender person. The very same person they always knew. Being transgender was never a choice and it is not a lifestyle. 

It is easy to rationalize, even be justifiably noble in hating a concept. However conscious effort is required to be prejudice against someone for being who they are. Prejudice can be overcome by direct contact. By being out and forward I have used this blog to inform and at the same time hopefully presented a positive image and message.

I especially want to thank those that have contributed experiences and stories to my "Friend's Friday" post. These are some of my most read post. Please submit more, and if you have not submitted yet, please tells us about your ESCAPES. 

I especially want to thank you for tolerating my dyslexia enhanced writing. A lot of concentration is required and at times I do embarrass myself; I apologize. I never knew I could write; actually, still not 100% sure. 

When I started this blog, I wanted to record bits and pieces of my transgender life; Learning to be myself and now the best part, living my life. Being transgender is a gift. 

Along with my own writing, I have tried to present current article you may not have seen. Many of these are relevant to the transgender experience and future. Maybe some have caused you to consider where you are in the transgender spectrum or caused you to become active in our community; or just a fleeting fantasy. Whatever, We all must choose our respective place and not dwell in the land of denial. Live your life.       

As of today there have been 728 post and as long as I still have something to say, I will commit to 1000 post. After that, I will evaluate continuing.  

Please comment from time to time. Followers, thank you reading. Friends, thank you for your tolerance and understanding and being my friend.  


  1. congratulations Rhonda! it does go fast doesn't it? I am at 1300+ posts and 5 years..keep on going!

    1. Thanks Joanna. Yours is quite an accomplishment and so well written day after day. It is my pleasure to have you as a friend.

  2. Why, it seems like only yesterday that you'd only crossed the 727 posts milestone. My, time were flies when you're having fun. And we all know that a "girl just wants to have fun."

    Kidding aside, your blog is one of the most interesting because you mix it up and keep it fresh. So many trans bloggers dwell on analyzing every aspect of being trans, what radical feminists think of trans, the theories of psychologists who are not themselves trans, but who have grandiose BS opinions of why we're trans, etc. They do it day in and day out.

    Your blogs brighten the day -- chase away the blues -- promote rainbows in the sky -- and jump start our souls by reminding us in a positive way that we are OK, and that we too can live an enjoyable trans life.

    So thank you for doing this.

    Best regards,
    The other Rhonda

  3. Thanks Rhonda. Each Blog has its place. I am having the best time of my life and just hope others find their sweet spot as well. Yes having fun!!!!

  4. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to run your blog and for you honest willingness to share so many important aspects of your life. I enjoy your candor and maturity and wish you continued health and a perpetually uplifted spirit.

  5. Rhonda

    Congrads to you ! I always enjoy your adventures But your style sense is the most amazing . Your putting together a whole outfit every article is so well matched & your hair & makeup as well.
    I am going into SF tomorrow with a dear friend to see the 50 Year Anniversary Of the Summer of Love Exb. Well report on it to you


  6. Rhonda -

    I've been blogging for 4+ years now, and I find it's a great discipline - even when I have little to say for the day. I'm looking forward to seeing you hit the 1000 mark, and hope for 1000+ more.