Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ballet Flats - Shopping

During my trip to San Antonio I made a quick stop in Macy's.  It was right there and the mall was air conditioned. A cool, quick, break after walking round Riverwalk and the Alamo gardens.

While there I spotted these Jessica Simpson Mandalaye Elastic Ballet Flats.  In tan as shown, they really looked cute.  Now I am no expert on ballet or the "pointe toe shoe" that these are meant to represent however, I do know when I see a cute shoe.  

These ballet flats by Jessica Simpson are a spot-on ChloƩ Criss-Cross ($485 Saks Fifth Avenue) look alike, yet they cost only $69.

I tried on my usual size and they fit near perfect, maybe just a little snug on the side and a little large. So I tried the Goldilocks  approach - I tried on the next size up and next size down and walked around the shoe department several times. Luckily for me the shoe associate was not busy and was very helpful.  

I did not purchase.  One reason, I was a few blocks from my hotel and was going to have dinner next on Riverwalk. So I put off my purchase. I am happy I did - Macy's on-line has a good selection and wide. I know the next size down will fit, so I have it ordered.  A $20.00 coupon and frees shipping also helped.  

Note: They just arrived and fit beautifully. Actually feel like I have nothing on my feet - That comfortable. A really great purchase.  I will pair them up in a fashion layout soon.  Stay tuned.  

I am thinking cute with white dress pants or even tight Jeans with a full top.  I will keep you posted.  

Thanks Brian for getting me hooked in the ultra-feminine shoe.  Here is one of my previous post on ballet flats.  

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