Thursday, July 20, 2017

Feminine Differential - Mix Textures, Colors, and Prints

Deborah at "Fabulous After 40" had a great post on Mixing Textures, Colors, and Prints.  There are some bold combinations shown and I love to play with looks that contradict. A casual skirt with heels; A strait skit with casual top; Jeans and a dressy blouse.   

To that end, I had fun shopping last week and my first stop, Banana Republic. I know what you are thinking, "Too young a store  for me" and you are likely right. As I was trying on the white Cotton "Easy Care Off-the-Shoulder Top" I was thinking, what to wear it with? Today I ran across this Lauren Polo "Lace-Up Denim Pencil Skirt" at the Lauren site - on sale. Perfect! 

I love contradictions because we are just that. Style can be so button down (pun intended) with rules, so choose styles that reflect your personality. I am not trying to dress like a teen but who said age has limits. As long as I stay in my age group and way from the trashy look, we can dress to please. The key phrase; "Good taste has no age limit".  

The Coach denim wedge sandals are at least 7 or 8 years old and I have the matching purse (shown).These are so cute and add to the contradictions.

The contradiction here is the loose fitting top that flows, shows shoulder (bohemian style) and a tight pencil skirt. The loose top worn out is all the rage this spring. That put together with a pencil skirt and its lace-up placket are the perfect outfit for dinner at a sidewalk cafe.   

I have also shown an alternative jeans a-line skirt (less contradiction). I have this skirt in my closet and it also is Lauren. I love denim skirts. 

Fashion is so much fun. Mix Textures, Colors, and Prints.  Enjoy the differential. 


One of my photo from the photo exhibition In Virginia, 2017

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