Friday, July 14, 2017

The End Of Gender - Part 2

Elliott  Alexzander
Several days ago I wrote about the End of Gender.  I found this Pinterest site with many images of how the young people are defining gender on their own terms. 

On one of my flights last week. I saw a young person (maybe 13)  traveling with dad. I could not determine boy/girl. The father seemed to be accepting which made me smile as I watched the two work together to get their baggage.     

The youth had a great feminine short hair cut, no body shape other than human, petite, and dressed completely uni-sex. There was nothing that was overtly masculine or feminine. Maybe the revolution has began. 

Here is a great quote for the Elliott Alexzander Site:

I hope the day will come when the world will know gender to be a personal understanding of ones self, instead of an outward understanding of everyone else. 
from Pinterest

Enjoy the photos. 

Ruby Rose


  1. Amen and hallelujah to that Rhonda. Those that want to embrace the binary good for them and those that don't that's cool too.

    1. I am amazed as to how fast this is happening. Not that it is new but how much it is now showing up. More coming next week.

      Thanks for the comment Joanna

  2. It is nice to see this taking place. I've had a couple instances in the past week where I saw what appeared to be a female but later determining they were male. Or should I say they were being who they wanted to be!