Friday, July 7, 2017

Guest Post - Ballet Flats & Brian

I had a wonderful note from Brian, our "Ballet Flats" expert.  I do love his courage and ability to just escape and be himself. Congratulation Brian.  Hers is a little write up he sent and I have his permission to share it. Brian, keep us posted on your adventures.  

By Brian

Glad our posts are getting lots of views.  As a blogger the view count and comments is a nice form of payback for all the time and effort it takes to put together posts or subjects people want to read about.  And of course it's good for me.  Having pictures of me wearing girls shoes and often female clothing as a guy on some else's blog is a constant reminder that I'm a feminine fella. 

Glad you like my "screams feminine" comment.  That was a phrase my original Tory Burch sales girl said to me a few years ago.  Oddly enough she was using it in a negative way.  Not about me but a pair of flats I was looking at.  Regardless of the way she used it that day, I love the phrase, it's soooooo me.

She and I really hit it off the first time we met at Tory Burch (TB) boutique and we quickly became a true friends. She has since moved on to another designer boutique in the same mall so I see her often.  This is how I viewed my relationship with her.  Think of her as girl that loves Barbie dolls except all she has is a Ken Doll, that being me.  And all she has are Barbie clothes to dress her Ken doll in.  That's the mindset of our relationship. 

When we first met at TB she was excited about the possibility of picking out dresses and heels and start my transition.  I kinda wonder what my life as a women would have been like???  We settled with me just being a feminine male instead.  To this day she still enjoys helping me with fashion advice, dating advice and life in general advice.  A few weeks ago while visiting her at the MarcCain boutique she had a purse for me to try.  It's the one I'm holding in the mirrors reflection.  


  1. Rhonda and Brian
    Thank you both for the time and effort you put into your blogs and also for your courage in advancing the cause of men who want to wear and be seen wearing woman's clothing. I believe that acceptance works best when it is done slowly and methodically with gradual acceptance rather than the 'in your face' approach.
    You are both heroes/heroines to many.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Pat. They mean the world to people like Rhonda and myself.