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I Love A Success Story - EJ Johnson

EJ Johnson Is ‘Not Just Some Other Rich Girl’

By Michael Schulman
Sept. 2, 2017

Magic Johnson’s son was outed as gay by TMZ, then became a reality show star. All of 25, he is now embracing his role as a gender-flouting role model.

EJ Johnson
Photo: Molly Matalon for The New York Times
“Today we are talking about breaking boundaries,” EJ Johnson declared from the stage of Beautycon, a two-day cosmetics festival held in August at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The 25-year-old son of Magic Johnson was moderating a panel called “The Gender Revolution,” and he was dressed for the part: black silk pants, crop top, sleeveless duster.

We are talking about people who are not afraid to live their truth,” he continued, in a white armchair flanked by neon palm trees. “That is what beauty is all about, because it is in the eye of the beholder, honey.”

He introduced the panelists: young beauty “influencers” who, like Mr. Johnson, belong to a generation whose vocabulary for gender and sexual identity has stretched to include every conceivable hue. One of them, a gender-fluid 17-year-old YouTube star named Brendan Jordan, said, “I get asked if I’m a boy or a girl a lot. I’m just like, ‘Yes.’”

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Thank You For Your Service!

Working 9 to 5

The 1980 Movie '9 To 5' Is Still Depressingly Relevant For Women At Work

Huffpost: On the set of her 1980 film debut “9 To 5,” Dolly Parton wrote a working-class anthem that called out how workers don’t get compensated and recognized fairly for their contributions: “It’s a rich man’s game no matter what they call it / And you spend your life puttin’ money in his wallet.” Before Parton even begins to sing, we hear the clacking of a typewriter, a familiar drumbeat to office work.

But does the film itself hold up? “9 to 5” starred Jane Fonda (Judy), Lily Tomlin (Violet) and Parton (Doralee) as three working women in New York City who have had enough of being disrespected and underpaid by their “sexist egotistical lying hypocritical bigot” boss, played by Dabney Coleman. They team up to take him down, and in the process become the unseen architects of a happier, more productive workplace.

Forty years later, the progressive workplace Judy, Violet and Doralee created is still a utopia, not a reality.

Read the whole article here from Huffpost  


My Notes: After retirement in early 2000, I became very bored, having worked since I was 9 years old (paperboy). With salary being not the biggest issue, plus seeking a challenge, I applied for numerous "administrative" positions like "Secretary" as Rhonda.  The interview process was only the preview for what it it is like being treated as a female in the workplace. 

I called the process "Going Through The Glass Ceiling - The Opposite Way". After being hired, I worked for over eight years as an "Office Manager" and "Executive Assistant". The positions were two fundraising jobs and one as a museum membership coordinator. 

Wow, did I learn a lot!  Being male one cannot fathom the difference.  Working 9-to-5 was quite enlightening.  Shocking may be the better description.




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Political Cartoons 11-10

One day after the House passed a formal impeachment resolution, The Washington Post reported Friday (11/1) that 49 percent of the electorate thinks Trump should be “impeached and removed from office,” while 47 percent disagreed with that idea, according to a Post-ABC News poll.

Matt Wuerker/POLITICO - Thanks Velma for sending this one.   

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Friday, November 8, 2019

Catch Of The Day - Neutral Tones

According to the Zoe Report, neutrals are a fashion key this fall: "How To Wear Neutrals And Embrace 2019's Monochrome Trend

But, this season, there's a trend that's poised to make getting ready in winter all the easier, and the good news is it's not only easy — it's stylish. Embracing the season's monochromatic trend and nailing how to wear neutrals in a fashion-forward way is the key. Not only does it take next to no effort to throw together shades of cream, ivory, and beige, there's something inherently luxe about these wintry hues.

These are all items in my closet some from several years back.  The only recent addition is the  the Banana Republic Robin Almond-Toe Ballet Flat; the fit is wonderful. The side zip trousers are Lauren from several years ago and the short sleeve sweater as well. The style and combination are wonderfully dressy.  When you have a quality pair of nude pumps you will never run out of opportunities to wear them.  A must - Always chic.  

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Southern Traditions: No White Shoes after Labor Day

By: Jane Jenkins Herlong

The Sunday after Labor Day, Caroline ran down the stairs on her way to church.  I stared at her feet in disbelief.  “Caroline!” I exclaimed.  “Your shoes! ”  The tone in my voice was as dramatic as if a robber had broken into the house. “Oh, Mama!  I forgot.”  She ran upstairs and reappeared wearing a darker, more appropriate color.  To my relief, the child understood the importance of this unspoken rule.   “Oh.” I reflected.  “I have done a wonderful job raising a true Southerner belle.  She did not protest, fuss or whine…..she protected herself from scandal and preserved our family honor. 

It is one of our Southern traditions;  no white shoes after Labor Day.

The day after Labor Day is secretly celebrated as finding out who is one of our kind.  A true Southern woman only has to glance down and have her curiosity and heritage satisfied. It is a private club with no meetings and only one activity.  The dues, however are enormous.

Not 24 hours later, I was in conversation with another Southern sistah answering questions regarding this issue.  The person asking questions was a transplant….a Northerner. My sistah Belle is an Olympic Gold Medallist for Southern accents.  Her explanation was as smooth as molasses. “Why, Honey,” she said to our Northern friend,  “it’s our-uh Southern ways.  You ah here-uh now and this is the how we ah.  I was taught by my Momma and otha kin the golden rule of no-white-shoes after Labor Day when I was fo-wa years old.”

Believe it or not, there is a book written called, A Southern Belle Primer, or Why Princess Margaret Will Never Be A Kappa Kappa Gamma. The author reminds us that every Southern belle learns the white shoe rule from birth. “In the South, where one’s roots are everything, a true belle would never think of breaking the code. She would never wear white shoes after Labor Day, put dark meat in her chicken salad, and never marry a man whose mother owns silver plate, and not real silver.” Frankly, I was impressed by our Northern friend.  She did not say, “Well, it’s a stupid rule.  Up North we wear what we want to when we want to.”  Bless her Yankee heart, she was trying to adapt to the nuances of our Southernisms.

Hi Sugarplum - Great Jeans advice.

What is all this fuss about not wearing white shoes after Labor Day?   Maybe it started at the Twelve Oaks barbeque when our dear Scarlet was “pea green with envy” when her beloved Ashley was taken up with his cousin, Melanie Wilkes.  Maybe it was after Labor Day and Melanie hiked-up her skirt showing her white petticoat and a pair of virgin-white, church pumps. I’ll bet Scarlet was so angry she blurted the words that started the whole trend, “That ol tacky Melanie Wilkes is wearing white shoes after Labor Day.  I thought her kind knew better.”  I read up on the real answer….something about white shoes in the summer being cooler and dark shoes in cooler temperatures being warmer.  I like my story much better.

This “shoe tale” has a rather cute ending.  My Northern friend, in her best attempt at a Southern accent quipped, “Why Suga, I cannot believe you ar-uh actually drivin’ that white car after Labor Day.”

Glam Guide: How to Wear White After Labor Day

"Rules are meant to be broken!" -  Douglas MacArthur

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Damica Roem Makes History Again

Becomes First Out Trans Person to Be Re-Elected to State Legislature

Danica Roem

Danica Roem has made history for a second time, by becoming the first out transgender person to win reelection to a state legislature. Roem, fighting anti-LGBTQ candidate Kelly McGinn in Virginia, emerged triumphant on Tuesday night, winning 56 per cent of the vote.

Roem’s victory means she will continue to represent the 13th District in the Virginia House of Delegates—encompassing Manassas, Manassas Park, Gainesville, and Haymarket—where she made history in 2017 by becoming the first ever out transgender state legislator, with her focus on healthcare and local issues, including transport. 

LGBTQ advocacy groups were quick to praise Roem's reelection, calling it a historic moment. 

"Delegate Roem has been an effective leader in Richmond & she isn’t finished yet. We look forward to continue working with this amazing legislator to advance equality for all," Human Rights Campaign president Alphonso David said in a tweet. 

Before becoming a delegate, Roem worked as a journalist at the Gainesville Times and the Prince William Times.

Source:  The Hill

Just As I Am - Bless Me Father

This is my followup  to the post, "LGBTQ Activism Is the New Communism, Catholic Archbishop Says".

I want to thank everyone that commented on the post.

Great discussion and comments.

As a child I remember my little country Methodist Church had a beautiful hymn that was sung on a regular basis. This hymn should be the foundation of any religion that attempts to represent a loving God; all to be accepted. 

Although I am not at all religious today, this hymn brings back a childish smile of a simpler time. It is beautiful. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

A Supporter - Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren walks the runway
 at Paris Fashion Week, 2019

Dame Helen Mirren really wants you to know that trans women are women

From: The PinkNew October 1, 2019

Dame Helen Mirren has said she’s “not a TERF” [trans-exclusionary radical feminist] and trans women are women in an interview with the Radio Times.

The 74-year-old actor also said that gender and sexuality are both on a spectrum.

“I came to the conclusion an awfully long time ago that there is black and there is white, and we’re all somewhere in the middle in a wonderful mix of male and female,” Mirren said.

“There is no such thing as binary sexuality, when you’re male or female. I don’t believe that at all.”

She continued: “I think I was very lucky to be in my world, the world of acting and drama, because I think an awful lot of actors have male and female in them. A lot of great actors, great masculine actors, are actually very feminine.

Great heartthrobs have a very present feminine side to them. A lot of very strong female actors, have a very strong male side to them.”

Mirren, who previously played Queen Elizabeth II in 2006’s The Queen, added that she does possess some attributes which could be perceived as masculine.

I hate to talk about my feelings, I never want to go to the doctor, and I’m a brilliant map-reader,” she said. “I have a lot of what people might call male qualities. But I certainly look like a woman.”

Mirren has been a vocal feminist throughout her career. When questioned on the subject of trans rights and older feminists, Mirren was very clear.

“Do you mean Germaine Greer saying women are women and men are men?” she asked.

“Well, she didn’t quite say that,” Mirren went on to clarify, “but if being a TERF  is not accepting that trans women are women then I’m not a TERF.”

On The Graham Norton Show on September 27, Helen Mirren talked about Drag Race UK and was given her drag name by RuPaul himself – Sir Lady Cheek Bones.

Monday, November 4, 2019

I love A Success Story - Stav Strashko

First, I came by this from a link that was shared as a comment on Saturday's Post "Love Without Terms".  Thank you.

Second, it is very interesting in that as a successful model of women's wear, Stav has no plans on altering her body. I consider "myself a trans person".

This is a very interesting article well worth reading the whole piece.  Below are  the starting paragraphs.


Stav Strashko
From: TeenVogue BY Elane Welteroth
MAY 27, 2016

At 23 years old, Stav Strashko has all the trappings of a typical burgeoning fashion model. The Kate Moss cheekbones, the innate cool factor, the lithe 5-foot-11 frame, the flowing hair, and the kind of jet-set lifestyle that begets residences in both Italy and Israel. Then, of course, there’s the starring role as the hot blond babe in this season’s Diesel commercial (cast alongside Joe Jonas, no less). But there is something less expected about this rising fashion star, a fact that may elude even the industry’s most discerning casting agents. Stav is featured in the women’s section on her agency’s website (alongside supers Karolina Kurkova and Helena Christensen), and the most compelling aspect of her success is the journey she took to get herself there.

“I was born a boy, and I consider myself a girl,” Stav explains, pausing a moment to clarify. “I consider myself a girl only because of the world we live in. For example, if I wear a skinny jean, a crop top, and makeup, people see me as a girl, so I feel obligated to say I am a girl. But I would rather live without definition.”

Unlike Andreja Pejic, the first transgender model to land a major cosmetics campaign — and who has publicly discussed her gender-confirmation surgery — Stav has no plans on altering her body. “I do consider myself a trans person. By definition, transgender doesn’t include only those who have had surgery; it’s just someone who identifies with another gender,” she points out. “But I never wanted to go through the surgery — I feel comfortable in my body. I have a boyfriend who loves me the way I am. I don’t want to change anything.” And she shouldn’t have to. Stav represents a new generation that refuses to conform to societal standards about gender and gender expression. That said, the freedom to explore one’s identity without limitations comes with a new challenge.

Finding the language to communicate and, more important, to understand her own identity wasn’t always easy. “No one ever told me what being gay or transgender was. The only time I heard those words used was as an insult,” says Stav, who grew up in a fairly conservative community in Tel Aviv, Israel. “So, when I realized I was attracted to boys and to my feminine side, I didn’t know how to deal with it. It took me a long time to build the confidence to know that this is normal.”

Read more here and see more photos.  A success Story.  

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Love Without Terms


Stav Strashko
Making the banned commercial for Toyota. 

Friday, November 1, 2019

A Women's Forum - Positive Thoughts. Positive Life

Attending the Capital Strategies Women’s Forum 
Most people have two messages that they replay constantly in their heads. On October 17, nearly 100 women attended the Capital Strategies Women’s Forum event in Palm Beach to learn how to ensure those messages are beneficial. The “Positive Thoughts. Positive Life.” seminar at Manatee Lagoon featured therapist Sarah Gentry, who shared several techniques on how to adjust negative thought patterns – from visualizing a stop sign to looking at a negative situation from a different perspective.

 On average, we have 60,000 thoughts per day! And with those thoughts, we have the power to create physical and mental well being and a long, fulfilling life. That’s why it’s essential we pay attention to the tapes we play internally and how we speak to ourselves. Sarah B. Gentry, LMHC, CAP, CRRA, Founder of Gentry Counseling
All of the proceeds from this event benefited Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida, which prepares girls for a lifetime of leadership.


I personally would like to thank Barbara Best, Nancy Rizzuto of Capital Strategies and our speaker Sarah B. Gentry.  It was such a privilege to share a wonderful presentation and evening. 

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Motive and Opportunity - Halloween '19

1982 - My Best Tootsie Impersonation

Last century when Rhonda was just emerging, Halloween was the most important day of the year. The whole month of October would be used as an excuse to shop, request makeup consultations, and plan. I emerged in the time when the movie Tootsie was still fresh in everyone's mind, so I told people that my costume was "Dorothy" as in, Tootsie.

See my original post on "Be Something Else Day".

Worked for me; although I suspect no one was fooled.  I have written up my first outing and it was less than spectacular - Much trepidation, perspiration and finally a late arrival at a restaurant's costume party.  By the time I got up enough nerve to leave my car, the "costume walk" was long past. Sitting at the bar I felt the need to justify why I was dresses as I was; like an explanation was needed?  The bartender's comment, after my long dissertation, "I am sure that this will not be the last".  No truer statement was ever said.

Dustin Hoffman - Tootsie 

So on this Halloween 2019, I know that many of my blog readers are motivated. Here is your opportunity if you are a newbie!  Do not miss it. Be respectful. Be safe, (don't drink and drive). Be yourself.

However, most important,  do not wait another year to "Escape" - Opportunities are everywhere.


Alternative: Put a copy of "Tootsie" in the VCR and laugh like it is 1982.  What no VCR? Then use the Blue-Ray version. It is a true classic. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski Speaks

LGBTQ Activism Is the New Communism, Catholic Archbishop Says

From the Advocate
OCTOBER 07 2019 

Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski
The Roman Catholic archbishop of Kraków, Poland, has claimed LGBTQ activism threatens to oppress his nation as communism did.

“Currently we are living at a time in which the next great threat to our freedom has appeared,” Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski said in a pastoral letter dated September 28, “and it is of a totalitarian nature. … Its source is — just like the totalitarianisms of the 20th century — a radical rejection of God.” The letter is in Polish, but it was translated by right-wing U.S. site LifeSite News.

“As a consequence of this rejection, a new vision of man is being proclaimed in which he becomes a caricature of himself,” he continued. “As part of gender ideology, there are attempts to obliterate the natural differences between woman and man. Moreover, through the aggressive propaganda of LGBT ideology in the name of so-called ‘tolerance’ and ‘progress,’ that which is most sacred to us is mocked.”

“This clearly reminds us of the totalitarian times of the [communist] Polish People’s Republic, when social advancement was guaranteed only to members of the Communist Party, and [Christian] believers were treated like second-class citizens,” he added. He further said that LGBTQ-inclusive sex education programs, recommended by the World Health Organization, were harmful to children. 

Another right-wing site, Church Militant, also reported approvingly on Jędraszewski’s letter and noted that he had given a sermon earlier in September in which he called LGBTQ activism a “rainbow plague” that is afflicting the nation just as communism, the “red plague,” once did. “Not Marxist, Bolshevik, but born of the same spirit, neo-Marxist,” he said, according to the site’s translation. “Not red, but rainbow.”

Poland is heavily Catholic, and while the Catholic hierarchy in some European nations has made friendly overtures to LGBTQ people (although the church has not budged in its doctrine), Poland remains deeply conservative and homophobic. However, in the past few years, LGBTQ activists and supporters have held Pride parades in some Polish cities and made other efforts to push the nation toward a more accepting attitude.

A conservative American student in Kraków, Filip Mazurczak, told LifeSite News that Poland is in the midst of a “religious cold war.” But he predicted the nation will resist calls for LGBTQ equality, and he offered a bizarrely caricatured view of LGBTQ activists and allies.

“While Warsaw hipsters may love LGBT as much as they love veganism, bands nobody else has heard of, and not shaving, a large part of Polish society is conservative and Catholic and opposes this,” he said.


The Archbishop should stay with the apologies and penitence for the church abusing so many children for the centuries.  The church has harmed far more children than LGBTQ activism ever would. Plus the church's "gender ideology", relegates women to subservient leadership roles.  WWJD?  

For those within the LGBTQ community who are still Catholic, what do you think? Are you part of the "Red Plague"?

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

New/Old - Reebok Sneakers and Scrunched Socks

Reebok Women's Classics "FREESTYLE HI".  I had a pair of these twenty-plus years ago. They were amazingly comfortable with their terry cloth lining and support.  You had the 'just come from the gym 1990's Jazzercise look'.  Just enough to be unmistakably feminine. The low-top version was even called "Princess". Add in the Credos Women's Extra Heavy Slouch Socks and you have a super blast-from-the-past look going. 

 According to the Zoe report

Sporty sneakers made their return seasons ago, but this particular way of wearing them was huge in the eighties and early nineties, and something you haven’t seen enough of in 2019.

I think this is a super cute look, especially with either jeans or with the shorts as shown above. I was wearing my high-top Reebok sneakers at least 25 years ago and spotted another man in a Tampa mall wearing them. I would have started a conversation, however he was doing some serious shopping with his wife/girlfriend.   

Anyone else have/wear these "last century" still - cute shoes?   

Cute with Sketchers

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Political Cartoons 10-27

I am out of town and enjoying the fall folage of western North Carolina.  I have limited internat access and will post again on Wednesday.  Please understand. 

Friday, October 25, 2019

Second Sunday - Coral Dress

Occasionaly after posting a fashion layout, I will get a request to see how the outfit looks "in-the-wild". After all, I do shop for a purpose. 

The above layout features a Ralph Lauren Petite Ruched Dress in a color they describe as "Starfruit".  I say Coral. Sorry it is sold out. However Ralph Lauren has this knit stretchy dress available most any time, in varying necklines, sleeve lengths and colors. I love the fit and petite hits me just above the knee. That evening I wore nude Coach pumps.

Looking Good at 93

On this evening for our "Second Sunday LGBT Meetup" we had near seventy (70) in attendance; our best attended event. One of the members in the group turned 93 and we all shared and enjoyed his cake.

After, the Meetup about 15 stayed for dinner and Raindancer provided us with a private room and special menu.  

I encourage my South Florida friends or visitors to the area to attend and join in the fun. Raindance is one of the premier steak house restaurants in the area (main stream). However every month they make us feel welcome and special.  Like our name - it is every "Second Sunday".  Escape!


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Christine Jorgensen - "Crazy Little Men"

I bet you did not know she had a song in 1957. 

She is truly an icon. 

Here is an interview for the 80's.  
Even in her later years notice how articulate and charismatic she was.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Feminine Differential - How To Be More Feminine

Below is a post from an interesting blog I found.  It is written by a woman that enjoys her femininity and is sharing.  There are some wonderful tidbits for us and I certainly can relate.  Her blog is so ultra-feminine and a pleasure to read. It is like sinking into a bubble bath of femininity. Thank you Lex. 


A Guide On How To Be A Girly Girl & Not Care What Others Think

BY - Lex Pyfrom

Being feminine can be so incredibly glamorous but not all that crave this style know where to even start with achieving it. That’s why I have put together this special post and list, to teach those in need, exactly how to be a girly girl and more feminine while also saying screw you, as politely as possible of course, to others that have an issue with it.

I have to say if you don’t naturally find yourself drawn to feminine things and girly things don’t force yourself to like them for any reason.

Especially, don’t try and change your self just to try and please someone else. You’ll never be happy and that’s definitely not what I would want for you.

Think of this post more as a guide if you do adore the feminine style but you’re afraid for someone reason to actually embrace it. There’s no need to be afraid and yes stepping out of your comfort zone is frightening but that’s only temporary.


I seriously hate when people put down others for being girly or feminine. Like seriously why are you trying to crush others for what they love?

To some people being feminine & girly may be “childish” or they view it as we’re suppressing ourselves and our abilities.

To me ,that’s a load of BULL.

If you have to go around putting other people down for what they like, you clearly aren’t happy with the way you’re living you’re life so please keep your bitterness to yourself. I see feminine women as people that embrace what they love without fear of what others think.

These women can accomplish ANYTHING & they 100% do.

You can LOVE pink and be smart as hell.. Yes ,that’s actually true! You can love feminine things while respecting yourself and not letting anyone of the opposite sex tell you what you can or can’t do. You can love glitter and tulle skirts and find a way to make your passion for such things change your life.

For example, starting your own business based off this passion and sharing that passion with every other women out there that loves what you love just as much!

Like I mentioned before, I’m not for you becoming someone you’re not. But I am for you not hiding who you are or embracing it because your afraid of what people will think or say.

Really that doesn’t matter.

Actually, you know what? I do care what people think and what they have to say but only certain people..

The people that build others up. Those people I LOVE and I aspire to return the support they give me and others as well. Those people matter so don’t forget about them because they are unicorns! I couldn’t be more thankful for the souls put on this earth that look to raise others up.

The purpose of this post is to guide you, not be a rant. However, with my experience ,it’s frustrating to not want to tell people to buzz of when it comes to hating on women and girls that love such style. I share this with you for you to be reassured that you can love what you love and make anything possible.

Now for the best part!



This is at the top of the list because it truly is the most important place to start. When you are a girly girl it shows through your personality. For example, some girly-girls are very bubbly, happy and enjoyable to be around.

And of course not all girly girls are exactly the same but I’m going to give you advice based off of how I act and how it ties in with being a girly girl and feminine.

As a girly girl my self, I love pink passionately which seems to be synonymous with girly girls and glitter is also at the top of the list for my favorite things! I adore all things feminine and pretty which just comes naturally to you when you’re girly. I also carry my self like a lady, meaning that I keep my speech as pretty and polite as possible and try to spread as much kindness as possible. Oh ,and Audrey Hepburn is with out a doubt my IDOL!


To be girly you need to assemble your self with all that you’ll need to show off your pretty and feminine self! This means getting the essentials such as some flattering dresses, skirts, blouses, purses and shoes! And absolutely what ever else will make your heart jump for joy!


This part stems off of the previous. Do you ever buy clothes that you desperately want to wear, but tend to have a difficult time with actually following through wearing them?

Sometimes the reason for this is that you may buy something that you’re so incredibly excited about but you end up being too nervous to actually wear it. It may be too out of your comfort zone when it comes to the clothing that you normally wear everyday.

For ladies like this, if you love the piece you’re considering and it flatters your body type go for it! Having a feminine style is about having a wardrobe that consist of dresses, skirts and pieces that truly flatter your figure.

That does not mean you have to have “the perfect” body-type, what ever that is.. It means you select clothes for yourself ( or have someone help you) that will make you look your best. This is totally possible, so don’t think it’s not.

It’s another reason why I love dresses so much, because I’ve seen so many different kind of dresses that flatter women with different body-types.

Dresses, to me, say hey you are beautiful just the way you are & now let’s make you shine!


Taking the previous advice even further, you have to continue following through by making the effort into your appearance. You’ll want to do this with your attitude each and every day as well.

Girly girls & feminine women are known for taking great care of themselves.

They take the extra time to take care their hair, make-up, complexion and health. Having these kinds of habits is a way to promote you feeling your absolute best!!

You also don’t have to wear make-up to be a girly-girl. That depends on your personal preference. I choose to do so because I have little children that tend to exhaust me a bit lol. Makeup is like my sidekick to looking more awake and less like a zombie!

As a women that’s more feminine you have these habits a part of your daily routine. You then put on a lovely outfit that makes you feel and go take on the world!


Now, this means to carry it into your home, work-space, bedroom or wherever that you spend a lot of time.

I am always sharing on my Instagram the feminine ways that I style these places. If you ever need a little bit of extra inspiration you must follow me there!

Here are some of my favorite girly ways to decorate : with my favorite fashion prints, fashion books, florals, teacups and teapots.  I even love to use my purses and sparkly shoes as decoration as well!

The possibilities are truly endless! But if you want to step up your girly game this list is without a doubt, a great place start. I wish you all of the luck & if you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hair Cut/Style '19

Mercedes my hair dresser
 A few weeks before the latest "short" cut.  
I have received several questions about the new haircut in the banner photo.  Here goes:  

The photo to the right is my previous haircut and blow-dried look done by hair dresser Mercedes Cruz. She is an amazing artist and has been working magic with my hair for about two years. She was one of the stylists in my salon where I had my hair cut about every four weeks. In between, if I had an important meeting/interview, I would go in for a shampoos and blow-dry. Michael was my regular stylist and Mercedes my backup. Michael has since moved and that made it easy for me to start using Mercedes.

I stopped with the wigs about 11 years ago at the time I started working in a large museum in a department of eight women. The wigs on a daily basis just looked "wiggy" and unnatural even though expensive. It was hot and uncomfortable all day.  Also the employee parking area was not close to the office entrance and the Florida heat and weather made the wig problematic.    

Last Year
My hair has always been thick and, thanks to good genes, never thinned or receded. Starting out my big issue was just how feminine could I go and still have a dual (male/female) look. So I started gradually getting a more feminine cut, adding volume with hair products and blow-drying it differently depending on my needs. This is where Michael came in.  I would take in photos and ask "Is this possible?"  

I learned that few noticed and if they did they did not care. So little by little I started letting it get longer and more feminine. A lot of trial and error occurred. Finally about a year ago I had it to near shoulder-length. I love it when Michael/Mercedes styles my hair. I could keep it looking that way for a few days by doing careful sleeping and showers. Not having grown up taking care of long hair (anything but), I never learned the in/outs of setting, blow-drying that the teens practiced and learned early. As my hair got longer I was lost. 

A few weeks back I spent an entire morning washing, rolling/setting and drying my hair. It looked awful when I was done. I had finally grown my hair to style/length beyond what I could maintain.  

One week after the cut - More on this event later.
I found a beautiful picture of a short cut and Mercedes worked to duplicate that look. 

I know today it's a bit short, although I am getting compliments and getting used to it being so short. I will now let it grow from this point and see what I like best along the way. I do know that long stringy white (grey) hair can age you so I do think the short cut is more youthful. I will likely end up with my hair in a soft bob - full on the sides, stacked in the back and with a somewhat asymmetrical part sweeping to the side (maybe over one eye).

I love playing with my hair. I use hot rollers while I am putting on my makeup and just adore the whole process of getting myself ready for an escape. It never gets old.   

What do you think of the new cut?  Too short? Not feminine enough?  

Hair Role Models 

Helen Simpson and Susan Street (My Hero)