Friday, December 20, 2019

Dermablend Full Coverage - An Old Friend

Cover Creme Full Coverage Foundation -  Dermablend Professional

Experience our original maximum coverage cream foundation for up to 16 hours of consistent smudge and transfer-resistant color wear.* Formulated by a dermatologist and a makeup artist with a high concentration of high-performance pigments to cover a variety of skin conditions including birthmarks, burns, scars, hyperpigmentation, lupus, and vitiligo. It provides broad-spectrum SPF 30 for ultimate skin protection and is never cakey or masky. Our best full coverage foundation glides on evenly to leave skin feeling fresh, soft and smooth.


Many years back, Dermablend was my "Go-To" (old friend) foundation with every escape beginning there. It came with its own mini-trowel (shown) and yes, I troweled it on like putting stucco over an old building. 

This is such a non-lady like discussion, but I had a very dark, heavy beard.  It was Homer Simpson dark and even after shaving it was ever present. One of the makeup artists that taught me early on, suggested this miracle cream. It was designed and marketed to professional makeup artists who needed a foundation to cover scars, beauty marks and even tattoos. This was industrial strength makeup.

My beard finally turned mostly white along with the hair on my head and I did do a few laser treatments while I still had some dark beard hairs. Most important - after many years I finally outgrew the need for such heavy coverage. The natural stuff I use today is so much better as I also discussed yesterday.  

Sometimes trying to hard to hide a flaw only accentuates it.

It is nice to remember an old friend that helped me to arrive at today's confident level.   

Anyone else out there remember troweling Dermablend? 

Update:  Dermablend is now owned by  L’Oréal, the transgender supportive cosmetic company I wrote about yesterday.  Also I fund a L’Oréal site that highlights Dermablend's amazing coverage ability.   


  1. Rhonda -

    Dermablend is great. But you didn't have to trowel it on. First, you could have used stage and studio "Beard Cover" makeup (I use Ben Nye's 5'O Sharp), as they use for TV personalities. Over that, a light coating of Dermablend works great. I have also greyed, and can use much less makeup these days. But I still need it for contouring.


  2. I remember using it too. Worked well but don't remember using a trowel. Was confident that my shadow was covered as long as I didn't touch, lol. Love Linda

  3. When I first heard of Dermablend, I was only dressing in a locked room. This was before the internet, so I don't even remember how I knew it existed, and how to obtain it was really beyond my comfort level. When I finally got up the nerve to visit the Nordstrom cosmetic counter, I had decided to use the scar on my wrist as my "reason" for needing the makeup. I remember that the young woman behind the counter felt uneasy, and I don't think she bought my story. Nevertheless, I left with a free trial pallet, and I think I used up all but the darkest shade before I finally summoned up the courage to return for a full-size jar of the shade that I thought best suited my skin tone. By the time I got to the bottom of that jar, my beard had turned white enough that I really didn't need it, anyway. Even then, though, another visit to the cosmetic counter seemed daunting to me.

    I don't use any kind of concealer, and haven't for many years, since I discovered the mineral powder. I have always disliked any kind of cream or liquid makeup, which tends to bring out even more oil from my already-oily skin. Besides, I could order the mineral makeup by mail, avoiding the face-to-face (pun unavoidable) meeting with the woman at the cosmetic counter. I was such a timid and scared little girl back then! :-)

    My very first experience with attempting to cover my beard was when I was thirteen. I had been shaving, occasionally, already for a couple of years at that time, but my blondish/reddish hair did not leave any shadow. I had arrived to an empty house after a week-long Boy Scout 75 mile hike, and I was not going to let the opportunity go to waste. Knowing that my mom would not be home for another few hours, I showered and proceeded to sit down at her vanity counter to pretty myself up. In my haste, I didn't bother to shave. That's when I learned that nothing - not even my mom's concealer stick - was going to cover a beard that had grown to any length - including the light stubble that I'd acquired over the prior week. The pun is intended when I say that this was a seminal moment in my gender identity/confused life. My rising testosterone level was changing my body, and it became quite clear to me, as I studied my reflection in the mirror, that I was in a conflict of gender that could only continue to worsen. I can laugh at it now, but I can still see how the concealer only served to accentuate my stubble as I sat before the mirror. I was so distraught at this unwanted change, and so conflicted because the testosterone had also made me feel proud of being one of the few boys on the hike who needed a shave by the end of the week. Still, my feminine identity persisted, and I continued my lifelong struggle through Dermablend and beyond.

    Dermablend is like a metaphor, in that it is cover-up. As trans women, many of us have had to work so hard to cover up both our femininity, while presenting male, and our masculinity, when presenting female. As important as the physical presentation may be, the emotional cover-up can be more difficult to maintain.

    1. Thank you so much Connie - I love then thought that Dermablend represents our cover-up of more than our beard - Years of emotional hiding.

  4. Kudos to L'Oreal as well as Maybellne. Both manufacturers off a 'full, graduated spectrum of base makeup, along with same numeral coded exact matched powders and and concealers--no guessing! Many times the fault lies with the RETAILER/JOBBER who fails to properly manage the entire stock. If you dont find your skin tone in the available group of colors, WALK--Go ELSEWHERE where the full spectrum is available so you wont just guess and go home with a wasted purchase. BTW, the nice young lady at TARGET, mentioned that they DO take refunds/exchanges on opened makeup, no questions asked. The markup on entire product line is soooo high, exchange loss is covered by the manufacturer.
    For any newbies, a proper non tanned skin match to face is to match the makeup with your skin tone on the inside of the forearm. This makes it easy to compare and match colors.
    Another issue is STORE LIGHTING, beware of standard fluorescent which range in the 'cool white' range. For the makeup mirror, I go with 'G.E. Reveal' (and even then, they are supposedly 'too cool'), natural tone incandescent bulbs. Most pro makeup bulbs are much 'hotter'.