Friday, August 31, 2018

Friend's Friday - Women In Business Tea

Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce
Wednesday  I attended my Local Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce, Women in Business Annual Tea. There were about 250 women business owners and business involved women in attendance. We had a full afternoon tea.  I mingled,  passed out business cards and had an overall lovely afternoon. Here is the mission for this group:

The Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization with approximately 1,000 business members, and the vast majority of our funding is secured through the private sector. We have evolved into a “knowledge broker,” connecting businesses with prospective clients. The Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce seeks to be an invaluable partner in increasing our business members’ bottom line. Business is still about relationship building, and understanding this basic principle is the foundation for developing programs, special events and social functions at the Chamber.

I was invited to join and because of the networking opportunities, I am strongly considering it. I am a member of two other business networking groups and see the advantages. The conversation at my table was interesting and I love how women support each other in this environment. This afternoon was definitely fun.  We all exchanged cards.

Also attending was a friend from a another Palm Beach networking group where we both are members. We were both happy to see someone we knew, however I did quickly make friends at my table. At my table were several women in Palm Beach private banking and two independent financial advisers. 

In keeping with the afternoon "Tea" theme, the guest speaker was the very British, John Browne. A former Conservative Member of Parliament and Vice President of the UK Independence Party that triggered and won Brexit. Interesting in that I knew John for one of my other business groups. He provided a most interesting program that helped us all to understand the relationship between the monarchy (current queen) and the working of the British system of government. So different from ours and I never knew the power she yields. A super interesting program and afternoon. 


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Michael Jackson's Gender Fluidity

Michael Jackson photographed by Harrison Funk in 1990

Michael Jackson's personal photographer: "He didn't identify as one gender"

Note: Yesterday would have been  Michael Jackson's 60th birthday. 

From The Guardian: Thomas Hobbs, Wed 20 Jun 2018

Harrison Funk spent three roller coaster decades capturing the pop legend’s extraordinary life. He reveals the stories behind his favorite shots, from hugs with Mandela to wielding a powder puff backstage.

"Me and Michael had our own language,” says Harrison Funk. “The buzzword was always the same. He would ask, ‘Harrison, can you make magic?’ Anything less wasn’t acceptable.” Funk was the photographer who got closer to Michael Jackson than any other, working with the singer from the late 1970's right up until his death in June 2009, witnessing and capturing his many changes, as the star rose to be the most famous person on the planet.

Jackson’s make-up routine, adds Funk, was also a sign of the singer’s gender fluidity: “It wasn’t so much femininity on Michael’s part as androgyny – he was fluid around gender. Michael had no interest in assigning a gender to anybody.” At that moment, he recalls, “he didn’t overtly identify as one particular gender”. However, when Jackson became a dad, his image changed to that “of father”, Funk says. “He became a strong man in that sense.”But was Jackson actually covering his face due to shyness? 

“Maybe. But his shyness and introversion never hindered his ability to work with me as a photographer. Michael knew exactly what he wanted artistically, right up until probably the last two years of his life, where he got swayed by the wrong people and got in way over his head.”

Read more here:

It’s a celebration anytime we honor the great Michael Jackson, who gave us so much timeless music. Happy birthday to the one-and-only King of Pop! Join us in celebrating across SiriusXM (Channel 48).

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Troye Sivan - Bloom

Troye Sivan: ‘I Want To Make Music For Queer People’

Source Ramona Rosales for EW
From Huffpost by By Curtis M. Wong

Three years after Troye Sivan set a new standard for queer representation in pop music, he’s back ― and more outspoken than ever. 

Gearing up for the release of his second album, “Bloom,” the Australian singer-songwriter opened up about music, sexuality and being an LGBTQ icon for the millennial set in a candid, wide-ranging interview with Entertainment Weekly. 

Though the 23-year-old has several hits to his name (including the new single “Dance to This,” featuring Ariana Grande), he is still identified in many outlets as “gay artist Troye Sivan.” He doesn’t take issue with that ― for now, anyway. 

“There’s hunger for that conversation. So I’ve always been totally fine to talk about and embrace that,” he told EW. “Am I excited for the day where [a headline is] just, ‘Troye Sivan puts out a song’? Sure, yeah, that’s exciting. As I’m excited for the day when a trans woman of color can walk down the street and not fear for her life, you know what I mean? We’ve got so much work to do as a community, and the only way is forward.” 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Art Opening - Fashion Layout

Saturday Evening Art Collection Opening 

I had a great suggestion from Blaire last week on the survey: “When doing fashion layouts, show photos of you in the final outfit.”  Thanks, I will try and do that more.  There are times when I have bought something off-season or for a trip up north that I will not be wearing here in Florida.  Also, I may not have an opportunity coming up to wear something right away, but want you to see the item because it is such a good sale. 

As I have said in the past, I always shop sales and look for good pricing. I like quality and some designer labels are outrageously priced in their original season.  In this digital age, I get many on-line catalogs and do receive notices of sales by e-mail.  Good pricing comes to those that have patience.  If the item sells out at a price you were not willing to pay, so-be-it.  There will always be another, just as cute skirt/top/shoe.     

Blaire, thanks again for the suggestion. For those who might be new to the blog, please fill in the survey.  It is a help to know what you like.  

The items above:

Skirt: Brooks Brothers (sold out)  
Shoes: Banana Republic Madison 12 Hour (sold out in Gingham)
Belt: Amazon - Similar - Motase Wide Elasitc Stretch Waist Belt 
T-shirt: Banana Republic - (many seasons ago)

Monday, August 27, 2018

Feminism InFLux Art Exhibit

Photography by Eve Harlowe

An exhibit of feminist art created by trans and gender non-conforming people is coming to Lake Worth.

The exhibit, Feminism inFlux, opened August 25 in the Compass, LGBT community center in Palm Beach County. 

Press Release: 

The gallery, which stays open until November 1, will feature visual art, performance, spoken word, photography, and text by those who identify as trans or non-conforming. It is also the first exhibit to be featured in the center’s Great Hall Gallery. Rolando Chang Barrero, the curator of Feminism inFlux and owner of Box Gallery, said the idea behind the exhibit was to explore the transgender and nonconforming voice. 

Photography by Eve Harlowe
“We’re giving a platform to those who otherwise don’t have a platform,” Barerro said. “It’ll make them feel more comfortable with the idea that they have a place to show their work.” As far as the guests go, he believes the exhibit will expose the public to new and safe dialogues, without political charge. “You can expect beautiful art work, exquisite music, and outstanding prose ... 

Created by artists that reflect their narratives and dialogues like any other professional artist,” Barrero said. “This isn’t a political rally, we’re celebrating their art.” The point of the gallery is to showcase their art and allow the artists and performers to empower themselves, according to Barrero. 

One artist, a 17-year-old Dreyfus student, B Amico is an illustrator and painter. They identify as genderqueer, and their work depicts the struggle of living with two bodies in one. 

And when he saw Amico’s work for the first time, Barrero said his jaw dropped. “The public might be surprised with the younger artists—what’s going on in their heads,” Barrero said. He also punned, “all the work, the music, and poetry are worth coming out for.” He wanted the art to be more meaningful as, “West Palm Beach puts on a lot of art that isn’t personal to the artist.” In this, the artists lose their voice. “My curiosity is in what happens to these voices that don’t belong anywhere,” Barrero said. The art in Feminism inFlux, “has depth and weight, content and context.” Next to every piece will be a label explaining the art, and the pronouns each artist identifies with. Feminism inFlux is the first installation of what Barrero hopes to be an annual exhibit. The opening reception will feature a 17-year-old classical pianist, and spoken word performances, as well as all the feminist art and “high fashion” photography. 

 “What I’ve noticed is the voices of trans and nonconforming groups fall through the cracks,” Barrero said. But Feminism inFlux is attempting to change that.


Attending The Art Opening Saturday Evening 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Political Cartoons 8-26


The Sunday Bonus
In the "You can't Make This Stuff Up" Department:

Gun control, teacher groups threaten legal action against DeVos over possible firearms funding

NBC News reported this week that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos began deliberating the controversial move earlier this year after Texas and Oklahoma asked the agency if schools could buy weapons using federal funds known as Student Support and Academic Enrichment grants, which are part of Title IV funding. The Education Department is still weighing the issue and "no decision is imminent," a senior administration official told NBC.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Friday, August 24, 2018

Cruise Activities - Tale of Two Cities

I want to add to the previous cruise posts and detail more of the activities. First I want to encourage this escape. Everyone on-board is busy and involved in the activities, shear beauty and complexity of this floating city. Few if any are in judgmental mode. One can go about dinners, shows, concerts, shopping, and pool time basically unnoticed. You even make friends as you go.    

I mentioned before that every evening delivered to your cabin is the "Cruise Compass". This details information on the next day's port, arrival times and excursions. It also give a breakdown of all of the ship-board activities for the next day; nearly minute-by-minute activities. Like in any city of this size there is much going on and the purpose of the cruse line is to keep you entertained. Primary reason, so you will enjoy your cruise and secondary, you will want to do it again. Yes and yes.   

So does your day start at 8:00 am and you drop exhausted into bed at midnight plus? That is possible, but not necessarily the only option. For example, after breakfast on days cruising, (not in a port) there are any number of places one can just walk, explore the ship and relax. It is a modern marvel. My first morning of the cruise I booked a pedicure and available are many other spa services. On the top deck you can watch wave runners play at two pools, watch/do a zip-line from deck 16 to deck 15, play miniature golf or dodgeball/volleyball.

There are 21 different swimming pools. The one I liked best was the adults only solarium area with its own bar/restaurant, plus pool and hot tub. There are always plenty of deck chairs and towels are supplied.  

Will - A Fantastic Guitar Artist  
After dinner there is an intimate jazz club that plays the real stuff. An always busy karaoke bar, a dance club with orchestra, piano bar and many, many shows. (Comedy Club, Broadway, Ice Show, water acrobatics music/dance)   

On several evening after dinner there was a "so-relaxing", one person guitar concert. Grab one of the provided lounge chairs in Central Park, yes outside, and enjoy everything from country guitar picking to Spanish classics by Will, one of the best solo acoustic guitar artist I have ever heard. This a so relaxing activity that was enjoyed several nights after dinner. People in the inside cabins could sit on their balconies and listen. There was also a light show of huge balls changing color overhead after the sun went down.  

Will was also a member of the in the "Mamma Mia" Orchestra; yes a live orchestra. Having seen Mamma Mia on Broadway and in several traveling shows, I can say it was a good as any I have seen.         

In one part of this city you can find exciting day/night life - In another, you can relax, be in the moment and almost forget your city is floating in the Caribbean Sea.       

Such a wonderful time.  More in future posts and I have additional photos- Stay tuned.

Allure of the Seas - Central Park by day. 

Note: Big thanks again go to Barbara Muhlbauer, Travel Consultant with Gadabout Travel and Treasure Coast Travel Agency, Vero Beach, FL. Barbara is part of the worldwide FROSCH Travel Agency and handled all of the details for the trip. She was understanding and answered many, many questions. She was super to work with and I highly recommend her experience and professional manner. E-mail: barbara.muhlbauer@frosch.com to book your Escape or call 772.589.0633 Be sure to mention my name.   Barbara knew all the detail of my traveling situation.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Mindful Living

There are patterns of Aftereffects of Psychological Changes associated with near-death-experiences (NDE) according to P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D.  These are:

Loss of the fear of death, more spiritual and less religious, easily engage in abstract thinking, more philosophical, more generous and charitable than before, form expansive concepts of love while at the same time challenged to initiate and maintain satisfying relationships,  less competitive, convinced of a life purpose, rejection of previous limitations in life and "normal" role-playing, heightened sensations of taste-touch-texture-smell, increased intuitive/psychic abilities plus the ability to know or "re-live" the future, charismatic, a child-like sense of wonder and joy, less stressed, more detached and objective, easily absorbed ("merge into" whatever is focused on), hunger for knowledge and learning, highly curious.
An Early Escape '84

When you might ask, did Rhonda experience an NDE? My NDE occurred between the age of 50 and 60 and is not attributed to a one-time event. I did not stop breathing nor did my heart stop in a hospital ER. Neither did I have a floating above myself while undergoing heart surgery. My NDE is a little more complicated. 

I lost my father and mother to cancer before either reached age 50. I lost one grandparent before he reached 40 and another in her late sixties; cancer again. Needless to say, longevity has not graced my family. As a matter of fact, I never thought I would reach age fifty based on family history. Certainly never fathomed sixty and now seventy.  

Just as a catastrophic event could awaken one to seeing life differently, my NDE occurred over a decade. I am not minimizing the trauma of a true NDE, however there does not need to be one-time NDE to cause one to “reject previous limitations”. In my case, the realization that every day going forward is a gift to be lived, germinated and took root over a decade.    

Surviving into my sixties and now seventies is exhilarating. Forget thinking about getting older as declining and limiting. Every day is a privilege and is to be lived/enjoyed. I am not living in some land of denial and know full well that limitations will occur. Just not today.  

As a child I would repeat a prayer “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep...”; You know the rest. Anything could occur at any time. What will it take for you to wake up and see the world differently and take advantage of your "today?" 

What would you like to do that you have not given yourself permission? The most precious gift of all is "time" that you now posses in this moment. Given that gift, what do you want the next day, month, year, decade to become?     

Escape if necessary. However, by all means enjoy your gifted life today and tomorrow and hopefully many, many more tomorrows. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Mingling With Politicians

     Rep. Lois Frankel (FL-21),  US Congresswoman 
Palm Beach County has an organization, Palm Beach Human Rights Council (PBHRC), that is doing great works for our LGBT community. They have lobbied and worked to support the following:

LGBT-inclusive civil rights resolutions. Worked to enact a county ban on conversion therapy for minors and provide input and insight into LGBT supportive candidates running for office. Influenced the 15th Judicial Circuit to update its Civil Rights Complaint Procedure to specifically include complaints of discrimination based on 'gender identity or expression.'

Due to their efforts Palm Beach county, the largest county in the United States, has an excellent record of inclusive actions/laws and has open and supportive politicians. I am a proud PBHRC member and volunteer for the organization. Events like this give us an opportunity to be visable.   

Several Saturdays ago I attended the PBHRC SUMMER SOIRÉE at the National Croquet Club. Yes, there is a National Croquet Club that houses the Croquet Museum, The Croquet Hall of Fame, and the largest croquet shop in the US. Their web site describes the facility this way: "There are four acres of lush lawns that are the equivalent of laser-level putting greens, where anyone or members can experience the fun and competitive nature of the game."  Who would have thought?

Photo By Christopher M Kron 
The evening event was very well attended with many of the regulars I know from my "Second Sunday Meetup Group" and the Palm Beach Colony's Thursday happy hour. Also in attendance that evening were many both established and newly running for office, politicians. They are always friendly and willing to talk so there was never a lull nor did I need to seek out a conversation. I was amazed at how fast the evening went.  

There were many photographers wandering around and I have posted three photos here. In the photo above is Rep. Lois Frankel (FL-21), Congresswoman for a large part of Palm Beach County. She is unopposed in the upcoming election so really did not have to attend this event. As the former Mayor of West Palm Beach, she has worked in support of LGBT issues and continues to do so in the US Congress. We had met before and I applaud her efforts. I also support most of her political positions. Thank you Lois. 

The whole evening was a fun ESCAPE. Again, thank you PBHRC for all the hard work in support of our community.   

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

I Was A Boy "Girl" Cheerleader - True or Fantasy?

Below is an incredibly long story that I found on the site "Social Phobia World".  I Googled "Boy Cheerleader" and found an account that has a ring of truth. Had it been a fantasy story I believe the outcome would have been different and with more embellishments. The only part that is not completely clear is why the parent would insist, although living up to a commitment does seem plausible.  

I have it posted in it's total length and did not want you to be teased and sent to another site to only be disappointed in the outcome. Tell me what you think. 

Here is a little trivia for you from Mental Floss: Famous men who were cheerleaders - George W. Bush, Aaron Spelling, iconic actor Jimmy Stewart, Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Samuel L. Jackson, Steve Martin, Mississippi senator Trent Lott, Ronald Reagan, Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas. 
My High School 1961 Cheerleaders
Notice - Upper right 

Personal Note: Wow, would I have loved to be a cheerleader. I neither had the nerve or the coordination. While I was a freshman in high school we did have a male cheerleader that dressed in the male equivalent cheerleader outfit of the day. Sorry to say, he was talked about for years and never lived it down.  

I Was A Boy "Girl" Cheerleader
By benjameson2017

From: SocialPhobiaWorld.com > Off-Topic Forums > Personal Stories

When I was 14, and a freshman in high school, it was the mid-1990s. I also went to a small rural midwesten school. Having said that, this was before all those popular cheerleading movies such as Bring It On. Anyway, it was 1997 and I was 14. I'm in my mid 30's now. Before I tell this story, I will say that there WERE male cheerleaders back then. The concept of male cheerleaders were just simply less common at the time.

Anyway, one day in my early Freshman year, a friend of mine named Stacie tried encouraging me to join the cheerleading squad at our school. Of course being a boy, I was reluctant. I was however super-coordinated and Stacie knew it. She was the only person that saw me do different types of flips and cartwheels. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't very athletic. I was the shy nerdy type. I was surprised I had any friends at all, especially one like Stacie. I also was NOT gay, which makes what happens in my story so unique to my situation. I was open-minded however and had nothing against gay people. In fact, even though we were best friends because our moms were part of the same women's club, I even had a small crush on Stacie. I think she knew it too but she had a boyfriend at the time. Anyway, Stacie tried convincing me that joining cheerleading would not make me gay, and people were ignorant for thinking that.

I was still very nervous but after much coaxing on her behalf and the fact that I was sort of naive, she convinced me. It still seemed weird to me since the whole squad was girls and I was a boy but I went to tryouts. Stacie cheered in junior high, but after tryouts were over, she didn't get in...for junior varsity high school cheerleading. What was very bizarre is that I did! My cheerleading coach said she'd never seen a boy with my type of coordination and chose me and 12 other girls to be cheerleaders. Once again, I was nervous. I didn't know any of them. Stacie was the only friend I had and she didn't get picked so I felt alone.

Here's where the story went downhill for me. A few days after I made the squad, my cheerleading coach pulled me into her office and the principal was there. They both told me, and for all of you reading this post, I am NOT lying...totally serious...that I would be required to wear a girl's cheerleading uniform! Their argument was: I was the only boy and the squad was meant for girls. Before you all say I am a liar, I am fully aware of discrimination laws against this sort of thing, but realize, I was 14. I didn't know about it back then. Not only that, but I doubt those kind of laws were as greatly enforced before male cheerleading became a bigger thing...post "Bring It On" years.
Typical cheerleader outfit of the day 

Anyway, I even said to my cheerleading coach, "why did you pick me then if you knew I was a boy?" She said that she thought I was aware of the risk and knew I'd have to dress like a girl. Remember, I didn't know them forcing me was against the law. Certainly I would have sued the school had I known! I also think that they told me that as a way to "scare" me out of cheerleading. I think she and the principal suspected that since I was a guy, I had an ulterior motive...to join cheerleading to be a pervert and look up the girls' skirts. That wasn't the case at all. I wasn't gay but I would never treat a girl that way. 

Anyway, after they told me I had to wear a girl's outfit, that was certainly enough of an incentive to get me to quit, so I went home and told my parents about it. Here's where it gets worse! It turns out, my cheerleading coach already called my parents and told them I made the squad and what the requirements were. Even though my Dad said he didn't like the idea of his teenage son parading around in a girl's cheerleading "mini" skirt, he didn't raise me to be a quitter either. I remember in fact those EXACT words coming from his mouth. The word "mini" skirt therefore began to haunt me and occupy my mind after he said that. When I first told my parents, I thought they'd have my side, but instead their argument was: I wrecked the opportunity for some unfortunate girl. If I tried out, the coach thought I was good enough, and some other girl didn't get the chance. They then said that it is unfair for the coach and the other cheerleaders if I quit now. Once I knew they weren't on my side, I was very bitter. My whole world collapsed. I begged them to reconsider but they said no. They said someday I'd thank them for teaching me to be honorable to my word. By the way...to this day, I don't thank them. I just thought I'd throw that in there since I'm in my mid 30s and am now the age they said I would be when I would thank them. It is now "someday" and I don't thank them. Truth be told, they were pretty religious old-fashioned people that had old-fashioned ways of thinking. They didn't condone me wearing a girl's uniform but didn't condone me backing out of my obligation either.

With that, my year of hell as a "girl" cheerleader began. The next day in school, I got my uniform. Right off the bat, as we left the gymnasium with our uniforms in bags tucked under our arms, the girls on the squad were shocked when they saw me with mine. They all thought it was cool and commended me for being brave but I remember them all crowding around me telling me wearing their version of the uniform would be fun and I would look so cute in it. It was awkward and I was embarrassed.

I didn't even pull it out of the bag until later that night when Stacie came over and told me to show her my uniform. I was real nervous but Stacie said she was proud of me for making the squad and begged me to try it on. Knowing I would be required to cheer in front of hundreds of people anyway wearing it, I figured I'd let the humiliation start early. I remember being in my parent's bathroom putting on the uniform with my hands trembling and nervous the whole time. After a moment, I stepped out of the bathroom with it on and saw the expression on Stacie's face for the first time. She gasped and said I looked adorable, but I felt so weird and exposed like I was on display or something. I'll never forget the little purple pleated mini skirt hanging from my waist exposing my legs well above the knees. To this point, being a boy, I had only worn shorts that went to my knees. My short skirt gave quite a view of even my thighs and I was very embarrassed! My top was a sleeveless top with black, purple, and white colors, purple panther paws, and purple lettering reading PANTHERS. She laughed at my hairy legs and said I needed to do something about that.

The following Friday was our first pep rally and the whole school would see me in my uniform for the first time. My Mom got me up early that morning and helped me shave my legs. She even put my hair in a ponytail. I was a boy, but had long hair, by the way. She then put a hair ribbon on me and a little makeup as well. She said when I don't wear my uniform to school, I can be a boy, but I didn't want to embarrass the squad either, so on days I went to school in my uniform, she told me I had to go as a girl to blend in with the other girls on the squad and not look misplaced. She even gave me a bra with mild padding to make it look like I had breasts under my uniform top.

Anyway, I felt weird walking around school in my uniform. By the way, on pep rally days, cheerleaders wore their uniforms the whole school day. I didn't even make it past first period and the boys in my class were all making fun of me! The girls were nice which I was thankful for but the boys were cruel. The bullying was the worse part. While in the hallway, boys were making whistling noises at me and several of them would grab the ends of my skirt and try to pull my skirt up in front of everyone so I had to bat their hands away and keep my hands on my skirt so they couldn't lift it. Several boys humiliated me and said "nice legs!" I'll never forget that. I endured endless amounts of "FAG!" and "*****!" taunts. Sorry to those of you who are gay and reading this. I don't use words like that. I'm just telling you what they said. I was shoved into lockers and boys were constantly calling me "girlie" and "babe" and "cutie pie!" Anyway, fortunately for me, the bullying quit after a few weeks.

This story is getting long, I realize, and I'm sorry about that, so I am going to wrap it up. I spent the rest of the year cheering with the girls as a girl. I can't imagine what the public thought of me at games and stuff and what judges and the audience at cheerleading competitions thought either. I already knew what the school thought. The only good that came from this whole event was the friends I made with the girls on the squad and the enjoyment of the actual cheering itself. When the year was over, however, I did NOT try out for cheerleading the following year even though that disappointed some of the girls on the squad and my coach too. They let me keep my uniform but I was never more grateful when my mom donated it a few years later to a clothing donation. I never saw that little purple mini skirt again. Good riddance! Anyway, that's my story. Thanks for taking time to read it. If you choose to believe it or don't, that's up to you, but it is a TRUE story. I figured being a "social phobia" website and me being quite a bit older now, I'd get this off my chest. But I'll never forget it. It will always be a part of me. Thank you and good night.


Where do you think - True or Fantasy? 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Feminine Differential - Colors Part 2

Are there colors that women prefer? I am sure the one that comes to mind is pink. Girl babies are always warped in pink blankets, right?  However that is not the feminine color of choice.

According to surveys in Europe and the United States, pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity and the romantic. However according to Wikipedia a shift to this being a girly color happened the 1930s and 40s. In the 1920s, some groups had been describing pink as a masculine color, an equivalent of the red that was considered to be for men, but lighter for boys. But stores nonetheless found that people were increasingly choosing to buy pink for girls, and blue for boys, until this became an accepted norm in the 1940s.

Color as a marketing tool is well entrenched today. Colors that are traditionally considered feminine colors or that appeal most strongly to women can be good choices for marketing messages, websites, and designs targeting women. So the question that needs to be answered, what is the feminine color of choice? 

Talbots had a 50% off site wide July 4th. Forget hot dogs and fireworks - time to shop. I found the teal sweater above that day and ordered. It is called the "Dolman-Sleeve V-Back Sweater" and I purchased the green (teal) shown above. The official color - "Rainforest Green".

A Boston Proper Teal
Square Neck Top
There are a couple of things I like about the sweater above. It drapes in a feminine way and is round-neck in front and v-neck in the back. In several of the Talbots' reviews women stated it could be worn either way.  V-neck fronts always looks good on me. A deeper, narrower neckline helps to elongate the upper body drawing attention away from narrow hips and wider shoulders. It elongates the upper body and creates length - a leaner, longer, and taller silhouette. 

So, according to a 1964 Color and Gender study, women favored blue-green (aka turquoise) more than men favored it. This same study found that "76% of women preferred cool colors" and turquoise is a mix of the two cool colors blue and green. Turquoise colors include aquamarine, aqua, cerulean, teal, and ultramarine.

Jacci Howard Bear did make an interesting observation on the blog "Lifewire" discussing "These Are the Colors Women Love Most":

There are no hard and fast rules about which colors are feminine or masculine or gender-neutral. Because colors come in many tints and shades, someone may love a light powder blue but strongly dislike a deep navy blue, so a preference for the color blue doesn't mean that every shade of blue is universally appropriate. However, some generalizations are possible.

What is your favorite color?  I have really come to like teal/turquoise and this is typically a color that I wear only as Rhonda. A feminine differential. 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Friend's Friday - Plugging Southern Comfort

On Monday Stana talked about Fantasia Fair. I am so sorry that I have never attended, however it is on a list of someday events. Stana is correct in that so many of the typical gender events have been cloistered in hotels which are only an extension of one's closet.  Escapes, out and with civilians are so much more rewarding. 

With that said, I must admit I was a big attender of the Atlanta Southern Comfort Convention (SCC).  Had it been continuous, I believe this would be the 27th event and I attend at least 20. It moved a few year ago from Atlanta to South Florida. Last year the convention was cancelled due to cleanup from a hurricane that occurred just the week before. I am not sure who came up with holding a conference in South Florida at the peak of hurricane season, but let's hope this year works out better.

This year's conference is being held September 6-8 in downtown Fort Lauderdale. A much better location than the previous hotel which was far out west and away from all clubs and activities that Fort Lauderdale has to offer.  

A much abbreviated schedule is planned with only one scheduled big dinner event on Saturday evening. (already sold out). A full Thursday through Saturday seminar schedule is planned which will include general sessions with "key-note" speakers. Also outside events (clubs/dinners) are arranged for several of the evenings. 

There is much to do in and around this uniquely Florida, Las Olas entertainment and dining areaThe hotel is the Riverside Hotel620 East Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.    

I do plan on attending Friday and Saturday and will be participating in two seminars on Saturday. Dr. Mardirossian is speaking Saturday morning on FFS and will be offering free private consultations the rest of the day. Please schedule ahead, as his time slots do fill quickly. I will be speaking Saturday right after the lunch break on a subject you will never guess - Blogging. 

If you are a reader please stop by for the discussion. I hope to meet some of my blog friends at that time and here is your opportunity to share comments in person.

I am happy to see that SCC is continuing. It has always been a gathering conference for old friends and important Escape avenue for many. I hope to see you there.   

The Hotel location for the "SCC Pool Party".
Bring the bikini! 



Note: Vartan is my doctor, business associate, and friend.  


Thursday, August 16, 2018

A Natural Woman - Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman [1967].  I would always smile when hearing that song.  

The Queen of Soul is dead at 76

She taught us to spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Purse Hacks

To the right is a photo that comes up whenever I go online to check the status of my Banana Republic order.  I love that purse and purchased it about two years ago at my mall's Banana Republic store. It has many of the qualities I look for in a purse; size, well made with thick saddle leather, perfect uniform / natural color, shoulder strap, inside pockets, and on sale. The retail was $198 and the store had it half price, plus another 40% off. Even at the full retail, in the world of quality natural leather purses, it was worth it.     

Every time I see that photo I smile and have gotten good use out of the purse since purchasing. I almost always get a compliment. 
There was one down side to this purse and others like it. They have a flat bottom that is going to get scratched and dirty from use. Several of my other bucket purses have feet and the benefits are obvious. Adding 'feet" is so easy and I have since added then to several of my other high end purses. 

Where to find the feet was my first challenge, thinking they were items only available to manufactures. Never underestimate Amazon Prime and you can have then delivered on Sunday if necessary. I purchased a packet of 25 with the silver/chrome finish to match the Banana Republic purse hardware and  purchased a packet of brass for other purses. Installation could not be easier.  A little measuring, punch a hole, and screw them in.  

The Amazon item is located here if you want to do this hack on your purses as well. They are available, round, flat, brass, chrome and various sizes. Just search "Purse Feet".  

Also shown is a recent addition of a Ralph Lauren smaller sack purse. This purse did not come with feet and I also easily added to this one as well.