Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Art Opening - Fashion Layout

Saturday Evening Art Collection Opening 

I had a great suggestion from Blaire last week on the survey: “When doing fashion layouts, show photos of you in the final outfit.”  Thanks, I will try and do that more.  There are times when I have bought something off-season or for a trip up north that I will not be wearing here in Florida.  Also, I may not have an opportunity coming up to wear something right away, but want you to see the item because it is such a good sale. 

As I have said in the past, I always shop sales and look for good pricing. I like quality and some designer labels are outrageously priced in their original season.  In this digital age, I get many on-line catalogs and do receive notices of sales by e-mail.  Good pricing comes to those that have patience.  If the item sells out at a price you were not willing to pay, so-be-it.  There will always be another, just as cute skirt/top/shoe.     

Blaire, thanks again for the suggestion. For those who might be new to the blog, please fill in the survey.  It is a help to know what you like.  

The items above:

Skirt: Brooks Brothers (sold out)  
Shoes: Banana Republic Madison 12 Hour (sold out in Gingham)
Belt: Amazon - Similar - Motase Wide Elasitc Stretch Waist Belt 
T-shirt: Banana Republic - (many seasons ago)

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  1. Molto Bene, Molto Bene. Perfect 'winter' on 'winter' color palette.