Friday, August 17, 2018

Friend's Friday - Plugging Southern Comfort

On Monday Stana talked about Fantasia Fair. I am so sorry that I have never attended, however it is on a list of someday events. Stana is correct in that so many of the typical gender events have been cloistered in hotels which are only an extension of one's closet.  Escapes, out and with civilians are so much more rewarding. 

With that said, I must admit I was a big attender of the Atlanta Southern Comfort Convention (SCC).  Had it been continuous, I believe this would be the 27th event and I attend at least 20. It moved a few year ago from Atlanta to South Florida. Last year the convention was cancelled due to cleanup from a hurricane that occurred just the week before. I am not sure who came up with holding a conference in South Florida at the peak of hurricane season, but let's hope this year works out better.

This year's conference is being held September 6-8 in downtown Fort Lauderdale. A much better location than the previous hotel which was far out west and away from all clubs and activities that Fort Lauderdale has to offer.  

A much abbreviated schedule is planned with only one scheduled big dinner event on Saturday evening. (already sold out). A full Thursday through Saturday seminar schedule is planned which will include general sessions with "key-note" speakers. Also outside events (clubs/dinners) are arranged for several of the evenings. 

There is much to do in and around this uniquely Florida, Las Olas entertainment and dining areaThe hotel is the Riverside Hotel620 East Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.    

I do plan on attending Friday and Saturday and will be participating in two seminars on Saturday. Dr. Mardirossian is speaking Saturday morning on FFS and will be offering free private consultations the rest of the day. Please schedule ahead, as his time slots do fill quickly. I will be speaking Saturday right after the lunch break on a subject you will never guess - Blogging. 

If you are a reader please stop by for the discussion. I hope to meet some of my blog friends at that time and here is your opportunity to share comments in person.

I am happy to see that SCC is continuing. It has always been a gathering conference for old friends and important Escape avenue for many. I hope to see you there.   

The Hotel location for the "SCC Pool Party".
Bring the bikini! 



Note: Vartan is my doctor, business associate, and friend.  


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