Thursday, August 16, 2018

Purse Hacks

To the right is a photo that comes up whenever I go online to check the status of my Banana Republic order.  I love that purse and purchased it about two years ago at my mall's Banana Republic store. It has many of the qualities I look for in a purse; size, well made with thick saddle leather, perfect uniform / natural color, shoulder strap, inside pockets, and on sale. The retail was $198 and the store had it half price, plus another 40% off. Even at the full retail, in the world of quality natural leather purses, it was worth it.     

Every time I see that photo I smile and have gotten good use out of the purse since purchasing. I almost always get a compliment. 
There was one down side to this purse and others like it. They have a flat bottom that is going to get scratched and dirty from use. Several of my other bucket purses have feet and the benefits are obvious. Adding 'feet" is so easy and I have since added then to several of my other high end purses. 

Where to find the feet was my first challenge, thinking they were items only available to manufactures. Never underestimate Amazon Prime and you can have then delivered on Sunday if necessary. I purchased a packet of 25 with the silver/chrome finish to match the Banana Republic purse hardware and  purchased a packet of brass for other purses. Installation could not be easier.  A little measuring, punch a hole, and screw them in.  

The Amazon item is located here if you want to do this hack on your purses as well. They are available, round, flat, brass, chrome and various sizes. Just search "Purse Feet".  

Also shown is a recent addition of a Ralph Lauren smaller sack purse. This purse did not come with feet and I also easily added to this one as well.

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