Friday, August 24, 2018

Cruise Activities - Tale of Two Cities

I want to add to the previous cruise posts and detail more of the activities. First I want to encourage this escape. Everyone on-board is busy and involved in the activities, shear beauty and complexity of this floating city. Few if any are in judgmental mode. One can go about dinners, shows, concerts, shopping, and pool time basically unnoticed. You even make friends as you go.    

I mentioned before that every evening delivered to your cabin is the "Cruise Compass". This details information on the next day's port, arrival times and excursions. It also give a breakdown of all of the ship-board activities for the next day; nearly minute-by-minute activities. Like in any city of this size there is much going on and the purpose of the cruse line is to keep you entertained. Primary reason, so you will enjoy your cruise and secondary, you will want to do it again. Yes and yes.   

So does your day start at 8:00 am and you drop exhausted into bed at midnight plus? That is possible, but not necessarily the only option. For example, after breakfast on days cruising, (not in a port) there are any number of places one can just walk, explore the ship and relax. It is a modern marvel. My first morning of the cruise I booked a pedicure and available are many other spa services. On the top deck you can watch wave runners play at two pools, watch/do a zip-line from deck 16 to deck 15, play miniature golf or dodgeball/volleyball.

There are 21 different swimming pools. The one I liked best was the adults only solarium area with its own bar/restaurant, plus pool and hot tub. There are always plenty of deck chairs and towels are supplied.  

Will - A Fantastic Guitar Artist  
After dinner there is an intimate jazz club that plays the real stuff. An always busy karaoke bar, a dance club with orchestra, piano bar and many, many shows. (Comedy Club, Broadway, Ice Show, water acrobatics music/dance)   

On several evening after dinner there was a "so-relaxing", one person guitar concert. Grab one of the provided lounge chairs in Central Park, yes outside, and enjoy everything from country guitar picking to Spanish classics by Will, one of the best solo acoustic guitar artist I have ever heard. This a so relaxing activity that was enjoyed several nights after dinner. People in the inside cabins could sit on their balconies and listen. There was also a light show of huge balls changing color overhead after the sun went down.  

Will was also a member of the in the "Mamma Mia" Orchestra; yes a live orchestra. Having seen Mamma Mia on Broadway and in several traveling shows, I can say it was a good as any I have seen.         

In one part of this city you can find exciting day/night life - In another, you can relax, be in the moment and almost forget your city is floating in the Caribbean Sea.       

Such a wonderful time.  More in future posts and I have additional photos- Stay tuned.

Allure of the Seas - Central Park by day. 

Note: Big thanks again go to Barbara Muhlbauer, Travel Consultant with Gadabout Travel and Treasure Coast Travel Agency, Vero Beach, FL. Barbara is part of the worldwide FROSCH Travel Agency and handled all of the details for the trip. She was understanding and answered many, many questions. She was super to work with and I highly recommend her experience and professional manner. E-mail: barbara.muhlbauer@frosch.com to book your Escape or call 772.589.0633 Be sure to mention my name.   Barbara knew all the detail of my traveling situation.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I know that if the money works out there is disco cruise we're interested in.

    But thank you for sharing your "escapes" with us, you make us feel like we are there and that is nice.