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Is Three Too Young...

For Children to Know They're a Different Gender?

Gracie, 7
she socially transitioned at the age of 4

By: Jon Brooks Aug 26, 2018

Gracie is the youngest transgender person I've ever met. She's so young, she still likes to tack on "and-a-half" when giving her age, which is six. One day last summer, bouncing all over the grounds at day camp, she looked as delighted as you'd expect any kid would on "Water Day.”

The Controversial Research on 'Desistance' in Transgender Youth

This is Rainbow Day Camp, in the East Bay town of El Cerrito. It was created specifically to be a safe place for transgender kids, and in fact, being transgender is so unremarkable here, when I asked Gracie what makes it “special," she shrugged and said:

“You get to do fun stuff.”

Her mother, Molly, tried to coax a reporter-friendly answer out of her.

“What is special about you, and the same as everybody else in the camp?” she prompted.

“I don’t know,” Gracie said.

“You’re transgender and there’s other kids that are transgender, too...”

“I’m transgender and there’s other kids that are transgender, too.”

Ah, kids. ... But when I asked Gracie how she used to feel, when other people thought she was a boy, she got straight to the point.

“It was not right to me, and I didn’t want people to say that, but they said it,” she said. “It hurted my feelings a lot."

Did it make her angry?

“No, it just made me sad.”

Email the reporter

How about now?

“It feels happy to me.”

And that, in a child’s nutshell, sums up one side of a contentious debate about the right age for transgender children to begin what gender clinicians call “social transitioning.”

Read the whole story

Phoenix, a transgender girl
Began wearing dresses to school at age 5

“Why would we deny for the vast majority of kids something that is basically suicide prevention?”

As a parent, I wonder: If my daughter became incandescently happy when allowed to change her name and take on other aspects of being transgender — as happy as Molly describes Gracie becoming when recognized as a girl — what would I do? If some statistics indicated my child might one day switch back, but my deepest parental instincts told me to trust her joyfulness, could I ignore the latter?

At Rainbow Day Camp, I spoke to James, a 9-year-old transgender boy who’d transitioned during second grade. He told me matter-of-factly that he’d been bullied by older kids, who’d called him an “It.”

After he transitioned, his mother said, “There was just this comfort that came about him, and comfort's something that you can't really fake. He’s [just] a happier kid.”

Similarly, before Gracie’s transition, family life was “lackluster,” Molly recalled. The constant tension drained the joy out of childhood for everybody.

“You never got to see that sort of sparkle, or that sort of magic of, like, a Christmas morning, or a Halloween, or just regular day-to-day happiness,” Molly said.

“Now she gets to really live.”

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i Love This Success Story - Amy Schneider

Jeopardy's First Trans Champion Credits Practice, the Brain She Was Born with and Her Background for Success

Amy Schneider
By Aaron Parsley
December 24, 2021 

Tournament of Champions contestant Amy Schneider has earned $631,400 in her 16-day winning streak on the show

She's racked up a whopping $631,400 so far during her historic Jeopardy! journey — and now Tournament of Champions contestant Amy Schneider is getting recognized at the supermarket.

"It's a fun feeling," she told Yahoo Entertainment of finding fans in the aisles of her local Safeway.

"I did have the moment, after that, thinking, 'If this ever stops becoming nice, I don't have a way to stop it,'" she adds. "But I'm not too concerned … I'm not going to be, like, Tom Hanks–level famous or anything! So, I think it'll be manageable."

Schneider, 42, became the first transgender contestant to compete in the game show's annual tournament for winners of five episodes earlier this year. She's now on a 16-day winning streak.

It will come as no surprise to her friends and family who've known about her lifelong love of Jeopardy!

She says in the interview:

I've always watched it and I've also always been interested in learning facts and stuff, and as I mentioned on the show, in eighth grade I was voted Most Likely to Be on Jeopardy! One Day. It was always sort of in my mind that it might be something I did at some point."

When it finally happened, Schneider was prepared. "Just coming from a family that was well educated, valued education and knowledge in general … gave me a great head start," she told Yahoo.

In a recent essay, she also acknowledges arriving at the trivia show starting line with some advantages. "I was born with a brain that, for whatever reason, retains knowledge well," she admits in "How I Got Smart" for Defector. "Another factor, of course, is my privilege. Unlike most people in history, I wasn't born into grinding poverty, and my parents believed in the value of knowledge as its own reward. Moreover, I am white, and until well into adulthood, was perceived as male."

"Anything that can be done to show trans people as just normal people I think is a great thing," she says. "We want to get to a point where trans people are less pioneering and like, you know, that the first trans person to do whatever is just kind of like, whatever! Why wouldn't a trans person do that? Like, they could do anything that anyone else can do, and there's nothing unusual about it."

Beyond that, she says, "I don't actually think about it that much."

"I was definitely aware, going on the show, that being a trans person in the spotlight could be an interesting thing," she says. "But, you know, it's just what I am, and there's sort of, like, nothing to do about it. It's just who I am."


WOW! A success story we can all love!

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Femininity is your deepest source of inner strength and resilience, not a weakness. Femininity is your inherent power, not your insufficiency.


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Dopamine Dressing,,,

 Something We Have Known About for Years!

Billy Porter attending The Fashion Awards
wearing a Richard Quinn dress
 and black platform heeled boots

Should we all be dopamine dressing?


There seems to be a feeling of hope in the air as we dare to dream of better days to come. This mood is something which has certainly been reflected in designer collections for the past two seasons, with retailers banking on bright colour and joyful dressing as key trends to watch out for once we are on the other side of the pandemic. This association between brightly coloured clothing and happiness is not new; in fact, the idea of instilling joy through what we wear has a name – ‘dopamine dressing’ – and has long been the subject of psychological research. But, can the colours we wear actually have an impact on our mood? And, is this something we should be thinking about when we get dressed every morning?

To understand this concept, it is first important to grasp the basics of dopamine, which is a type of neurotransmitter.  Maria Costantino, a lecturer in cultural and historical studies at the London College of Fashion, explains.

Our bodies produce dopamine and our nervous system uses it to send messages between nerve cells. “It has many functions: it is involved in reward, motivation, memory, and attention. When dopamine is released in large amounts, it creates feelings of pleasure and reward which motivates us to repeat a specific behavior.”

In theory, this specific behavior could include the feelings we have when we buy or wear new clothes, Costantino explains. This concept of wearing certain clothes to make us happier is something which Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire decided to investigate in 2012. Pine undertook a study into this idea of ‘dopamine dressing’ and found that when participants wore clothes of symbolic value to them, their perceived confidence increased.

The theory of ‘enclothed cognition’ teaches us that the attributes we associate with specific clothes are incredibly powerful. When we wear these clothes, the associations have the power to change the way we feel and even change the way we act. So, for example, if you associate a yellow jumper with happiness, then you will embody that feeling of happiness when you wear it.

But ultimately, if you're looking to encourage feelings of happiness and contentment through your own wardrobe, you don’t need to turn to a specific colour, just look to what you already know you love.

Vogue also is drawing a direct correlation between your sartorial sense(s). Happiness levels might feel a touch ambiguous but according to US fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen, who founded the Fashion Psychologist Institute, it’s a genuine strategy she recommends to (her) clients. The author of Dress Your Best Life: Harness the Power of Clothes to Transform Your Life and adjunct faculty member at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, says at its core, dopamine dressing is about “dressing to best optimize your mood”.


Science News reported in an article about joy of running, that sense of well-being, freedom and extra energy that runners often experience is not just a matter of endorphins. The new study shows that the "runner's high" phenomenon is also caused by dopamine, an important neurotransmitter for motivation.

My "Escapes" have always been a source of well being that has a lasting effect on my overall mood.  Maybe it is the excitement or the sense of self-awareness. I always feel better after getting out.  The fashion industry is calling it "dopamine dressing"; something we have known about for years!

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Rhonda's Political Week In Review 12-26-2021


According to Vice News - Of Course Joe Manchin Drives a Maserati

The moderate West Virginia Democrat was caught in the luxury vehicle while surrounded by climate change activists Thursday morning, according to Politico. Reminder: He hails from a state where 16 percent of the population is impoverished and the average household earns far less each year than what a Maserati is worth.


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Merry Christmas 2021

 Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2021 

Many of you will remember this alternative version of the "Night Before Christmas" from previous Christmas eves. This has become my tradition for Christmas and I hope you enjoy it. Wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May you find good health, peace and happiness in 2022.  And above all else, Escape; live "your" life.   

 Cross Dressing Night Before Christmas

Posted to alt.fashion.crossdressing by Shae Guerin 2002-12-23.

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all thru the house

I was making my plans to look more like my spouse

I carefully laid out my very best clothes

My bra and my panties, my slip and my hose

My stockings weren't hung by the chimney tonite

They were on me instead, feeling sensually tight

My dress was of velvet, a burgundy red

And on my long nails a new polish was spread

With makeup and jewelry, high heels on my feet

I was looking so sexy, and feeling so sweet

When out in the yard there arose such a noise

That I sprang from my bedroom, forgetting my poise

The moon on the snow with it's brilliant white glitter

Reminds me of lace, to set my heart a-twitter

When what to my long-lashed eyes should appear

But a person in red with a sleigh and reindeer

But I couldn't tell, was it a 'he' or a 'she'

The one with the pack was dressed somewhat like me

There in the sleigh was this 'cutsey' old flirt

With a white wig and makeup, a red blouse and skirt

The reindeer were sparkling, with rhinestones and pearls

And their antlers in ribbons, so they all looked like girls

When s/he stepped from the sleigh, to my eyes were revealed

Her knee-hi black boots with their seven-inch heels

Santa just blushed, but I stood there and smiled

And said, "Hello, my dear, can you stay for awhile?"

"Well you finally caught me", he said with a pout

"At this time on Christmas, folks are seldom about."

"I don't go enfemme very ofen at home,

Mrs Clause doesn't like it, so I do it alone.

"So when I give out goodies to make others smile

"I like to feel pretty and femme for awhile."

"So I ride off dressed up, from my hi-heels to wig,

"On Christmas eve night while I'm doing my gig."

I said, "Don't worry Santa, your secret is safe

Why don't you come in and just freshen your face."

We sat and we talked and vented our passion

For feminine frills and the latest new fashions

We finally parted with a hug and a kiss

She said, "I must go now, or some children I'll miss"

I went to my party and had a great time

With music and laughter and good food and wine

But when I returned and looked under my tree

I found some new pretties from sweet Santa to me

Lacy panties, a bra and a soft satin blouse

Perfumes and some candles to light up my house

But it wasn't the goodies that swept away my blues

It was knowing that Santa was a cross dresser too

So next time don't judge all the people you meet

By what they are wearing when out on the street

For in being ones self, there's no 'wrong or right' 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

A Holiday Success Story - TranSanta


Pose Star Indya Moore Is Helping Santa Deliver Gifts To Transgender Kids

To help ensure all children, teens, and young adults have a happy holiday in 2020, Pose actress Indya Moore launched an initiative called "TranSanta." The social media campaign, which the FX series star created with a friend, aims to connect volunteers with transgender youth under the age of 24 who are homeless, in foster care, or don't have the means to get to their loved ones, and receive Christmas gifts this year.

"For the holidays, we want to show trans young people that they are loved, supported, and have a family around the country and world of people who will care for them,” 25-year-old Moore said in a statement to People. “We are transing Santa — join us! Transness is so beautiful and we are celebrating our magic.”

Through "TransSanta," people can help fulfill Christmas wishlists or purchase items from pre-made Target registries. The gifts will then be delivered anonymously. The campaign's Instagram page is full of letters from transgender youth who've shared their letters to Santa or wishlists for the holidays. Like 5-year-old Wallee who is "looking forward to some Dr. Seuss books" or 17-year-old Gabe who would love a pair of "boba earrings" or a "cheese board."

Many letters simply asked for encouragement and support. As a survey conducted by the National Center for Transgender Equality has shown, 78% of transgender people said they've experienced harassment in their youth, specifically in grade K through 12. "It's been a hard time this year due to transphobia and not having a support system around me," one letter read. "I'd love to get some love this holiday season and enjoy myself while I'm at it."

Moore said in a video on Instagram, encouraging viewers to be a Santa to trans youth in need.

Your gift is a token of support and love and affirmation for our futures.

Those who would like be included in the campaign can email their name, age, their Target gift registry, and a picture of their hand-written letter to TranSanta to tranSanta2020@gmail.com. From there, the letter will be featured on the Instagram page.

Moore has been advocating for transgender rights for years, specifically the rights of Black and brown transgender youth and women, who are disproportionately victims of violence. According to the Human Rights Campaign, at least 41 transgender people have been fatally shot or killed in 2020, and the majority of these crimes have been against young Black and brown transgender people.

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Feminine Differential - The Poncho


To some degree I am envious of winter fashions.  Where I live this would be so out-of-place on all but a few days.  An outfit like this is very difficult to justify unless you are planning numerous trips up north.  Hint. Hint.   

Lookastic has a post on How To Wear a Poncho: 10 Ways To Pull Off The Poncho Look

Pulling off a poncho can be tricky. The poncho's wide shape needs to be balanced out by the right styling. Here are 10 styling tips on what to wear with your poncho to stay warm and stylish this fall/winter season.

My favorite suggestion is "Poncho With Ripped Jeans To create a casual, off-duty look, opt for distressed denim".  See that photo at Lookastic -  "Finishing off with a pair of tan thong sandals is an effortless way to inject a touch of stylish effortlessness into this outfit."  

I listed this as a feminine differential because the only male I have seen pulling this off successfully was Clint Eastwood in the movie "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly".  Love the opening song.  

The above fashion layout consist of Boston Proper's FAUX-SUEDE PULL ON LEGGING, Boston Proper's FAUX-FUR CUFF PONCHO and various shoes, booties, and accessories that I already have. 

I love the high boots
There is one trendy item that is starting to grow on me; lug sole booties. The Madden Girl Jansen Lace-Up Lug Sole Hiker Booties are shown in the layout. See my post Rhonda's Travels - Hiking in Heels from 2017. 

What do you think? Something you wear or would wear?

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Miss USA's First Transgender Contestant

Kataluna Enriquez, on being eliminated early: 'I think they were just not ready'

Kataluna Enriquez

Beth Greenfield·Senior Editor
Wed, December 1, 2021

When pageant contestant Kataluna Enriquez won Miss Nevada in July, catapulting her off to compete in the Miss USA contest as the first transgender woman to do so, she was thrilled to be a symbol of hope for not one but two underrepresented communities.

"I'm a trans woman of color, a minority within a minority," Enriquez, who is Filipino, told Yahoo Life at the time. "I"m everything that's not represented in our country, and [ready] to create conversations around what it means to be an American."

On Monday, though, her chance to do that was cut short when she failed to advance past closed-door interviews to join one of the Top 16 Miss USA finalists at the big event in Tulsa, Okla. It concluded with Miss Kentucky Elle Smith winning the crown, and going on to compete in Miss Universe, set to take place on Dec. 12 in Eilat, Israel.

But, said Enriquez, 28, who spoke to Yahoo Life by phone on Tuesday:

It was an honor just to be able to represent my community and be an example for young queer children who now know they don't need to be limited by society's standards.

As for not placing in the competition, "I was shocked. But I was more disappointed because I worked so hard for it," she said. "I think they were just not ready."

While others in the competition, said Enriquez, were asked to share their thoughts on a range of topics during the closed-door interview portion of the contest, "my interview was solely on my transitioning," she said. "It was disappointing to me because I had so much more to offer, I had so much I wanted to talk about… Others were asked about politics, climate change, so it was highly disappointing for me because I expected more."

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Seeking The Differential - Making Jeans Look Feminine

I have shown jeans on many occasions. They are my go to outfit for many days, even retail work. Be they skinny jeans, leggings, or boot cut, they just seem to fit my style. What's is a gal to do to keep the outfit from looking too androgynous or being, heaven forbid, the dreaded "boy look".  

Most jeans have a similar look and jeans originated in the men's department as utilitarian work cloths. Women adopted them soon out of comfort and for the same utilitarian reasons. I remember my mother having jeans she wore doing house work or gardening.  We are taking the 50's. 

The jeans above are "Women's 724 Straight-Leg Jeans" purchased from Macy's. 

What I  always look to find is the "feminine differential" that tips the scale. Shown above is the "Ribbed V-Neck Sweater" from Venus; a great look.  The sleeves of the sweater are long sleeve and I do push then up to be 3/4 length (a feminine differential). Also shown is the Coach "Beat Saddle Bag".

The shoes are last season's (sold out) Brooks Brothers Espadrille wedges and the flats are Tory Burch. The glasses are Ralph Lauren .    

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We Have Met The Enemy...


"So frustrated with those who make others lives so difficult."

One of my loyal readers sent the above comment and cartoon thought on my post "I Do Not Like This Success Story".   Very appropriate

 Thanks Tami.  

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I Love A Success Story - Maya Henry...

 Innovator Creator

Maya Henry

Maya Henry is a Toronto based actress and social media influencer. She graduated from Ryerson University with a BFA in Film Studies with a focus on film editing and screenwriting. In July of 2014 Maya created her youtube channel as a way to chronicle her transition and share her experience with the world. Three short years later, she has amassed over 19 million video views and built a youtube family of over 180 thousand subscribers. In September of 2017, Maya starred in a short film titled, “For Nonna Anna” which made it’s debut at the Toronto International Film Festival and won a Special Jury Prize at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

I have experience with acting, modelling, film editing, and working with companies on sponsorship opportunities. I am flexible when working to meet the needs of my clients and guarantee a professional, high quality collaboration.


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Sunday's Palm Beach Event - Cocktails for Compass

Yesterday's post was about getting out during this holiday season.  Here is the event I attended last Sunday evening.  

Cocktails for Compass is an annual signature fundraiser that brings together our community’s most distinguished residents for an evening of celebration and philanthropy. The night featured cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, music, dancing and an inspiring retrospective of the work of one of Compass’s most fervent supporter, the late fashion designer Alfred Fiandaca.

Compass is The Palm Beach's  LGBTQ center. It is rather unique and does a world of good for our community - Confidential health care/testing, numerous support groups, youth/teem groups, AA meetings, senior coffee meetings, proms, art exhibitions, monthly business alliance meetups, professional counseling, and much more. It also organizes the Palm Beach Pride weekend.  

I have been involved with Compass for about 28 years having started the Palm Beach's first transgender support group; "The Gender Society of Palm Beach". I facilitated it for about six years until it grew and needed a professional leader. I still visit occasionally and take much pride in how it has grown, especially in its support of young transgender teens.   

Sunday's event was held at a posh Palm Beach private club with well over 200 in attendance. It was so nicely done. The main event was models, many that are Compass volunteers, wearing vintage Alfred Fiandaca creations; beautiful gowns.  

According to WWD, "The designer, a third-generation member of his family to be involved in design, was known for his coolly classic, understated looks, which were cut to flatter rather than demand attention, and thus appealed to a variety of political wives, among them Nancy Reagan, Lady Bird Johnson, Muriel Humphrey, Kitty Dukakis and Joan Kennedy. He designed for Audrey Hepburn and Julie Andrews, too." 

Fiandaca, being a Palm Beach resident, was a major supporter of Compass. It was fitting that Compass honed him this evening. 

Vintage Alfred Fiandaca Gowns


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It's A Wonderful Time of the Year...

 Ti's the Season !

There are so many opportunities for escapes this time of the year. Having just come off the high of your Halloween "Escape", there are good reasons to continue. Here are a few: 

You are covered up:  As the cool and winter weather creeps in, circumstances  allow you to wear a coat thus covering your beautiful feminine finery, if shy. Maybe just a bra; as Stana says. "Feel like a woman, wear a bra". Feminine pants, boots can all be androgynous with longer pants many times falling below the (high) heel of your boot.     

Parties are a plenty:  Maybe a holiday party with your support group. You know the group you have not attended in years. Wear that holiday dress of even the gown that you have. "All dressed up and somewhere to go."  With just a little effort you will be the best dressed there.  

Keep in mind your holiday office party!  Why not?

Shopping: Many of my early escapes were in and around the December holidays.  If you are still shopping in just male mode under the guise, "for my wife", then now is you opportunity. I had someone (a guy) in my lingerie shop just yesterday that I knew was shopping for himself.  He wanted PJs and insisted they be silky. 

Also keep in mind as you venture out dressed in this season, everyone is busy and involved with their own shopping; far less observant. Think a "free pass".  .      

Girlfriends out together:  Restaurants are finally getting back to their new normal, and are happy to have patrons. Call your girlfriends and head out. The more expensive the place the happier they are to see you. Trust me, you will blend in with the crowd enjoying a "glass of wine" after the mall shopping. Or, have a quiet dinner before heading back for the evening. Tip nicely to be remembered, especially if greeted by "what can I get you Ma'am".  Don't be shy; it is your right, privilege and announcement to the world that you are proud.  Head held high.      .

Have your own party at home:  Invite your friends and on the invitation state "wear you best holiday dress/outfit". And, while cooking make sure you have a holiday inspired apron. You would not want to a spill on your lovely red dress. 

It only takes two to declare a party.  

 Ti's the season to Escape!



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Are Leggings Replacing Jeans? Part 1

 A longtime American wardrobe staple is in danger of extinction

From Business Insider - Ashley Lutz

Blue jeans are increasingly going out of style, and even industry heavyweights like Levi's and Gap are taking notice.

My Note:  Stop the presses! (Do they do that any more?)  

This article is from 2015 and I am not seeing that jeans are extinct yet.  In fact I have added to my collection in the past two years with several super skinny styles.  However, I am purchasing legging that somewhat resemble jeans and some are what would be considered yoga pants.   

My current employer (retail) allows leggings with the caveat that the top must fall below the seat of the legging; think tunic. I believe this to be a flattering look for the over 30 generation not exercising at the gym.  

However what I am seeing is more and more yoga pants and legging being worn; some flatter, some not so.   


The Business Insider article continues - And longtime industry leader Gap isn't all about jeans anymore.

The company is investing heavily in its Athleta activewear business, reports Sapna Maheshwari at Buzzfeed.

"My generation grew up wearing jeans — jeans are just a part of our life, and it still is, Athleta executive Nancy Green told Buzzfeed. "But this generation is growing up in yoga pants and activewear. So I think it’s just going to be bigger and bigger and bigger for the future."

As young consumers grow up, it's likely they'll continue to wear leggings and activewear instead of jeans.

Lululemon is one store,at my local mall, I have watch expand twice in the last few years. It deals almost exclusively in exercise wear and tights/leggings. There is a message there.   

What do you think?  When would you wear legging - if at all? 

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I Do Not Like This Success Story

The religious right is neither - However, a transgender person has provided a weapon that can use to flog us.  

News Week reported the facts this way:

Lia Thomas, a 22-year-old trans woman from Pennsylvania, is breaking numerous college records in swimming but is the subject of fierce debate because of her status as a transgender athlete.

At the Zippy Invitational in Akron, Ohio, over the weekend, she finished the 1,650-yard freestyle 38 seconds ahead of her teammate Anna Sofia Kalandaze.

On Friday, she won the 500-yard freestyle in 4:34.06, setting a new record, Akron pool record, Penn school record, and the Ivy League record.

The next day she won the 200 freestyle with a pool, meet and program record time of 1:41.93, seven seconds ahead of second place.


I am very much in tune with scholastic-competitive swimming. Two of my daughters attended college on swimming scholarships. Many years of effort, on their part, went into getting to that point. Starting at about age 8, there was year- round 6:00 am practices plus practices again from 5:00 to 6:30 pm, 5 days a week.  Saturdays were swim meets.  My oldest daughter has continued her passion as a recognized swim coach and Masters swim participant. The tradition also continued with my granddaughter becoming an All-American diver two years running.  

Swimming is about physicality, training and, motivation. I have seen many swimmers with a beautiful stroke plateau for no other reason than their physical limitations. They had reached their limit and while additional training, coaching, time in the pool, and hard work helped, physicality is what it is. 

Lia Thomas said that she came to the realization that she was trans in the summer of 2018, but it took almost a full year before starting the transition process. Thomas, who is now two and a half years into hormone replacement therapy is eligible to compete as a women. 

The fact remains, Lia Thomas, who transitioned around age 20, already went through puberty and developed physical advantages, pre-transition. She went through purity as a male and fully developed as a male 
(athlete). There are aspects of male development that hormone therapy will not undo; especially short-term. I am not sure that enough time on hormone therapy has elapsed and due to male development as a teen, she may have an unfair competitive advantage as a female in swimming. 

Competitive swimming is divided by gender due to physical advantages. I agree that Ms. Thomas has the right to swim as a female and future athletes should have the right to participate in their chosen gender - As long as sports governance rules are applied. However, this may be the worst-case scenario and will not end well for sports inclusion or our community.     

I have always contended that just because you can do something (either through legality or ability), it does not mean this is the best use of your effort. All of the jobs I have had as Rhonda, including the latest, I have always prefaced my disclosure with, "If I ever, as a person, reflect badly on your organization or cause the least problem, I will be the first to step back".

Stifling personal liberty is injudicious and this is the goal of the religious right (wrong),  However, putting the greater causes ahead of one's selfish motivation, may be advantageous. I hope that selfish motivation is not in play here.  

I am afraid we have weaponized our detractors. This is not the success story that I like to post.   

Please, your thoughts?



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What Does it Mean to Be Feminine?


You do not have to give up your strength to be feminine!

Thesaurus.com has said it will review its entry for "feminine" after a woman complained about its "comical" synonyms for the word.

Kaya Day was so disappointed with the limited selection that she wrote a letter of complaint.

What do you think?

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The Androgynous Look...

Manly Woman or Womanly Man

APRIL 30, 2015 by ROMINA

The term androgyny comes from Ancient Greek joining the words man-woman. Androgynes describe themselves variously as genderless, ambigender or multigender. 

The Androgynous Look combines masculine and feminine features that go well for both women and men, as illustrated by this outfit.

 I put on a Vintage blazer over a simple H&M tee, boyfriend jeans, and Minelli brogues. Though I wear my Tom Ford prescription glasses daily, I take them off in my shoots. Once in a while, I thought it would be nice to feature them.