Thursday, October 31, 2019

Motive and Opportunity - Halloween '19

1982 - My Best Tootsie Impersonation

Last century when Rhonda was just emerging, Halloween was the most important day of the year. The whole month of October would be used as an excuse to shop, request makeup consultations, and plan. I emerged in the time when the movie Tootsie was still fresh in everyone's mind, so I told people that my costume was "Dorothy" as in, Tootsie.

See my original post on "Be Something Else Day".

Worked for me; although I suspect no one was fooled.  I have written up my first outing and it was less than spectacular - Much trepidation, perspiration and finally a late arrival at a restaurant's costume party.  By the time I got up enough nerve to leave my car, the "costume walk" was long past. Sitting at the bar I felt the need to justify why I was dresses as I was; like an explanation was needed?  The bartender's comment, after my long dissertation, "I am sure that this will not be the last".  No truer statement was ever said.

Dustin Hoffman - Tootsie 

So on this Halloween 2019, I know that many of my blog readers are motivated. Here is your opportunity if you are a newbie!  Do not miss it. Be respectful. Be safe, (don't drink and drive). Be yourself.

However, most important,  do not wait another year to "Escape" - Opportunities are everywhere.


Alternative: Put a copy of "Tootsie" in the VCR and laugh like it is 1982.  What no VCR? Then use the Blue-Ray version. It is a true classic. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski Speaks

LGBTQ Activism Is the New Communism, Catholic Archbishop Says

From the Advocate
OCTOBER 07 2019 

Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski
The Roman Catholic archbishop of Kraków, Poland, has claimed LGBTQ activism threatens to oppress his nation as communism did.

“Currently we are living at a time in which the next great threat to our freedom has appeared,” Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski said in a pastoral letter dated September 28, “and it is of a totalitarian nature. … Its source is — just like the totalitarianisms of the 20th century — a radical rejection of God.” The letter is in Polish, but it was translated by right-wing U.S. site LifeSite News.

“As a consequence of this rejection, a new vision of man is being proclaimed in which he becomes a caricature of himself,” he continued. “As part of gender ideology, there are attempts to obliterate the natural differences between woman and man. Moreover, through the aggressive propaganda of LGBT ideology in the name of so-called ‘tolerance’ and ‘progress,’ that which is most sacred to us is mocked.”

“This clearly reminds us of the totalitarian times of the [communist] Polish People’s Republic, when social advancement was guaranteed only to members of the Communist Party, and [Christian] believers were treated like second-class citizens,” he added. He further said that LGBTQ-inclusive sex education programs, recommended by the World Health Organization, were harmful to children. 

Another right-wing site, Church Militant, also reported approvingly on Jędraszewski’s letter and noted that he had given a sermon earlier in September in which he called LGBTQ activism a “rainbow plague” that is afflicting the nation just as communism, the “red plague,” once did. “Not Marxist, Bolshevik, but born of the same spirit, neo-Marxist,” he said, according to the site’s translation. “Not red, but rainbow.”

Poland is heavily Catholic, and while the Catholic hierarchy in some European nations has made friendly overtures to LGBTQ people (although the church has not budged in its doctrine), Poland remains deeply conservative and homophobic. However, in the past few years, LGBTQ activists and supporters have held Pride parades in some Polish cities and made other efforts to push the nation toward a more accepting attitude.

A conservative American student in Kraków, Filip Mazurczak, told LifeSite News that Poland is in the midst of a “religious cold war.” But he predicted the nation will resist calls for LGBTQ equality, and he offered a bizarrely caricatured view of LGBTQ activists and allies.

“While Warsaw hipsters may love LGBT as much as they love veganism, bands nobody else has heard of, and not shaving, a large part of Polish society is conservative and Catholic and opposes this,” he said.


The Archbishop should stay with the apologies and penitence for the church abusing so many children for the centuries.  The church has harmed far more children than LGBTQ activism ever would. Plus the church's "gender ideology", relegates women to subservient leadership roles.  WWJD?  

For those within the LGBTQ community who are still Catholic, what do you think? Are you part of the "Red Plague"?

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

New/Old - Reebok Sneakers and Scrunched Socks

Reebok Women's Classics "FREESTYLE HI".  I had a pair of these twenty-plus years ago. They were amazingly comfortable with their terry cloth lining and support.  You had the 'just come from the gym 1990's Jazzercise look'.  Just enough to be unmistakably feminine. The low-top version was even called "Princess". Add in the Credos Women's Extra Heavy Slouch Socks and you have a super blast-from-the-past look going. 

 According to the Zoe report

Sporty sneakers made their return seasons ago, but this particular way of wearing them was huge in the eighties and early nineties, and something you haven’t seen enough of in 2019.

I think this is a super cute look, especially with either jeans or with the shorts as shown above. I was wearing my high-top Reebok sneakers at least 25 years ago and spotted another man in a Tampa mall wearing them. I would have started a conversation, however he was doing some serious shopping with his wife/girlfriend.   

Anyone else have/wear these "last century" still - cute shoes?   

Cute with Sketchers

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Political Cartoons 10-27

I am out of town and enjoying the fall folage of western North Carolina.  I have limited internat access and will post again on Wednesday.  Please understand. 

Friday, October 25, 2019

Second Sunday - Coral Dress

Occasionaly after posting a fashion layout, I will get a request to see how the outfit looks "in-the-wild". After all, I do shop for a purpose. 

The above layout features a Ralph Lauren Petite Ruched Dress in a color they describe as "Starfruit".  I say Coral. Sorry it is sold out. However Ralph Lauren has this knit stretchy dress available most any time, in varying necklines, sleeve lengths and colors. I love the fit and petite hits me just above the knee. That evening I wore nude Coach pumps.

Looking Good at 93

On this evening for our "Second Sunday LGBT Meetup" we had near seventy (70) in attendance; our best attended event. One of the members in the group turned 93 and we all shared and enjoyed his cake.

After, the Meetup about 15 stayed for dinner and Raindancer provided us with a private room and special menu.  

I encourage my South Florida friends or visitors to the area to attend and join in the fun. Raindance is one of the premier steak house restaurants in the area (main stream). However every month they make us feel welcome and special.  Like our name - it is every "Second Sunday".  Escape!


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Christine Jorgensen - "Crazy Little Men"

I bet you did not know she had a song in 1957. 

She is truly an icon. 

Here is an interview for the 80's.  
Even in her later years notice how articulate and charismatic she was.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Feminine Differential - How To Be More Feminine

Below is a post from an interesting blog I found.  It is written by a woman that enjoys her femininity and is sharing.  There are some wonderful tidbits for us and I certainly can relate.  Her blog is so ultra-feminine and a pleasure to read. It is like sinking into a bubble bath of femininity. Thank you Lex. 


A Guide On How To Be A Girly Girl & Not Care What Others Think

BY - Lex Pyfrom

Being feminine can be so incredibly glamorous but not all that crave this style know where to even start with achieving it. That’s why I have put together this special post and list, to teach those in need, exactly how to be a girly girl and more feminine while also saying screw you, as politely as possible of course, to others that have an issue with it.

I have to say if you don’t naturally find yourself drawn to feminine things and girly things don’t force yourself to like them for any reason.

Especially, don’t try and change your self just to try and please someone else. You’ll never be happy and that’s definitely not what I would want for you.

Think of this post more as a guide if you do adore the feminine style but you’re afraid for someone reason to actually embrace it. There’s no need to be afraid and yes stepping out of your comfort zone is frightening but that’s only temporary.


I seriously hate when people put down others for being girly or feminine. Like seriously why are you trying to crush others for what they love?

To some people being feminine & girly may be “childish” or they view it as we’re suppressing ourselves and our abilities.

To me ,that’s a load of BULL.

If you have to go around putting other people down for what they like, you clearly aren’t happy with the way you’re living you’re life so please keep your bitterness to yourself. I see feminine women as people that embrace what they love without fear of what others think.

These women can accomplish ANYTHING & they 100% do.

You can LOVE pink and be smart as hell.. Yes ,that’s actually true! You can love feminine things while respecting yourself and not letting anyone of the opposite sex tell you what you can or can’t do. You can love glitter and tulle skirts and find a way to make your passion for such things change your life.

For example, starting your own business based off this passion and sharing that passion with every other women out there that loves what you love just as much!

Like I mentioned before, I’m not for you becoming someone you’re not. But I am for you not hiding who you are or embracing it because your afraid of what people will think or say.

Really that doesn’t matter.

Actually, you know what? I do care what people think and what they have to say but only certain people..

The people that build others up. Those people I LOVE and I aspire to return the support they give me and others as well. Those people matter so don’t forget about them because they are unicorns! I couldn’t be more thankful for the souls put on this earth that look to raise others up.

The purpose of this post is to guide you, not be a rant. However, with my experience ,it’s frustrating to not want to tell people to buzz of when it comes to hating on women and girls that love such style. I share this with you for you to be reassured that you can love what you love and make anything possible.

Now for the best part!



This is at the top of the list because it truly is the most important place to start. When you are a girly girl it shows through your personality. For example, some girly-girls are very bubbly, happy and enjoyable to be around.

And of course not all girly girls are exactly the same but I’m going to give you advice based off of how I act and how it ties in with being a girly girl and feminine.

As a girly girl my self, I love pink passionately which seems to be synonymous with girly girls and glitter is also at the top of the list for my favorite things! I adore all things feminine and pretty which just comes naturally to you when you’re girly. I also carry my self like a lady, meaning that I keep my speech as pretty and polite as possible and try to spread as much kindness as possible. Oh ,and Audrey Hepburn is with out a doubt my IDOL!


To be girly you need to assemble your self with all that you’ll need to show off your pretty and feminine self! This means getting the essentials such as some flattering dresses, skirts, blouses, purses and shoes! And absolutely what ever else will make your heart jump for joy!


This part stems off of the previous. Do you ever buy clothes that you desperately want to wear, but tend to have a difficult time with actually following through wearing them?

Sometimes the reason for this is that you may buy something that you’re so incredibly excited about but you end up being too nervous to actually wear it. It may be too out of your comfort zone when it comes to the clothing that you normally wear everyday.

For ladies like this, if you love the piece you’re considering and it flatters your body type go for it! Having a feminine style is about having a wardrobe that consist of dresses, skirts and pieces that truly flatter your figure.

That does not mean you have to have “the perfect” body-type, what ever that is.. It means you select clothes for yourself ( or have someone help you) that will make you look your best. This is totally possible, so don’t think it’s not.

It’s another reason why I love dresses so much, because I’ve seen so many different kind of dresses that flatter women with different body-types.

Dresses, to me, say hey you are beautiful just the way you are & now let’s make you shine!


Taking the previous advice even further, you have to continue following through by making the effort into your appearance. You’ll want to do this with your attitude each and every day as well.

Girly girls & feminine women are known for taking great care of themselves.

They take the extra time to take care their hair, make-up, complexion and health. Having these kinds of habits is a way to promote you feeling your absolute best!!

You also don’t have to wear make-up to be a girly-girl. That depends on your personal preference. I choose to do so because I have little children that tend to exhaust me a bit lol. Makeup is like my sidekick to looking more awake and less like a zombie!

As a women that’s more feminine you have these habits a part of your daily routine. You then put on a lovely outfit that makes you feel and go take on the world!


Now, this means to carry it into your home, work-space, bedroom or wherever that you spend a lot of time.

I am always sharing on my Instagram the feminine ways that I style these places. If you ever need a little bit of extra inspiration you must follow me there!

Here are some of my favorite girly ways to decorate : with my favorite fashion prints, fashion books, florals, teacups and teapots.  I even love to use my purses and sparkly shoes as decoration as well!

The possibilities are truly endless! But if you want to step up your girly game this list is without a doubt, a great place start. I wish you all of the luck & if you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hair Cut/Style '19

Mercedes my hair dresser
 A few weeks before the latest "short" cut.  
I have received several questions about the new haircut in the banner photo.  Here goes:  

The photo to the right is my previous haircut and blow-dried look done by hair dresser Mercedes Cruz. She is an amazing artist and has been working magic with my hair for about two years. She was one of the stylists in my salon where I had my hair cut about every four weeks. In between, if I had an important meeting/interview, I would go in for a shampoos and blow-dry. Michael was my regular stylist and Mercedes my backup. Michael has since moved and that made it easy for me to start using Mercedes.

I stopped with the wigs about 11 years ago at the time I started working in a large museum in a department of eight women. The wigs on a daily basis just looked "wiggy" and unnatural even though expensive. It was hot and uncomfortable all day.  Also the employee parking area was not close to the office entrance and the Florida heat and weather made the wig problematic.    

Last Year
My hair has always been thick and, thanks to good genes, never thinned or receded. Starting out my big issue was just how feminine could I go and still have a dual (male/female) look. So I started gradually getting a more feminine cut, adding volume with hair products and blow-drying it differently depending on my needs. This is where Michael came in.  I would take in photos and ask "Is this possible?"  

I learned that few noticed and if they did they did not care. So little by little I started letting it get longer and more feminine. A lot of trial and error occurred. Finally about a year ago I had it to near shoulder-length. I love it when Michael/Mercedes styles my hair. I could keep it looking that way for a few days by doing careful sleeping and showers. Not having grown up taking care of long hair (anything but), I never learned the in/outs of setting, blow-drying that the teens practiced and learned early. As my hair got longer I was lost. 

A few weeks back I spent an entire morning washing, rolling/setting and drying my hair. It looked awful when I was done. I had finally grown my hair to style/length beyond what I could maintain.  

One week after the cut - More on this event later.
I found a beautiful picture of a short cut and Mercedes worked to duplicate that look. 

I know today it's a bit short, although I am getting compliments and getting used to it being so short. I will now let it grow from this point and see what I like best along the way. I do know that long stringy white (grey) hair can age you so I do think the short cut is more youthful. I will likely end up with my hair in a soft bob - full on the sides, stacked in the back and with a somewhat asymmetrical part sweeping to the side (maybe over one eye).

I love playing with my hair. I use hot rollers while I am putting on my makeup and just adore the whole process of getting myself ready for an escape. It never gets old.   

What do you think of the new cut?  Too short? Not feminine enough?  

Hair Role Models 

Helen Simpson and Susan Street (My Hero) 



Monday, October 21, 2019

TSA Trauma

This illustration best describes "The trauma of TSA for transgender travelers". It is from a CNN article of the same name from October 17th by Allison Hope. It is difficult to read.  It details several horror stories perpetrated by unprofessional  or mean-spirited TSA workers. As the article states; "... there may be a fine line between what the agency might classify as procedure and what a passenger would call a humiliating experience."

There is a smattering of unprofessional or mean-spirited workers in all service related jobs. Disrespect can occur at a Starbucks, a department store or during a routine police stop. The opportunity is there and depending on the motive/training of the person in charge, anything can happen from disrespect to outright danger. You cannot control other people. However, your reaction is totally under you control.   

Before I give the link to the article, let me state that my experiences have always been positive, non-intimidating and professional. You mileage may vary.  I do not self-limit my presentation when I travel. My Passport and ID both state "M" and the photos could certainly present me with a more feminine presentation,  not unlike the illustration above. I always handle the TSA ID phase by brandishing my very best smile and stating "that photo was a while ago" or a simple "yes, the photo is me." (Sorry about the grammar faux pas.) The issue date on my Florida Driver's license and Passport both reflect that is true.  (Note to self - get new photos).

TSA's mission is to protect the nation's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.  I believe that they do not want to  intentionally to publicly embarrass anyone. There are cameras everywhere. The TSA's  goal is to expedite a mandatory screening process.  It is our responsibility to make that as easy as possible. Keep in mind that when someone is performing a function and making a split-second decision about someone's gender, mistakes can happen, (sis or trans).

In real-estate there are three critical elements. I am sure you know then. Similarly, in situation where screening must occur, this call for our three best defensive options. Good Attitude! Good Attitude! Good Attitude!   

TSA screens over 2 million passengers every day. If difficulty or a challenge occurs (they happen) seek the path of least resistance to accomplish your goal of boarding/traveling for your trip.  If you feel wronged file a written complaint after.  

I have air traveled by air both domestic/international and cruise internationally with no difficulty. I believe that if I looked nervous or uncomfortable that would trigger enhanced scrutiny. Agents are trained to look for that. 

Travel is as routine as shopping/dinner out, so take a deep breath and present as you have the right/privilege. Be who you are.  Escape and do not be intimidated. 

Feel free to comment and ask questions.  I will do my best to answer about my experiences. 


Saturday, October 19, 2019

Be Yourself - What You Think Is Important

Posted by Michele in Personal Development & Etiquette, Spirituality & Purpose  Views 365

Seeking the approval of others is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s natural to want to be liked. However, we should remember that our greatest strengths lie within us and regardless of what anyone thinks, we must first approve of ourselves. What you think of you is more important and more powerful than what anyone else thinks of you.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Catch of The Day - Friday 10/18

Stay sleek and streamlined in Charter Club's tummy-control skinny pants, made for fitting and flattering your silhouette.

Mid rise; skinny fit through hips and thighs; skinny leg
Hits at ankle; approx. inseam: 28”
Pull-on style
Macy's Skinny Leg Pants
Tummy control design
Due to generous sizing, we suggest sizing down for the perfect fit
Created for Macy's
Body: rayon/nylon/spandex; panel: nylon/spandex
Machine washable


My Notes: You are seeing this slim style pants/jeans everywhere this fall. I like the black and it is flattering even if you do not have perfectly shaped legs. They are a reasonable leg cut and very slim style on the hips (perfect for us) and do stretch. Keep in mind the length is 28", so if you are tall more ankle will show.  In my case, they fall right at the top of the boot shown. I like the pull-on style and they are somewhat high rise. Material has substance and come in seven (7) colors.   

The list price is $59.50. However I took advantage of last weekend's sale with 30% off.  Watch for the sale. Macy's always has markdown on their house brand "Charter Club".  Update; this week 10/1 $29.99.

The two tops are Venus from last season. The pumps are Cole Haan and the high heel boots are Coach.  The saddle bag purse is Ralph Lauren.   

Thursday, October 17, 2019

High Heels - Mood Elevation

A few days ago I had a business meeting that requires the ubiquitous female business casual look.  I wore ankle-length beige pants, a tan knit top and matching heels. I had to work on my meeting notes after getting home so, I slipped off the shoes and put the outfit on the bed in the spare bedroom.  After working on the blog the next morning, I went to hang up the previous evening’s outfit.  My hands were full so I just put on the heels as I walked to my closet.  Immediately I felt a lift in my mood. 

I have always been aware that getting dressed and “getting out” provided a lift (pun intended). However, I never noticed that just a quick walk in my heels also provided an endorphin hit. It is said that laughter is is another good source of endorphins, which is why watching a good sitcom will generate enough good hormones to keep you contented all evening. 

"You can reduce stress, promote self-healing and make positive life changes by invoking your endorphins," says Rikys, who has practiced meditation for more than 30 years. (The Telegraph

Endorphins are the happy hormones that makes us feel good. So there definitely is, (always has been), a correlation on my being able to exercise my feminine personality and being happy. When not able to get out for extended periods in the past, I have felt depressed. Not at all my normal mood.  

I'd love to be able to conjure up my golden endorphins at will, but in the meantime I've found the next best thing. So, maybe just what the good doctor prescribed. An escape!

Here is more on this subject from the GoodTherapy site:

 According to a recent news release, one study has shown that women who are depressed or sad are more likely to wear baggy tops, jeans, and a sweatshirt or jumper. Women who are happy or positive are more likely to wear a favorite dress, jewelry, and jeans. These clothing choices seem to mean that women who are feeling down put less effort into what they’re wearing, and women who are in a good mood tend to try and look nicer to match their mood.
There were 100 women interviewed for the study, and their ages ranged from 21 to 64 years, according to the news release. The researchers also found that 73% of women in the study “shopped for clothes at least every few months.” The majority of women, or 96%, “believed that what they wear affects how confident they feel,” according to the news release.

Works for me!  How about you?  

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

I Love Success Stories - Emma Ellingsen

Emma Ellingsen, Norway’s Rising Kendall Jenner, Wants You to Know That She’s Transgender

W Magazine
by Stephanie Eckardt
September 17, 2018

Most of the Scandinavian It girls who’ve been making such a splash these days achieved their status by showing off their street style between fashion shows in cities like Stockholm and Copenhagen. Emma Ellingsen is the latest to join their influential ranks, despite the fact that she lives an hour outside of Oslo and has never been to Fashion Week. She does, however, have 250,000 followers on Instagram and 250,000 subscribers on YouTube. With a quick scroll through her selfie-filled feed, it’s easy enough to understand how Ellingsen, who just turned 17, has already made it. And it’s also easy enough to fall in love with her feed without knowing that she’s transgender.

Ellingsen was already making a name for herself before she took a departure from her usual YouTube videos by uploading her first in English, titled simply “I’M TRANSGENDER,” last July. After that, her follower count and popularity exploded, and hasn’t stopped growing since.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Doing A Little Lawn Work

You have to admire her style.
It will be while, if ever, before we have a more beautiful First Lady. Love the shoes.     

Monday, October 14, 2019

Feminine Differential - Business Wear Dresses, Not Suits

Why a growing faction of women prefer strong, tailored ‘power dresses’ for the office, rather than the expected blazers.

From The Wall Street Journal 9/1/2019
By:  By Katharine K. Zarrella

POWER DRESSING at the workplace has mercifully evolved since 1988’s “Working Girl,” in which Sigourney Weaver weathered Wall Street in heinous, shoulder-padded blazers. Back then, female office-wear mimicked masculine codes in an effort to level the professional playing field, but today women enjoy more flexibility. And lately, female trailblazers—both real and fictional—have been forgoing suits in favor of form-fitting, no-nonsense dresses. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg wears them to Davos; Laura Dern stalks around in them in HBO’s hit “Big Little Lies” as tech exec Renata Klein; and politicians on both sides of the aisle, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, have adopted them as their Capitol Hill uniform.

The power dress—as seen on this fall’s runways from brands as varied as Acne Studios, Brandon Maxwell and Prada—shares little DNA with the Little House on the Prairie-ish, fanciful frocks you’ve been spotting by the beach all summer. Rather, it’s a streamlined shift that projects self-assuredness. “The typical power dress is something that has coverage and is relatively fitted…something that is really smart-looking [in which] you come across as professional,” said Elizabeth von der Goltz, the London-based global buying director for e-tailer Net-a-Porter.

Working Girl (1988)

For those in the know, the term immediately conjures Roland Mouret’s Galaxy dress, a prototypical power piece whose popularity has held strong since its fall 2005 debut. With a figure-hugging silhouette and pronounced cap sleeve, the Galaxy is lined with sculpted “power-mesh” fabric which, Mr. Mouret says, “supports you from the inside and makes you feel really at ease.” The Galaxy is crafted from wool felt—a traditionally masculine material—to add weight to its hourglass shape.

“A power dress has a sense of poise to it. It can go from day to night, makes you feel confident, and allows you to take ownership of your femininity,” said Zac Posen. “It needs to have a fabric that holds your body and makes it feel secure,” continued the New York-based designer, who contends that his boardroom-ready sheaths are “leading the numbers” for both his eponymous line and the Brooks Brothers collection he designs. It’s that buttressing sense of security, perhaps, that makes women feel strong in these garments—there’s something to be said for wearing a dress that envelops you sleekly and completely. Unlike a suit or other multi-piece outfit, there’s no pulling or adjusting.

... (read the whole article) 

The "power dress" is gaining ground, although some feel its moniker should be left behind with perms and blue eye shadow. “I really understand now it’s not power dressing; it’s equal dressing,” said Mr. Mouret. “It’s women showing that they can be equal to men but they don’t need to wear suits.” The public relations executive Ms. Patrick is particularly averse to the phrase. “I think it’s similar to my least favorite term, which is ‘girl boss.’ There’s this implication that the dress is lacking power, so you need to add the word ‘power’ to it. It’s just a dress, right? What’s powerful is the woman in it.”

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Political Cartoons 10-13

This week's bonus...

There are times we receive "The Look".  Let us make sure we never give it.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Friend's Friday - The LGBTQ Town Hall

The LGBTQ Town Hall 

Thursday evening's Democratic Town Hall Q&A was like I had stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone -  "For your viewing pleasure this evening reality will be suspended; there will be issues that were once only whispered about and not discussed. A marginalized population will be in the forefront and presidential candidates will offer their solutions". This morning, as I look back, I cannot help but ask, "Was I dreaming?"  

The setting - CNN and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) teamed up to host the event. HRC has a spotted history of supporting the "T" part of the LGBTQ community. It seems that since one very unfortunate event, they have made efforts to be inclusive. Last evening the forum, the invited audience, the audience's questions and the moderators all made an effort to be inclusive.  

I heard the word transgender used not once, but many times.  There were several very raucous exchanges involving outspoken members of our transgender community and the moderators were respectful.

Here's the key points from each candidate's town hall: (From The CNN Political Site):

  • Cory Booker: The New Jersey senator called violence against the LGBTQ community a “national emergency” and noted that he has proposed an “Office on Hate Crimes and White Supremacy." Booker said: "We live in a country where we still see regular, everyday violence and intimidation and bullying against Americans, because of who they are."
  • Joe Biden: The former vice president spoke out about the need to root out discrimination, homophobia and the impact that a country’s approach to gay people should have on American foreign policy. Biden said in 2012 that he was “absolutely comfortable” with same-sex marriage, a comment that put him – at the time – ahead of then-President Barack Obama.
  • Pete Buttigieg: The South Bend, Indiana, mayor said he would overhaul rules prohibiting gay men who have had sex within the last year from donating blood — recalling a poignant moment when his office led an annual blood drive. "So when I’m president, I will direct the FDA to revise the rules based on evidence, based on individual risk factors, and without regard to the prejudice that has driven the current policy.” O’Rourke: "Back Gay Marriage Or Get Taxed, Bigots." Buttigieg:" Religion used to discriminate LGBTQ people 'makes God smaller.'"
  • Elizabeth Warren: The Massachusetts senator said she was wrong, in 2012, to say “I don’t think it’s a good use of taxpayer dollars” to pay for a transgender inmate’s gender confirmation surgery. "It was a bad answer,” she said. “And I believe that everyone is entitled to medical care and medical care they need. And that includes people who are transgender who, it is the time for them to have gender affirming surgery. I just think that’s important."

  • Kamala Harris: The California senator said that she, as president, would make ending HIV/AIDS within a generation a priority, telling an audience that she learned about the impact of the impact of the virus from her first campaign manager. She also vowed to tackle homelessness among LGBTQ youth. Klobuchar: "Conversion therapy should be illegal."
  • Beto O'Rourke: The former Texas congressman said that conversion therapy, a widely discredited practice that seeks to change the sexual orientation of gays, lesbians and bisexuals, “should be illegal” because it is “tantamount to torture.” He said: "As president, we will seek to outlaw it everywhere in this country."
  • Amy Klobuchar: The Minnesota senator said that so-called conversion therapy should be illegal because it “makes no sense at all.” Klobuchar also said she would recognize a third gender marker option on a federal level.
  • Julián Castro: The former Housing and Urban Development secretary said, as president, he would make foreign aid contingent on how the rights that other nations afford to the LGBTQ community. He also called on his successor, Ben Carson, to resign over disparaging remarks the Trump appointee made about transgender people.
  • Tom Steyer: The businessman said he would put measures in place to increase oversight over health care access to LGBTQ asylum seekers if elected president. "I think it's absolutely critical for the United States of America to treat people in a humane and decent fashion," he said.

There is a lot to unpack and full clips of many of the questions and responses are all over the internet.  Take the time; do read and watch. 


My takeaway: What a sharp contrast with the current Trump/Pence administration! Whenever Trump says L-G-B-T-Q he seems to be quickly searching for the Listerine.  We know he lied about his support for our community.  Pence is dangerous and would take away our rights - let's hope he never has the opportunity.  Let us do our part to make sure the Trump/Pence administration is voted out in 2020.  

We the "T" community was well represented in both questions and answers.  It is time - We all need to get to the LGBTQ bus and worked as a cohesive body.  Now that we have candidates who are 'on the record' to support our community, we need to do our part. Vote, volunteer and encourage others to understand the importance of these issues. Individuals are dying. Health care is being denied or is priced so high those in need cannot afford it. Basic human rights are being denied. The closet is no longer an option.   

Thank you CNN for hosting this Town Hall.