Monday, October 7, 2019

Feminine Differential - The Ultimate Girl Jeans

I can only dream about having a figure to fill the jeans like the model above. Wow, these jeans do hit a lot of great "Feminine Differential" check-boxes and I especially like the back-zip. I remember my mother having dress pants “Slacks” with a back zipper and it has been years since I have seen that.

Here is an interesting comment from the blog Vintage Dancer, discussing 50's style pants.  History repeating?  

There are two styles of pants that the 1950s are most known for: capri and cigarette pants. Capri pants get most of the attention, but it was the cigarette pants that were worn more often. Cigarette pants had high waists, side or back zippers, flat fronts, wide waistbands (3 inches), no belt loops, and full hips and were slim fitting through the legs. They ended at just above the anklebone. Wide leg 1940s pants were still worn into the early 50s as well with a more tailored fit, higher crotch and flat front (no pleats.)

50's Tom-boy look
As I have written before, Denim Jeans are the forever fashion hot style and have been around since I was in high school. I believe back then the feminine choice was raiding their boyfriend's closet and it was called, the "Tom-Boy" look.

We have come a long way baby with our jeans, many of which will never be mistaken as unfeminine. Case-in-point: I present the Venus - Button-Detail Skinny Jeans shown above. 

I do not have the bird-like legs of the model or the beautiful model's lovely derrière, however, to my surprise, they kind of work for me. I.e, the waist does fit and the high rise does provide shape.  Trendy - Oh yes.

Last week they were half-price ($18.99) so I decided to give them a try. Venus does have reasonable a return policy and their items are reasonably priced; especially when you catch a sale. .   

When I get a chance for a photo I will give you the opportunity to express your opinion. 

I will pair these jeans with a bulky sweater or basic style tee. I like the look where you partially tucked in the top. The buttons and flat front make these jeans perfect for this look. Susan Street at Susan After 60 described it this way: 

"It’s called a French Tuck or a half-tuck. It’s a casual way to wear your shirt partially tucked in so that you show part of your waistline."  Read her full write up for more hints on this fashion hack.  

OK, - I know just a little out of my comfort zone for age-appropriate and modesty, but "One is never too old for a happy childhood or Teen Years”.  

That is my story and I am sticking to it.  


  1. I like these jeans. I just put them on my Venus wish list, and I'll keep a lookout for a better sale. How stretchy are they? I'm not sure what size to get. I like a snug fit, but I don't want to throw my back out attempting to zip up the back. :-)

    1. HI Connie,
      They are super stretchy and happy I did not up-size. The front is really flat and requires some engineering to look presentable. A long t-shirt or tunic helps.
      Back zip is easy and stays up once it is zipped. The legs ares supper narrow/stretchy and I like turned up one look on me. A fun piece.

    2. Thanks, Rhonda. I don't know what kind of engineering would be necessary in my case, but probably more on myself than the pants. ;-) Anyway, I hope to be able to still have the details of the buttons and back-zip visible with whatever top I would wear with them, but not if I have to show some of the bad details of my waist in order to do that. At any rate, I'm glad that the style is going toward higher-waist jeans, as the low-rise has always been difficult to make look good on me.

  2. Vive la difference!

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