Tuesday, October 29, 2019

New/Old - Reebok Sneakers and Scrunched Socks

Reebok Women's Classics "FREESTYLE HI".  I had a pair of these twenty-plus years ago. They were amazingly comfortable with their terry cloth lining and support.  You had the 'just come from the gym 1990's Jazzercise look'.  Just enough to be unmistakably feminine. The low-top version was even called "Princess". Add in the Credos Women's Extra Heavy Slouch Socks and you have a super blast-from-the-past look going. 

 According to the Zoe report

Sporty sneakers made their return seasons ago, but this particular way of wearing them was huge in the eighties and early nineties, and something you haven’t seen enough of in 2019.

I think this is a super cute look, especially with either jeans or with the shorts as shown above. I was wearing my high-top Reebok sneakers at least 25 years ago and spotted another man in a Tampa mall wearing them. I would have started a conversation, however he was doing some serious shopping with his wife/girlfriend.   

Anyone else have/wear these "last century" still - cute shoes?   

Cute with Sketchers


  1. Agreed! Something very timeless and sexy about the combo; especially when the duo accents a pretty, shapely, tanned leg! Maybe perhaps a 'high heeled' version of white sneaks for added 'oomph'.

  2. Great post. I was at DSW Shoes a last week and saw a pair of Reebok Freestyle high tops. It was a total flashback. I picked them up to examine them. This pair felt stiffer than the pair I'd bought 25 years ago. When I got home I dug my pair out of the basement and put them on. Oh they were so comfy and unmistakably feminine. I'm so glad as a male I bought a pair of these for myself. It's time to start wearing them again.

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