Thursday, October 17, 2019

High Heels - Mood Elevation

A few days ago I had a business meeting that requires the ubiquitous female business casual look.  I wore ankle-length beige pants, a tan knit top and matching heels. I had to work on my meeting notes after getting home so, I slipped off the shoes and put the outfit on the bed in the spare bedroom.  After working on the blog the next morning, I went to hang up the previous evening’s outfit.  My hands were full so I just put on the heels as I walked to my closet.  Immediately I felt a lift in my mood. 

I have always been aware that getting dressed and “getting out” provided a lift (pun intended). However, I never noticed that just a quick walk in my heels also provided an endorphin hit. It is said that laughter is is another good source of endorphins, which is why watching a good sitcom will generate enough good hormones to keep you contented all evening. 

"You can reduce stress, promote self-healing and make positive life changes by invoking your endorphins," says Rikys, who has practiced meditation for more than 30 years. (The Telegraph

Endorphins are the happy hormones that makes us feel good. So there definitely is, (always has been), a correlation on my being able to exercise my feminine personality and being happy. When not able to get out for extended periods in the past, I have felt depressed. Not at all my normal mood.  

I'd love to be able to conjure up my golden endorphins at will, but in the meantime I've found the next best thing. So, maybe just what the good doctor prescribed. An escape!

Here is more on this subject from the GoodTherapy site:

 According to a recent news release, one study has shown that women who are depressed or sad are more likely to wear baggy tops, jeans, and a sweatshirt or jumper. Women who are happy or positive are more likely to wear a favorite dress, jewelry, and jeans. These clothing choices seem to mean that women who are feeling down put less effort into what they’re wearing, and women who are in a good mood tend to try and look nicer to match their mood.
There were 100 women interviewed for the study, and their ages ranged from 21 to 64 years, according to the news release. The researchers also found that 73% of women in the study “shopped for clothes at least every few months.” The majority of women, or 96%, “believed that what they wear affects how confident they feel,” according to the news release.

Works for me!  How about you?  


  1. In as much as my puns are always intentional, as well, Rhonda, I would have to say that putting on those heels on the way to the closet must have really pumped you up! :-)

    I always think it amusing, when looking into the bathroom mirror for that final check and touch-up before heading out, the difference in my appearance after having slipped into my heels. I mean, I can only see myself from the waist up, but I like what I can see better than I had when I was only barefoot a minute earlier.

    BTW, that last check in the mirror is also when I put on my earrings. I feel naked without them, and have even made an emergency stop to buy a pair when I discovered that I'd forgotten to put them on.

    1. Agreed Connie! The wonderful feminine practice of self nurturance!
      Non-femulating men have no idea of the joy, sensuousness and reassurance of the self while practicing the rituals of prepping feminine image and attire...
      I have always been fascinated and captivated by watching my various lady friends who gave 'that sideways glance into the mirror' while affixing their earrings....
      And YES, I do revel and smile (to myself) at my OWN 'sideways glance' while doing same.....

  2. Wearing heels helps us rise to any occasion. It is an empowering and affirming act that often does the trick. Wearing heels also changes the curvature of your spine and makes your entire body look and feel better.