Thursday, October 3, 2019

Feminine Differential - The KISS Method

There are times when putting together an outfit can be so simple. For an elegant cocktail reception things can get complicated, but there is no need to overthink casual. Three things to take into account; First - comfort (your level of comfort and the fit).  Second - does the outfit flatter my shape (not too tight or baggy). Third - budget. 

The two skirts above I had seen online at the Talbots site. The Gingham I had only given passing interest, although the Embody Denim skirt peeked my interest at first view. I love denim skirts. I had read the reviews on the denim skirt and length was an issue in several. Most said it was to short in petite which I usually get. Regular length on me is typically to long and not flattering. Oh darn, I will need to stop in the real store and try it.  

First I grabbed the Gingham skirt, just for fun and then after some looking, the Denim Skirt. They had neither in petite. To have something to compare/contrast, I also grabbed the above two tops. Both tops had a wonderful fit and a modest/casual neckline that works for me.   

The Gingham Skit was beautiful and looked much better on than it appeared on my computer screen. What a concept. The regular length was perfect and I had my sales associate go and get one size smaller. The fit, perfect although I take exception the Talbots calling it A-line. On to the denim skirt; absolutely the petite (length 18 1/2") would have been too short for a person of my age. After trying it on I went one size down on this item too. Both skirts are a heavier cotton material with some stretch, so the fit was perfect. Something I would have never known by ordering on-line.     

Finding cute and flattering girl clothes does not need to be complex. Seeing how something will look on your body is so different from on-line shopping. And, much more fun.  I have always found merchants willing to help and accommodating; even back when I was fashion clueless and "passing" was at best, marginal. Escape to shopping places were you find verity, and a range of sizes.  Look for comfort, a flattering shape, and stay within your budget.  Keep it Simple...


Talbots  TIE-NECK TEE - SOLID - Magenta

Budget note: All of the items above were on sale plus I had a $25.00 coupon. The Magenta top I did not purchase. I already have a Lilly t-shirt that is similar.   



  1. Of course, KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simple Sweetheart! ;-)

    Here in Seattle (at least downtown) we are losing our last department store in February. Macy's, which was a buy-out of the popular local Bon Marche, can make more money selling the building to make way for the ever-growing high tech industry. Nordstrom moved their flagship store out a few years ago (but did leave The Rack). We'd lost another local favorite, Fredrick and Nelson, many years earlier, when people were moving their shopping experiences to the malls further out of town. Now, even the malls are dying.

    The smaller stores, like Talbot and Chico, are hanging on, but they need the traffic that is created by the larger stores. Soon, I'm afraid, I will have to make a major trek just to be able to shop at a brick and mortar store. While the closures of these stores may be due to the popularity of internet shopping, they are also causing me to have no choice but to use the internet.

    Just a few years ago, I did almost all my shopping on the internet (catalogs, before that) because of my fear of exposure. Now that I have no fear, there are few places left in which I can expose myself...uh, BE myself. :-)

  2. Your always 'get' your colors spot on.
    Too many persons dont 'get it' when it comes to the PROPER portion of the color wheel to get clothes that compliment ones own personal skin and hair color.
    I recommend the book 'Color Me Beautiful' for examples of color groupings for women.
    The corollary book for men and mens' fashion color is 'Color For Men'.
    Some persons have a natural knack for color match, others have to learn the technique.