Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Feminine Differential - Use Accessories

Gray T-Shirt and Jeans 

Several discussions ago on The Feminine Differential I brought up accessories.  I am not talking about white-wall-tires (remember those), heater, and hub caps. I am taking about taking any outfit, however boring, and giving it pizzas.  Accessorizing is a creative process that will help you look put together.  

Lets face it, the outfit above can be guy or girl.  Basic t-shirt or sweat shirt, and jeans.  This is my every day comfort look for going to Home Depot or mission shopping at the mall.  But take a look how just a few accessories can change the outfit and look.  

The Accessories That Will Update a Gray T-Shirt and Jeans for a Lunch with Friends.

The Accessories That Will Update a Gray T-shirt and Jeans for Casual Meeting.

So here is what accessorizing can do.

  • Bring attention to your best points and minimize your worst.
  • Bring an older outfit up-to-date and make it last another season with this season's accessories.
  • Look and feel younger -- regularly updating your accessories is a great way to stay contemporary without having to spend a fortune.
  •  Get the "look" you want -- such as chic, elegant, sophisticated, wealthy, business, casual, fun, artistic and so on.
  •  Change the look of an outfit -- from casual to formal and vice versa, by changing the accessories you wear. For example, change your shoes, handbag and jewellery (and maybe your top too) to go from work to an evening event.

So give it a try - Add one accessory to you look, get comfortable with that add another.  Find what works for you.  People don't care. 
Plan your escape!

Harper's Bazaar:  Stuck in a jeans and t-shirt rut? Get inspired by our gallery of the best denim looks worn by the most stylish stars and models.

Video - How to Accessorize

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

That's What I Am - Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst - That's what I am 2013

"That's What I Am"

That’s what I am, that’s what I’ll always be
I don’t wanna be silent ’cause this is my destiny

You can’t take your eyes oh-oh-oh-oh-off me
‘Cause I’m different and my mind is free
You would want to lo-oh-oh-oh-ove me
But will that ever be?

Words are hollow when said while you follow
Someone else's rules that are for shallow fools

That’s what I am, that’s what I’ll always be
I don’t wanna be silent ’cause this is my destiny
That’s what I was, that’s what feels good to me
And nothing will change me, that’s what I’m meant to be

Come a little closer, I won’t bite you
Come a little closer, it’s just me
Will you find ano-oh-oh-other point of view?
Can that ever be?

Words are hollow when said while you follow
Someone else's rules that are for shallow fools

That’s what I am, that’s what I’ll always be
I don’t wanna be silent ’cause this is my destiny
That’s what I was, that’s what feels good to me
And nothing will change me, that’s what I’m meant to be

That’s what I am, that’s what I’ll always be
I don’t wanna be silent ’cause this is my destiny
That’s what I was, that’s what feels good to me
And nothing will change me, that’s what I’m meant to be.



At the second semi-final on 8 May, Neuwirth, as Wurst, qualified for the final on 10 May. At the finals held in Copenhagen on 10 May 2014, she won the competition with 290 points. This was Austria's first Eurovision win since Eurovision 1966.

Wurst's entry gained high scores from Western European countries as well as some in the East, such as Georgia and Ukraine. However, the levels of support for Wurst varied across Europe: on average she received 4.4 points out of 12 from the post-Soviet states (excluding the Baltic states), 6 points from the other ex-socialist states, and 10.5 points from Western Europe, Scandinavia, Greece, and Israel. Commenting on this, political analyst Alan Renwick of the British University of Reading asserted that "Even in those countries where the ruling elites are often highly intolerant, the wider population might be readier to accept that different people might be different."

Upon being awarded the trophy, Wurst held it aloft and proclaimed "We are unity and we are unstoppable".She later confirmed to reporters that this was a message meant for politicians who opposed LGBT rights, including President of Russia Vladimir Putin, whose administration had implemented a law restricting LGBT rights in June 2013.

British newspaper Daily Mail declared that Wurst's victory had made her a "global superstar". On returning to Austria, she was greeted at the airport by a crowd of over 1000 cheering fans, many wearing fake beards and singing "Rise Like a Phoenix". To journalists, she expanded on the message of tolerance which she had championed at Eurovision: "It was not just a victory for me but a victory for those people who believe in a future that can function without discrimination and is based on tolerance and respect."

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

You Are Pretty

Rhonda - Guild Concert 2002
One of my activities that helped the most in confidence building was volunteering. I have talked about this in the past and have discussed the benefits to both parties.  My reason for remembering this now is while out the past week at a cocktail reception I met an old friend from my Palm Beach Piano Guild events. 

How I got started with the Piano Guild is an interesting story.  First, I do not play the piano but enjoy very much classical and jazz piano.  About 20 years ago, I read in our local newspaper that there were classical piano concert at one of our resort hotels every Sunday.  Not at all sure what to expect I dressed in my best “Sunday go to meeting outfit" and gave it a try.  Attempting to be as inconspicuous as possible, I arrived just as it was starting, sat in the back and at the end made a quick exit.  I loved the elegant venue - a large bar/living room setting.  The music was delightful and so relaxing. 

The next Sunday I returned.  All attempts to be inconspicuous failed this time with the event almost sold out and standing room only.  Jean, the lovely woman in charges of tickets, remembering me for the previous week, invited me sit for free at her entry table and listen from there.  We really got along great and at her insistence, she introduced me to all the members and invited me to join the Guild - I did.  My natural inclinations took over and I ask how I could help?  The next Sunday I was working at the entry table with Jean.  After, I helped put away chairs and collected the printed programs left behind. Hooked I was.   

It was not long before I was going out to dinner with the Guild president John, Jean and the concert artist of the day.  I was meeting wonderful intelligent and fun people.  To my absolute astonishment, I was accepted as I appeared and had that lovely “fitting in” feeling.  I volunteered further and during the week was working the computer, running mail merges and formatting the newsletter.  I was invited to joined the board of directors a few years later.   

Our venue did changed to an upscale in-the-round downtown theater and the concerts became monthly.  Because of our membership we began to attracted international artist preparing for major piano competitions.  I was promoted from ticket sales to guest/member greeter and event photographer.  Shown are several of my beautiful photographs.
There is one funny story:  On this evening our featured artist was a nationally known blind concert pianist.  Someone suggested that we invite with free tickets, students and residents from our local “Lighthouse for the Blind”. We got word that about 20 would come by van and it was my job that evening to greet and seat the group near the front.  The word went out that the van had arrived.

That evening I had chosen to wear an especially beautiful dress that was maybe just a "little" low cut.  Taking very serious my duty “to great”, the Guild president and I position ourselves at the theater elevator door.  The door opened and one of our, not too tall, cane feeling his way, guest took one step toward me.  That one-step now positioned his nose about three inches for the valley of my d├ęcolletage.  Without any hesitation and without looking up, he said, “You are pretty”. 

After we all stopped laughing and regained our composure, I helped my new boyfriend's group to their seats.  What a wonderful and fun memory.

I will write more about some of my other fun Piano Guild experiences later.  Overall, I am so happy I made the effort to get out that first summer Sunday.  The wonderful music, memories the friendships are priceless.  

Tell us about yours escapes.  

Monday, June 27, 2016

Julia Scotti - Stand Up Comedian

Julia Scotti - Audition Week 4

Below is the audition video for NBC's summer hit, "America's Got Talent".  This past week a seriously brave woman performed her comedy routine.  She was funny, entertaining and her back story was enthralling.  Watch and appreciate her escape!  I applaud her and hope she goes forward.


This is how Sean L. McCarthy at Comic's Comic described Julia:

Julia Scotti is a 63-year-old stand-up comedian who impressed the judges Tuesday night during her audition on America's Got Talent, then wowed them even more when she explained that she had tried to make a go of a career in comedy for 20 years, then quit, took an 11-year-break, and came back. As a woman. Her first go-round, she was Rick Scotti.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Funnies - GOP No Fly List

Rob Rogers | Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I guess we can add to that list:
"Transgender Rights".


Growing up the funnies were my favorite section of the Sunday paper.  I will make an effort to make this a regular Sunday feature.  Enjoy and everyone have a wonderful week!

I do not have any trips coming up until after the July 4th.
Stay tuned.....

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Friday, June 24, 2016

June Mixer - Friends Friday

Grandview B&B
This past Wednesday evening I attended the monthly Palm Beach and Treasure Coast Lesbian & Gay Professionals Business Alliance (PBA) June mixer.  A very professional and interesting group.  It is sponsored by the Compass GLBT Community Center of Palm Beach.  This group’s meeting was  with about 150 mixed women/men in attendance and was held at the beautiful upscale Grandview Gardens Bed and Breakfast. As you can see, the South Florida summer evening cooperated for the outdoor event and it was super fun for everyone.  No one fell in the pool.  

My connection to Compass goes back about 25 years.  While traveling I became a member of several support groups.  Neutral Corner in San Diego and PPOC in Los Angeles.  For a very closeted and scared “Crossdresser” these were a dream come true.  There I met new friends, attended events, went to restaurants and went out shopping.  A different time before the internet and blogs.  It was not easy to make connections and easy to feel all alone.  A new world opened up to me - “All dressed up and some where to go”.
After my contract in Southern California ended, I was not going to return to my self-imposed isolation, so I started a support group in the Tampa area and one in my home town of West Palm Beach.  The Tampa group, “Starburst” still is in existence and my hometown group “The Gender Society of Palm Beach” is likewise.  The Palm Beach group was hosted at our local GLBT center, Compass and still is.  After about 5 years of hosting and co-hosting, the group, because of circumstances, I turned the group over to very capable leadership and it has thrived with weekly meeting and many activities. 

At last evenings gathering I learned the group’s leader, Heather Wright, is receiving an award for her work with the group at the annual South Florida's Pride Stonewall Ball.  I could not be happier for her and the group’s success  Congratulation Heather! 

 Heather and Rhonda

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fashion’s Gender Revolution

All clothes and accessories by VejasPhotography Rachel Chandler
Fashion Tom Guinness

20 days ago Text Emma Hope Allwood       Text Tom Rasmussen

Androgyny is the industry’s current obsession – but when will shop floors reflect the way today’s youth view themselves? 

Gender is in fashion. From female empowerment as a marketing gimmick and shapeless t-shirts being sold as “genderless” to trans models and co-ed runways, it’s a talking point that has become impossible to ignore. It’s been decades since a gang of fashion editors infamously left a show in protest after Jean Paul Gaultier put male models in skirts, but really, how far have we come? We’ve got Jaden Smith fronting Louis Vuitton’s womenswear campaign in one such garment, sure, but go into any major department store and find your answer: menswear and womenswear, divided not just by rails but often entire floors. The world is waking up to possibilities of gender that go far beyond the narrow categories of male and female – why have our shops been slow to catch on?

Would someone ask if skating is men’s or women’s? Or if Skepta’s latest track is made for boys or girls? Similarly, why do we need to divide fashion? – Stavros Karelis, MACHINE-A

The promotional video for Selfridges’ Agender pop up:
Enjoy the words to the song. 


Read the Whole article here: 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Feminine Differential - Foot Sizes

Foot and Shoe Size Differences Between Women and Men

I want to give credit for this article because it is so relevant to out thinking process and self perception.  I found it a the Trans City blog and you can read it in entirety with the link below.  I will quote parts and add my comments also.

 A frequent concern of transgender women and men is how they perceive their size relative to that of cisgender women and men. Frequent “problem areas” include height, shoulders, hips, hands, and feet, and the effect of concern over even one aspect of body morphology can be a frequent and sometimes debilitating source of stress to a transgender person.

In this article I want to address our feet, and the relative sizes of feet between men and women. The reason for this focus is that differences in foot size are stressful to both transwomen and transmen. This effect tends to be more pronounced with transwomen, as footwear is much more a fashion foundation for women than men.  However, this article will hopefully provide just a little more hope to both sides of the transgender coin.

A general perception in society is “women have disproportionately small feet/men have disproportionately large feet”, which means that transwomen are often embarrassed or ashamed of their own feet for being the size that they are. But is it really true that women have much smaller feet per their stature than men? To start to find an answer, I hit the University library and did some research on the subject.

The first study I found examined 293 male and 574 female soldiers in the United States Army, and found the following characteristics.

  •     Foot length was 15.36% of body height in men, and 15.01% of body height in women. While this was a statistically significant difference (p < 0.001) the absolute difference is very small. For a 5’6” man and woman, the difference in foot length would be less than a quarter inch. (Wunderlich)
  •     Foot width was 6.00% of body height in men, and 5.87% of body height in women. Again, the absolute difference is very small. For a 5’6” man and woman, the difference in foot width would be less than a tenth of an inch. (Wunderlich)
Both women’s and men’s shoe sizes have increased over the years, but women much more so than men. According to Time magazine:

At the beginning of the 20 century the average woman wore a size 3.5 or size 4 shoe. This increased to a 5.5 in the forties and remained this way till the 60s. By the 1970s, the average female foot was a 7.5 and now, forty years later, the most common foot size for the American female is somewhere between an 8 ½ and a 9.” (Howard, Pollak) 

For women, we say 8 ½ is the new 7…the assortments, called casepacks, used to come in women’s sizes 5 to 10. Now it’s 6 to 11.”

As a result, women’s shoes in size 11-12 are becoming much more popular, and some lines are carrying sizes up to 15. The average shoe size for supermodels is a 9 to 10, and some famous actresses sport large shoe sizes (Kate Winslet is an 11). 

Comparing average shoe size to typical height relate shoes size we see this important fact:  If a 5’6” man and woman are standing side-by-side, would one be able to pick out a 1/2-inch difference in foot length? Possibly, but I’d say given how unobservant the average person is, possibly not. Looking at a broad spectrum of studies, a typical foot length size differential on a 5’6” man and woman would be closer to 1/3 of an inch or less.  Not necessarily noticeable.

MY Note:  The full article give many more facts and in summary our shoes size is not something that is as telling as we sometimes worry.  When I first started I would wear an 8 1/2 and now 9 1/2 (female size).  I don't know what happened?   In talking to girlfriends my age it appears that they have had similar increases so I not too worried.  Our overall confidence level is far more important. 

Truth: Shoe shopping is fun.  Sometimes wearing them less so.

Does any one remember what this is?

 By 1970, it was banned in 33 states and under strict regulation in the remaining 17 states, which made their operation impractical. How many remember this? 

A long, long way from West, by God, Virginia 


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Preventative Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Can Also Be Preventative – Treatments to Do Now Instead of Later

Guest Post by: Vartan Mardirossian 

Although a lot of cosmetic surgery is performed only after patients start noticing the first signs of aging appearing, more and more people are now realizing just how important it is to take preventative measures in this regard. Below are examples of preventive plastic surgery procedures that can be carried out long before the first wrinkle – or even health-related issue – makes its first appearance.
  •  Botox Injections
Many people only associate Botox injections with procedures like lip enhancement. However, if administered when the very earliest signs of wrinkles, fine lines or crow’s feet are making their appearance, Botox injections can actually help prevent them from becoming deeper and more pronounced with age. Patients who are willing to have this treatment performed as part of a preventative plastic surgery regimen could find themselves being able to delay the onset of deep wrinkles by as long as 7 to 10 years.
  •  Dermabrasion
This process is used to help smooth and even the skin’s surface. In the process, dermabrasion can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, mild scarring or even sun damage – provided that it is not too severe. It is strongly recommended that this treatment be performed as soon as the first signs of aging begin making an appearance in order to obtain the best results.
  •  Mini Facelifts
Mini facelifts are fast becoming another popular form of preventative plastic surgery because they are ideal for patients who are only displaying the very first signs of aging – such as mild facial sagging or loss of skin elasticity. If this procedure is performed early on, it can help prevent more serious attributes such as loose neck skin from appearing at a later stage in life.
  •  Laser Treatment
If this treatment is performed when the first signs of age spots or sun damage is noticed, it can go a long way in preventing the damage from worsening over time. In many cases, laser treatment is able to help stimulate the regeneration of collagen, which helps prevent the skin from losing its natural elasticity over time as well.

Having preventative plastic surgery performed will not only reduce the chances of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging from setting in; it will also provide the patient with peace of mind in knowing that everything possible is being done to ensure that any form of skin damage is being addressed before it becomes more serious. 

Read More 

 Call Palm Beach Plastics FFS Surgeon for a Free Consultation SKYPE, Phone Consultation or in office.

Link for Common Facial Feminization Surgical Procedures

Note: Vartan is my doctor, business associate, and friend.  


Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Easy

Summer Easy Fashion

Happy Summer 2016!

The 2016 solstice occurs at 6:34 p.m. Eastern Time on June 20, today, marking the first day of astronomical summer and the longest day of the year in Earth’s northern hemisphere.   

Summer time is easy - Vacations, trips, causal evening, walking at the mall, dinner at an outside cafe and ice cream.  Simple is always better.  Simple outfits like denim tops can be paired with colored shorts, like the red one above or simple white shorts/jeans.  Play with colors and for summer everyone expects bold.  Most important, look comfortable and cool. 

All of the tops are Macy's Style and Co.  I have found the sizes on these to be generous and I love the smooth almost silk like texture.    The red shorts can be found almost everywhere and I have come to love the short-short look.  Just make sure some of the shorts show below the top - otherwise be prepared to attract attention.  Sandals and flats would be my choice but you can see how good the heels look above.  The purse is a place to play with color and I love this Ralph Lauren Polo Mini Leather Bucket Bag, on sale that I picked up this weekend.  The sandals are from my favorite sandal shop, Il Sandalo in Palm Beach and the flats are Talbot's Jilly Leather Ballet styles.

What a great summer look!!!!!

Find something to do on the first day of summer.  Put on your best "Summer Easy" outfit and head to the lake, beach, cafe, or outdoor shopping mall.  Ice cream optional.      

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Let Us Not Forget

Daryl Cagle

Happy Father's Day!   

Growing up the funnies were my favorite section of the Sunday paper.  I will make an effort to make this a regular Sunday feature.  Enjoy and everyone have a wonderful week!

Friday, June 17, 2016

If Not Now...


The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.


We all know what it means. -  We all do it.   Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind said it best as her world just crumbled; "Tomorrow I'll think of some way... after all, tomorrow is another day." 


I will be the first to admit that procrastination is a way has ruled my life.  I wish only the transgender part but even with my successes in business and my personal life, options and actions would have worked better had I not put off decisions.  


Yes being transgender has complicate my life but as I have said it has add much as well.  So why did I put off "getting out" and being open?  Fear make procrastination justifiable, however once you find out that your fears are unwarranted then you must accept that valuable time have been wasted.   Escape before it is too late.   


Advice to My Younger Self:  "If not now... then when."  




Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Feminine Differential - Hair Styles

Hair Styles

I have been working to get my hair into a reasonable feminine cut for some time.  It all started about 6-7 years ago when my stylist said she would like to style my natural mostly white hair into a style that would get me away from my wig. The Florida summer heat was just too much and limited summer getting out.  I have written about this before and I have been so pleased with her work and now my new stylist. I love how he cuts my hair.  Thank you Michael. 

I study photos and I am constantly printing photos like the ones above and taking them in to see if it works.  Experimenting and playing is really fun.  I am including a Pinterest link that has more photos.  Many more can be found everywhere. i.e.  100 Best Bob Styles

My photo is in the center and I really like the current style and how it is working out.  That photo was after a long day of work and all I did was turn my head upside-down and comb it out - A little spray and I was ready to go. 

Even if you wear a wig, studying current modern style is great fun.  Find a style you like, copy it to your phone or print it and take it in to your stylist.  We are talking about something that is permanent and playing with hair styles is like playing with fashion.  A part on the total experience. The Feminine Differential.

Enjoy - How far have you been able to go and what is you styling experience?  

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fashion for Grown-ups

Fashion Faux Pas after 50

I love to people watch.  My mall has a Starbucks very near down and up escalators.  A great place to people watch.  What I saw was 40-something, plus woman wearing every trend from Forever 21: tight tank top, low-rise distressed jeans, metallic platform heels, plastic bangles and oversized earrings. As much as we would like to dream we are not "Forever 21". 

Most of us want to blend in
and do not want to push the clothes age barrier to the limit.  The less attention the better.  If you are 21 and have a gorgeous body then go for it.  Why Not! Not only is it appropriate but expected.  That is not the time in your life to cover up.  I checked several sights and here is a consensuses of item to avoid if you are over 50.  Are you a middle-aged fashionista who just doesn’t know when to quit?  Read on for my top clothing items to leave in the past…

Too-Trendy or Distressed Denim

Why: If it’s super-low-rise, torn, distressed, embellished with rhinestones or embroidery on the pockets or – shudder to think – characters like Mickey Mouse are patched on, go outside your house and light a bonfire now. You’re just too old to wear it.

Costume Shoes aka "Stripper Shoes"

Why: We have all done it: Buy a pair of entirely impractical, overly-theatrical shoes that weren’t suited for everyday life. Maybe they were clear plastic “stripper” heels straight out of Frederick’s of Hollywood. Or perhaps they were stilettos with a six-inch heel you could only walk a block in.

Leave the sparkly platforms, platform flip flops, stacked heels, and Lady Gaga shoes to the kids and the celebrities.  Gladiator lace up stiletto’s and flats will make you look like a fashion victim or a hooker.  And Crocs are ONLY acceptable in the garden when you are communing with Mother Earth.  Never wear Crocs beyond your property line and only then after the mail man, trash man, or pool man has come by.  Crocs are not unisex or any sex.  

Micro-mini Skirts and Short Shorts

Why: “Age appropriateness [in fashion] is partially determined by who you are and what you do – so yes, Tina Turner can wear micro-minis on stage that the rest of us would look ridiculous in.  Unless you’re the Private Dancer herself, get yourself and your teeny skirts over to Goodwill.   Get a  chic straight skirt or a sexy-yet-classy pencil skirt, because both allow you to show off some curves without making you look as though you’re pretending you were born after the Reagan years.  Be critical to what flatters your figure and legs. 

Strutting down the grocery isle wearing a crop top, skimpy Daisy Dukes and stripper shoes doesn't reflect a confident, composed woman.

Fringe Anything

Why: While you have probably seen a lot of fringe in fashion magazines, you need to be careful about how you add it into your wardrobe. Fringe tops and leggings look almost like a cowboy costume.  Even if you were to pair them with a simple top, boots or Jeans, I am afraid you’d still end up looking like a wanna be cowhand!

Tube Tops and Excessive cleavage

Why: Tube tops or boob tops are now a no no.  A young woman can just about carry it off but they are incredibly unflattering.  If your stomach is incredibly flat then maybe but know your shape and be honest. 

No one wants to feel like you're going to have a Janet Jackson moment or make someone think that an explosion is immanent.  So get rid of a plunging neckline and leave some things to the imagination.

Sheer Tops

Why: When it comes to closet conundrums, the sheer top might be one of the toughest sartorial puzzles to crack. Reveal too little and you lose the effect, reveal too much and you’re suddenly cited for indecent exposure.  If you are over 50 you come off as runway reject pretending to be something you are not. 


There are few rules that says when you reach a certain age you can not wear a particular style, especially if it has always worked in your favor.  Almost all of my skirts hit at or above the knee.  That works for me.  But by the time you’re 50 you need to have a good sense of what flatters and what is comfortable. What is right for you.  And if you question if it’s too short or too bold or too trendy or too whatever, it probably is.  Blending in - a good thing.... 

We are aiming for forever CHIC - Not Forever 21.

One of favorite sites for good sound fashion advice is Susan Street's Fifty, not Frumpy.  Susan has some great fashion layouts on Polyvore.

How has your style changed as you've matured? Tell us about it, please.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ralph Lauren’s Polo Fashion Week Presentation

What an amazing 4K presentation

Published on Jan 24, 2015
Shaking up New York Fashion Week, Ralph Lauren's debut womenswear Polo line took fashion to the future with a 4D holographic runway show. Staged across The Lake at Central Park, holographs of models sporting the new spring collection walked on water in the futuristic runway experience. The water-screen projection used four-story tall holographic effects which showcased models walking through iconic New York City backdrops ranging from The Brooklyn Bridge to the High Line.

Taking a break from the traditional runway atmosphere, Ralph Lauren's show was a breath of fresh air and maybe even a glimpse into the future of Fashion Week.

Watch it full screen - Beautiful and Amazing! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando - It Could Have Been One of Us

After the Pulse nightclub massacre, there will be the customary vigils, speeches, and rainbow processions, vows of solidarity, and then the predictable return to business as usual. I am left wondering, amid all the prayers and mourning, wherein lies the responsibility and who is to blame

 As I said yesterday - Let us all stand together!


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Let Us All Stand Together

Sunday Funnies 6/12 - Mollycoddle

Window Shopping -  Post Card from the 1900's


I love this post card and looked up several meanings - I remember hearing the expression being used but it has been many years ago and I believe in Virginia.  Maybe a southern expression?   So, I do not think it is a currently used term.  

Here is another expanded explanation of the term - Mollycoddling means to shelter and coddle kids in the same way a molly-cat coddles her kittens.

Just like "Tom" is the name for an intact male cat, "Molly" is the term for a mother cat. If you have ever seen the way a mother cat coddles her kittens, snatching them up by the scruff of the neck whenever there is any hint of danger, then you have seen 'mollycoddling' in action. 


Growing up the funnies were my favorite section of the Sunday paper.  I will make an effort to make this a regular Sunday feature.  Enjoy and everyone have a wonderful week!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Palm Beach Shopping

My favorite Saturday morning activities is a bit of shopping.  Photo above was at C. Ocrrico; my stop for a Lilly fix.  The clothes are just so "Palm Beach" and a preppy style I grew up with.  The sandals are from The Palm Beach Sandal Company and each one is custom made with you choosing the colors and fit.  If you are like me and have an hard foot to fit make an appointment for a presonal fitting or call in and they will be happy to accommodate.  The shoes last forever, are in style forever,  and are oh so girly.  

Make it a goal to get out this weekend, go shopping, have lunch and fun.