Monday, June 27, 2016

Julia Scotti - Stand Up Comedian

Julia Scotti - Audition Week 4

Below is the audition video for NBC's summer hit, "America's Got Talent".  This past week a seriously brave woman performed her comedy routine.  She was funny, entertaining and her back story was enthralling.  Watch and appreciate her escape!  I applaud her and hope she goes forward.


This is how Sean L. McCarthy at Comic's Comic described Julia:

Julia Scotti is a 63-year-old stand-up comedian who impressed the judges Tuesday night during her audition on America's Got Talent, then wowed them even more when she explained that she had tried to make a go of a career in comedy for 20 years, then quit, took an 11-year-break, and came back. As a woman. Her first go-round, she was Rick Scotti.

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