Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fashion’s Gender Revolution

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Androgyny is the industry’s current obsession – but when will shop floors reflect the way today’s youth view themselves? 

Gender is in fashion. From female empowerment as a marketing gimmick and shapeless t-shirts being sold as “genderless” to trans models and co-ed runways, it’s a talking point that has become impossible to ignore. It’s been decades since a gang of fashion editors infamously left a show in protest after Jean Paul Gaultier put male models in skirts, but really, how far have we come? We’ve got Jaden Smith fronting Louis Vuitton’s womenswear campaign in one such garment, sure, but go into any major department store and find your answer: menswear and womenswear, divided not just by rails but often entire floors. The world is waking up to possibilities of gender that go far beyond the narrow categories of male and female – why have our shops been slow to catch on?

Would someone ask if skating is men’s or women’s? Or if Skepta’s latest track is made for boys or girls? Similarly, why do we need to divide fashion? – Stavros Karelis, MACHINE-A

The promotional video for Selfridges’ Agender pop up:
Enjoy the words to the song. 


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