Friday, June 10, 2016

The Feminine Differential - Bra Shopping

Back in April I wrote about the “The Feminine Differential - The Bra” and my love for the JC Penney Ambrielle Mystique Ultimate Upsize Bra.  They were on sale this weekend and I ordered a new one to replace my completely worn out favorite.  I always take a look at reviews mainly this time to see that JC Penny had re-introduced the same fit as I was accustom.  Penney’s had gone through several reorganizations and at one time has discontinued the ever popular Ambrielle line.  Outcries abounded, so maybe it is back. 

To my surprise I found a review by a male going by then name Brainy.  Thanks you - nice comment and a good endorsement. 

We all need to do that.  Let us make ourselves known.   The more visibility we gather the more acceptances we get.  Retailer need to know we are out there, have buying power and deserve respect.  A Lane Bryant store manager admitted to me that a good percentage of their customers are transgender and cooperate knew it.  

So when shopping, build support for our community, be open, engage in conversation, and do not accept indifference, poor customer service or poor quality.  Shop where we are appreciated. 

What is you experience shopping?  Please share and I will include your experiences in a Friend’s Friday post
.   Thanks......


Followup:  I did purchase the bra above which had been my favorite for many years.  It sucked.  Not near the same quality and not even the same size/fit. So my replacement search continues - Suggestions?  

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