Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Funnies 6/12 - Mollycoddle

Window Shopping -  Post Card from the 1900's


I love this post card and looked up several meanings - I remember hearing the expression being used but it has been many years ago and I believe in Virginia.  Maybe a southern expression?   So, I do not think it is a currently used term.  

Here is another expanded explanation of the term - Mollycoddling means to shelter and coddle kids in the same way a molly-cat coddles her kittens.

Just like "Tom" is the name for an intact male cat, "Molly" is the term for a mother cat. If you have ever seen the way a mother cat coddles her kittens, snatching them up by the scruff of the neck whenever there is any hint of danger, then you have seen 'mollycoddling' in action. 


Growing up the funnies were my favorite section of the Sunday paper.  I will make an effort to make this a regular Sunday feature.  Enjoy and everyone have a wonderful week!

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