Thursday, June 9, 2016

Guy Does Online Dating as a Woman

This is Funny!!!

Like you never did it or thought about it?  I tried for a response with the Sunday Funny below and did not get a response. You go first?  I will publish anonymous. 

I am not telling if you do not! 



  1. I have been in the situation as in the funnies. I was out for the evening mostly by myself after dinner with a friend and was ending the evening in the bar at the motel. I was dressed very pretty in a silky blouse top that was opaque black in the appropriate places and showed some skin in the rest. That along with a tight black aline skirt, off black hose and toeless 4"pumps. I think I looked pretty good and was quite confident in my presentation. As the evening was drawing to a close a gentleman who was next to me asked me to dance. Since I simply love dancing backwards in heels and being lead around the floor, I said yes. He and I had been conversing and he had already bought me a drink. (Don't you just love it being treated so fantastically) As we finished our dances and came back to the bar the bartender attempted to get the fellow to leave me alone as he knew who I was. Didn't happen. In closing, we kissed. What a kisser he turned out to be. Thorough enjoyment. Unfortunately he thought he felt my rough face and asked. When he found out he did not do or say anything bad except he had a good evening with a nice ending. He asked for a repeat, but never called.