Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Preventative Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Can Also Be Preventative – Treatments to Do Now Instead of Later

Guest Post by: Vartan Mardirossian 

Although a lot of cosmetic surgery is performed only after patients start noticing the first signs of aging appearing, more and more people are now realizing just how important it is to take preventative measures in this regard. Below are examples of preventive plastic surgery procedures that can be carried out long before the first wrinkle – or even health-related issue – makes its first appearance.
  •  Botox Injections
Many people only associate Botox injections with procedures like lip enhancement. However, if administered when the very earliest signs of wrinkles, fine lines or crow’s feet are making their appearance, Botox injections can actually help prevent them from becoming deeper and more pronounced with age. Patients who are willing to have this treatment performed as part of a preventative plastic surgery regimen could find themselves being able to delay the onset of deep wrinkles by as long as 7 to 10 years.
  •  Dermabrasion
This process is used to help smooth and even the skin’s surface. In the process, dermabrasion can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, mild scarring or even sun damage – provided that it is not too severe. It is strongly recommended that this treatment be performed as soon as the first signs of aging begin making an appearance in order to obtain the best results.
  •  Mini Facelifts
Mini facelifts are fast becoming another popular form of preventative plastic surgery because they are ideal for patients who are only displaying the very first signs of aging – such as mild facial sagging or loss of skin elasticity. If this procedure is performed early on, it can help prevent more serious attributes such as loose neck skin from appearing at a later stage in life.
  •  Laser Treatment
If this treatment is performed when the first signs of age spots or sun damage is noticed, it can go a long way in preventing the damage from worsening over time. In many cases, laser treatment is able to help stimulate the regeneration of collagen, which helps prevent the skin from losing its natural elasticity over time as well.

Having preventative plastic surgery performed will not only reduce the chances of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging from setting in; it will also provide the patient with peace of mind in knowing that everything possible is being done to ensure that any form of skin damage is being addressed before it becomes more serious. 

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Note: Vartan is my doctor, business associate, and friend.  


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