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About Rhonda's Escape

Rhonda’s Escape Blog started on July 19, 2015 as a fun way to share my passion for fashion and attempts to communicate why I feel that my life has been “extraordinarily ordinary”.  Surely a contradiction of terms, but somehow I see myself as a contradiction. 


First things first – I discovered a passion to write a few years ago and since have been writing short stories about growing up rural Virginia during the 50’s and 60’s.  Plus, I occasionally write about subject close to my heart, politically and emotionally.   Be forewarned, I may offend and you may not always agree.   Your mileage will vary.


Writing is not easy for me in that you will find much of what I write will be dyslexia enhanced.  Yes, I can spell and you cannot know how grateful I am to spell checkers.   What I will do occasionally is use the wrong word, spelled correctly.  I do not see words or letters backwards but dyslexia in my case contributes to me being word-blind very much like a person being colorblind.  Sure I see the word but I see what I intended to write, not necessarily the correct word.  Just as colorblind person sees green and not the actual color of yellow.


I am 67 and have beautiful thick white hair but carry a few extra pounds - Going to work on that.  Over the years, I have developed a very good fashion sense and have likely spent more time and dollars than necessary to look well-dressed.     I worked mainly in a professional environment and my style over the years developed that way.  You know the look - Austin Reed suits, silk blouses, heels and just the right jewelry.   I have always struggled to bring the look I like to casual, especially as the office environment has become less formal.    Yes, I was the one overdressed for the company picnic.  Now with retirement (still work some) I feel like a stranger in my own closet.  So this will be a “learn as we go process” that I hope to share with you and I solicit your suggestions.


I was raised by my grandparents and they were old - at my age and before.  We baby boomers are doing thing differently and I like that. 


  I grew up on a farm in very rural Virginia, and we ran the general store.   My dreams during that time were in a radio, which I listened to nightly.  Like the internet of today, all of my friends lived there.


There was WABC in New York City with Cousin Brucie; WLS in Chicago had Dick Biondi.  I listened to WBZ in Boston and KDKA out of Pittsburg.  I longed for Carvel ice cream advertised by a gravelly voiced man called Tom Carvel.  I was hooked on imagining what these places must be like and going there.


Fast forward - I am so fortunate to have lived many of my dreams.  I left the country, college followed studying engineering and finally my own  software company and technical career.  I got to travel to all the places I dreamed about and became successful.  Not crazy successful, but comfortable and generally happy with the outcome.


So enjoy - Work with me - Comment - Follow.  In the end I hope you will still be my friend.