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Florida - Mean and Vindictive

Florida bars transgender people from changing the sex on their driver's licenses

By Jo Yurcaba
January 30, 2024

State Rep. Anna Eskamani, a Democrat, said:

The move is another example of a state agency being weaponized to “attack trans people.”

 Florida will no longer allow transgender people to change the sex on their state driver’s license to reflect their gender identity, a policy change that muddles whether trans people who have already updated their documents could face fraud charges for “misrepresenting” their identities.

Robert Kynoch, deputy executive director of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, wrote in a memo to the department’s executive director on Friday that the department would rescind a provision on “gender requirements” in the Driver License Operations Manual that allowed Floridians to change the gender marker on their licenses. 

The department doesn’t have the statutory authority to enforce provisions that allow someone to update the gender marker on their license, according to Kynoch. Florida licenses can now only be replaced when they are lost or stolen, or when a licensee changes their name, address or restrictions.

Kynoch added that the term “gender” in the provision on gender requirements “does not refer to a person’s internal sense of his or her gender role or identification, but has historically and commonly been understood as a synonym for ‘sex,’ which is determined by innate and immutable biological and genetic characteristics.” 

“A driver license is an identification document and, as such, serves a critical role in assisting public and private entities in correctly establishing the identity of a person presenting the license,” Kynoch wrote. “Permitting an individual to alter his or her license to reflect an internal sense of gender role or identity, which is neither immutable nor objectively verifiable, undermines the purpose of an identification record and can frustrate the state’s ability to enforce its laws.”

The provision that governs how the department establishes gender for a newly issued license won’t change, according to the memo and Molly Best, the department’s director of communications. Someone can establish their gender for a new Florida license using supporting documents such as a driver’s license from another state, a U.S. passport or a U.S. birth certificate, among other documents. 

Kynoch’s memo was first shared on the social media platform X by Florida state Rep. Anna Eskamani,  a Democrat. Best confirmed its authenticity in an email to NBC News and shared a copy of the technical advisory confirming the policy change.

Eskamani described the change as “another gross example of how every state agency has been” weaponized to “attack trans people.” 

“Instead of addressing the property insurance crisis, this is what our state is doing. Shameful,” Eskamani added. 

It’s unclear how the advisory will conflict with current Florida law and federal law. For example, the state allows trans people to change the sex on their birth certificate if they submit an application to amend it, fill out an affidavit attesting to the amended birth certificate and receive a letter from a physician stating that they have received appropriate medical care for their gender transition.


So far this year, the Florida Legislature is considering 11 bills targeting LGBTQ people, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, including one that would require Floridians to sign an affidavit certifying that their driver’s license or other state ID reflects the sex on their original birth certificate. Transgender Floridians would be required to turn in any existing ID that shows their gender identity and would not be able to receive such identification going forward.

Feminine Differential - Zipper Detail Pants

It is amazing and pleasurable to see all the different style options available in the feminine tool box.  Jeans with two zippers to either side happens to be one of these. Back in the 70's I had denim bellbottom jeans with two similar side zippers.  I wore it without fear and I am sure many (especially women) notice the very unique / untypical male style. One of my early "subtle" escape outfit. 

Love the car in the back

The above jeans are Lascana (Is A Woman's World) Zipper Detail Pants. The detail description states; "Two fashionable zippers at the front, Skinny leg fit, and Smooth waistband."  Worth a try.  

The above top is Amazon's, LilyCoco Women's Short Sleeve Vogue Fitted Off Shoulder Shirt . It is combination of my two favorite looks, off-the-shoulder and sailor stripes.

Can summer be that far away?  


Tuesday, January 30, 2024

What Goes Around....

Comes Around 3.0


I love this casual look. I have the above jeans / pants from Ralph Lauren that go back at least 15+ years. 

The pants shown above are Loft "Mariner Wide Leg Pants in Twill". The bib style is a definite fenimide differential and the wide leg has not made into men's pants yet; if ever this time around.  This makes for a flat front style, so plan accordingly.   

I like the wide leg look. However, it does look better on longer legs than my petite legs.  Again heels help elongate the legs and add much to the look. Not an outfit for flats in my opinion.  If you must, try a platform sneaker.  

Check your closet and you might have this very style pants for this third, "Come Around".  


Monday, January 29, 2024

I Love A Success Story - Phillis Rolli

From despair to joy: At 69, Phillis Rolli embraces a long-delayed transition journey

The challenging journey to happines

Phillis Rolli at 69

"It's never too late to be happy," says Phillis Rolli, a 69-year-old hairdresser from Seattle. The woman confessed that she contemplated suicide for much of her life, unable to accept her body. She found relief only when she decided to transition. Finally, she felt as if she had started her real life.

I experienced deep despair inside

One day Phillis's father caught her dressing up in girl's clothes. His reaction was severe. He implied that what she had done was wrong and that she mustn't tell anyone about the incident. Consequently, Phillis ceased wearing colourful clothes, but she felt overwhelmed. "I knew I should have been a girl when I was just five years old," she admitted in an interview with the Daily Mail.

She started her adult life as Phillip. She married and raised two children with her wife. She ensured her desire to live in harmony with her true self did not impact her family relationships. "I was putting on a fake smile every day. In reality, I was experiencing deep despair inside," she confesses.

In 2022, Phillis began hormone therapy. When the medications started to take effect, she decided to reveal to the world that she identifies as a woman. "That day I put on women's clothes and did my makeup. Looking into the mirror, I saw the real me for the first time," she added.

Before Phillis decided to transition, she battled internally for years. "I spent every evening alone, crying into my pillow. I was isolating myself from my loved ones," she recounted in the interview.

She made two attempts at "transitioning," both of which were unsuccessful. "I tried to take my own life. The hormones given to me before enhanced the male features of my body. I was terrified," she expressed.

When she felt hopeless that her situation would not improve, she remembered a personal pledge made 20 years earlier. She didn't want to cause her parents pain by transitioning. She promised that as long as they were alive, she would refrain from taking such a significant step, at most hoping to spend her twilight years as a woman.

"I kept my promise. That day I shaved my beard and began hormone therapy. A year has passed, and my body has changed significantly. I no longer resemble Phillip. Finally, I can be Phillis," she concludes.

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Political Week In Review 1-28-2024

Rolling  Stone: They say of Donald Trump, "The cruelty is the point "  For Ron DeSantis, we might amend that to say, "The cruelty was pointless."

Rarely in American politics has a civic leader, a governor no less, used his official power to marginalize, demean, and endanger so many - in the naked service of career advancement - only to fall so spectacularly flat. 

DeSantis used his power as governor to demean trans people, signing into law a bill that limited drag performances, gender-affirming health care, school pronouns, and bathroom choice for transgender individuals. Championing Florida as what he called a "citadel of normalcy," DeSantis embraced one of the biggest lies of the culture wars - namely that insidious forces are "grooming" unsuspecting children into deviant queer lifestyles. 

Both Gerwig and Robbie ignored … it’s still so easy for Hollywood to overlook and discount artistic contributions of women — EVEN WHEN ITS THE POINT OF THE YEAR’S BIGGEST MOVIE! My God. It was nominated for best picture. Didn’t direct itself, friends!”

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Friday, January 26, 2024

Gingham for Evening Wear?


I saw an outfit suggestion on Pinterest and starting searing my closet to see what I might already have. I tried on the short skater skirt (above the knee) and gingham off the shoulder top on the right. Wow what a nice look with a wide belt and pumps. Maybe even an evening wear look.  


The only addition I ordered was the top on the left from Shein at $6.99. (SHEIN Privé Gingham Print Puff )Sleeve Blouse). I have had mixed results from this Chinese Distributor, however, I really liked the "Puff Sleeve" look it provides. I hope worth the risk with very reasonable shipping.

A wide belt adds a lot and this one is a "Lauren Ralph Lauren 2" Tri-Strap O-Ring Leather Belt" from many seasons ago.  It is still available here.  

Both pumps are Cole Haan which are a great fit for me. Cole Haan seem to just a little extra width. 

I will keep you posted and see how this works for a Palm Beach evening. 

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Will & Harper - 2024

Will Ferrell had ‘zero knowledge’ about the trans community. Then his best friend came out

Sundance 2024

The documentary "Will & Harper," which will premiere at Sundance, centers on Ferrell's longtime friendship with Harper Steele, who came out as transgender in 2022.

Will Ferrell touched down at the Sundance Film Festival to world premiere the new documentary “Will & Harper,” which centers on the relationship between the beloved comedian and his best friend Harper Steele as they take a road trip. The two met during their days on “Saturday Night Live,” which Harper wrote for from 1995 to 2008. Harper came out as transgender in 2022.

“It was three summers ago in which Harper emailed a lot of her close friends with the headline: ‘Here’s a Weird One,’” Ferrell said at the Variety Studio presented by Audible. “She went on to explain she was going to transition and we were all of course excited to hear the news and surprised to hear the news. All of us were extremely supportive and expressed love…but that sort of opened the questions like, how can we help you? What do you need us to do?”

Ferrell said he had “zero knowledge” about the trans community before Harper came out to him.

“I had met trans people, but I didn’t have anyone personally in my life,” Ferrell said. “So this was all new territory for me, which is why I think this film is so exciting for us to kind of put out there in the world. It’s a chance all of us in the cis community to be able to ask questions and also just to listen and be there as a friend to discuss this journey.”

“It tells the story of a cis friend of a trans person who has to transition himself,” Harper added of the movie.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Speaking Invitation


Today (January 23) I am the invited speaker for the Palm Beach Flagler Rotary Club. It is a breakfast meeting and I have been given the opportunity to discuss "Being Transgender - What is the meaning".  

Rotary is an organization of business and professional leaders united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

Rotary club membership represents a cross-section of the community's business and professional *men and women. The world's Rotary clubs meet weekly and are nonpolitical, nonreligious, and open to all cultures, races, and creeds.

Said at the Emmy ceremony two weeks ago by Sarah Kate Ellis accepting the Governor's Award:

More people say they have seen a ghost than know a trans person.” 

Today is my opportunity to introduce an audience to our reality.  Wish me well.  Tomorrow I will post photos and the transcript of my presentation.  


A little side story.  In my small town the Rotary club was seen a prestigious men's community organization. High school senior boys were selected to be the "Rotarian for a month" and attend the weekly meetings.  In my large senior class only 6 were selected for the year and it was seen as a honor.  I have good memories of attending during my month of April, 1966.  

*A little bit of Rotary history: On 4 May, 1987 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Rotary clubs may not exclude women from membership on the basis of gender. The Rotary Club now includes men and women. 

The Rotary Club of Marin Sunrise, California (formerly Larkspur Landing), is chartered on 28 May. It becomes the first club after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling to have women as charter members.

Also in 1987, Sylvia Whitlock, of the Rotary Club of Duarte, California, becomes the first female Rotary club president.


Monday, January 22, 2024

A Saturday Outfit


I was browsing / shopping and came across, first this Amazon denim shirt/top ($25.99). I like the tie front that provides a great feminine differential. It can be worn open with a scoop neck "T" underneath or buttoned by itself.  It has rollup button strap sleeves to make it's sleeves 3/4.   It is the perfect color to go with  white jeans.  Let no one tell you that white jeans are just for summer; a year round great look. 

You are still wearing White, yes?

Previously I have talked about the KEDS platform sneaker and they will look super with this outfit. The (vintage) Coach Bucket Bag will secure the feminine look and is optional depending your comfort level.   

A great weekend casual "Escape" outfit.  

Macys - Women's Triple Up Canvas Platform Casual Sneakers from Finish Line

Amazon - MISSACTIVER Women's Sexy Square Neck Ribbed Knit Crop Top 

Amazon - Women's 3/4 Sleeve Denim Crop Top Tie Knot Shirt 


Befitting -Ralph Lauren Eye Wear - RL6231U

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Political Week In Review 1-21-2024


Politico: The DeSantis Team Ran the Worst Campaign in History  The bizarre decisions behind a $130 million debacle.

First impressions are wildly important in politics. The campaign never recovered from its pitiful Twitter kickoff, its discomfited candidate and the wandering purpose of his candidacy. To the campaign’s surprise, the message that “I’m just like Trump, but awkward, shorter and less interesting” did not seem to catch.


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Friday, January 19, 2024

Mythological Thor - The Bride

That Time Thor and Loki Cross-Dressed

Why the Old Norse gods disguised themselves as a bride and bridesmaid before visiting Thrymr, king of Jötunheima.

Thor and Loki via Wikimedia Commons

Thor (from Old Norse: Þórr) is a prominent god in Germanic paganism. In Norse mythology, he is a hammer-wielding god associated with lightning, thunder, storms, sacred groves and trees, strength, the protection of humankind, hallowing, and fertility (Wikipedia)

There was once a crisis in Asgard. Thor’s mighty hammer Mjölnir went missing. This, according to H. R. Ellis Davidson, was a disaster for Odin’s court. Mjölnir was Thor’s “strong right arm and his simple weapon,” wielded in Odin’s service to “overcome any giant or troll as long as physical might alone and not cunning magic was not in question.”

The thieving culprit? Thrymr, king of Jötunheima, who demanded Freyja, the goddess of love and fertility and the most eligible bachelorette in Asgard, in exchange for the weapon’s safe return. Thor would have his hammer back when he, the determined and desperate King Thrymr, had his bride and his wedding. Freyja refused to be blackmailed into matrimony with a man she found repulsive. In fact, she was so infuriated by the proposal that her necklace, the cherished Brisingamen, shattered and scattered across the floor, a sure sign that the vain and temperamental goddess wasn’t happy. And so the gods conferenced.

Odin’s right-hand man Loki, the notorious trickster, came up with a clever solution. Thrymr would get a bride, along with a lovely bridesmaid to serve as an official witness to the ceremony—just not who he was expecting.

Not surprisingly, Loki—whose claim to fame rests on his gender-bending antics—offers to accompany Thor as his “bridesmaid.” Thor’s attire includes not only a wedding dress, but many of the accoutrements of thirteenth-century bridal fashion: a woman’s head dress, a veil, expensive jewelry, brooches, and even a new bride’s household keys.

Loki was less elaborately adorned, so as to not steal Thor’s thunder, but he passed as the bridesmaid when they arrived in Jǫtunheimar for the wedding. Thor, on the other hand, did not.

Ever the famous smooth talker, Loki was flush with excuses for Thor’s unconventional appearance and his behavior. When guests noticed that the bride chomped her way, in a very unladylike fashion, through most of the wedding feast, Loki explained that she was starving; she hadn’t eaten for days due to her premarital jitters! They said the bride’s eyes were red-rimmed and raging when her bridegroom lifted the veil for a kiss? Oh, she was sleep-deprived, Loki explained, from fretting about her impending wedding night! Thrymr, hopelessly in love and blinded by the apparent success of his scheme, believed it all, and one can imagine his surprise in the moment Thor threw off his disguise, reclaimed his hammer, and proceeded to slaughter him and all of the wedding guests.

Of course Disney never picked up this story as a humorous episode in Marvel’s widely popular Thor-and-Loki storyline. Nor did they latch onto that one eyebrow-raising myth in which Loki shapeshifted and mated with a horse. But much of Norse mythology in general isn’t marketable as family-friendly entertainment.

Thank Velma for this story...  

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Feminine Differential - Easy Clothes

Blue Striped Raphi Shirt

I found the lady in this fashion layout above at the site, Easy Clothes.  I like the concept. 

"Escapes" need not be elaborate or require two hours to get ready. Try something like this to be comfortable and present an easy, feminine image.  

I have a woman's Tommy Bahama long sleeve shirt like the one she is wearing. However. I like the Loft shirt shown for its simple short sleeves. High-rise slim jeans complete this great casual look. All of my items are from my closet and likely yours too. 

Working too hard and thinking too much, many times are the enemy of a quick and rewarding "Escape".  


Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Governors Award: 75th Emmy Awards

 A Redeeming Moment at the 2023 Emmy Awards:

Sarah Kate Ellis accept the Governors Award on behalf of GLAAD
 at the 75th Emmy Awards.

GLAAD (/ɡlæd/ is an American non-governmental media monitoring organization. Originally founded as a protest against defamatory coverage of gay and lesbian demographics and their portrayals in the media and entertainment industries, it has since included bisexual and transgender people. (Wikipedia) 

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

I Love A Success Story - Morgane Oger

Current honor: Transgender activist Morgane Oger was honored with the Meritorious Service Medal by Canada for championing diversity.

From her site  Morgane Oger (about)

Morgane Oger is a Tech leader in Vancouver with a background in marine engineering, robotics, FINTEC, Energy, Internet, and Telecoms sectors.

Morgane has a track record of activism dating back to the 1990s focused on addressing systemic injustice and uplifting fundamental rights. A transgender mom with two teenagers, Morgane is a highly-effective community organizer and changemaker who is recognized for successfully reaching the hearts and minds of others by working with everyone to convince detractors there is better way.

Morgane has helped others throughout Canada win significant victories on issues focused around equality and inclusion at all levels of Government and successfully spearheaded the push to convince Canadians to support human rights law that protects us all against discrimination based on gender identity or expression.

Morgane Oger is the founder of the Morgane Oger Foundation which helps narrow the gap between Canada’s laws and the experience of people on the ground who face systemic discrimination because of who they are. Through this non-profit society, Morgane drives public-policy change for a more-inclusive society and supports vulnerable persons in BC and elsewhere.

With a number of successful policy and law reform wins in municipalities, provinces, and at the federal level behind her – as well as a number of successful interventions across Canada, Morgane’s advocacy work was featured in Cannes Short Films Festival award-winning short documentary “In Alliance (2016)”, as well as in “1253 Letters (2017)”, and “Morgane Oger: Moving Forward (2019)”.

Morgane was the BC NDP candidate in Vancouver – False Creek during the 2017 British Columbia general election and ran for School Trustee in the 2018 Vancouver General Election and for Municipal Council in the 2022 Vancouver General election. Morgane has served on the executive of Vancouver DPAC, Trans Alliance Society, and the BC NDP and served two years as BC NDP Vice-President. Morgane was part of the delegation of the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) at the 65th Convention on the Status of Women of the United Nations.

In 2019, Morgane Oger won a high-profile precedent-setting human rights case against an anti-LGBT activist that demonstrated once and for all that personal beliefs or the right to free expression do not trump another person’s right to live free of discrimination. The case is now widely cited in other legal cases. 

For her contribution to inclusion and equality, Morgane Oger was named “National Hero” Grand Marshal at the 2016 Vancouver Pride Parade. 

Morgane Oger was awarded the Kimberly Nixon Pride Legacy Award in 2016 and received the Shakti Trailblazer Award in 2018.

In recognition for her service to Canada in extending human rights for LGBTQ2+ persons, Morgane Oger was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal on behalf of The Queen and all Canadians by the Governor General of Canada in 2018. 

The Meritorious Service Decorations recognize great Canadians for exceptional deeds accomplished over a limited period of time that bring honour to our country. They honour achievements in both military and civil divisions.

Monday, January 15, 2024

AOC On Fashion ++


2023’s Best Political Fashion Moments
By DEREK GUY   12/31/2023

2019 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Instagram is the main social media platform for fashion, and it’s dominated by influential brands, media giants and high-profile influencers. But even in this crowded field, the best fashion-related Instagram post of 2023 was made by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Shortly after returning from her diplomatic tour of Latin America this summer, she posted a series of Instagram stories breaking down her thought process behind what she decided to pack. She write:

Dress is a form of communication. Whether one likes it or not, the way one dresses sends many messages at once.

Her post was a great insight into the communicative power of clothing, helping to dispel the idea that fashion is just frivolity. It’s no surprise that it came from one of the most stylish people in Washington who has been particularly adept at social media. 

This past year, AOC sported a beautifully cut white suit to see Chilean President Gabriel Boric, a black scarf blouse for her meeting with Chilean Minister Camila Vallejo and a chic black midi dress with a mock neck and side slits for her appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. “I chose white, which to me is a color of hope and healing,” she said of her white suit. “Despite the challenges, I have hope for both Chile and the US-Chile relationship to move forward in truth and healing.”


Also read the Bazaar article: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Defends Harry Styles After He Was Criticized for Wearing a Dress

Earlier this month, Harry Styles graced the December cover of Vogue, and discussed his desire to remove gender barriers in fashion. In the feature, the singer wore both men's and women's clothing, including gorgeous couture gowns, for which he received some criticism. However, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the latest person in the public eye to defend Styles.

When asked what she thought about Stylus' decision to wear a dress in the publication, AOC replied in her Instagram Stories, "It looks wonderful. The masculine and feminine elements are balanced beautifully – the hair and jacket styling give me James Dean vibes too."

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Political Week In Review 1-14-2024


(The Hill) — Former President Donald Trump shared his condolences for the victims and their families of a recent school shooting in Iowa during a campaign stop in the Hawkeye State Friday — but then urged his supporters to “move forward.”

“I want to send our support and our deepest sympathies to the victims and families touched by the terrible school shooting yesterday in Perry, Iowa,” Trump said during a campaign rally in Sioux City.

“It’s just horrible, so surprising to see it here,” he added. “But have to get over it, we have to move forward.”

Friday, January 12, 2024

Unisex - Dressing like a boy – Menswear for Women


From Fabrickated
Posted in: History of fashion

1970 Advertisement 

One of the lovely things about being female in the modern world is that we can wear trousers all of the time if we want to. We can pair them with shirt, jackets and flat lace up shoes, short hair, waistcoats and a moody look. These models look very feminine, but comfortable. I love that we have the choice. Personally I tend to wear masculine shoes despite a fairly feminine aesthetic as I like to be able to walk and run. Men’s wear can emphasize femininity too, and elements of traditional male clothing can stop senior women looking too girly.  I find it unacceptable that in this day and age men do not feel able to wear a skirt or dress. Sometimes a loose unstructured lower garment is just what we all want to wear. Many men drift around in dressing gowns that look like wrap round dresses, at home. Eddie Izzard has suggested, ”Women wear what they want and so do I”, to explain his desire to wear dresses and nail varnish. The unisex trend of the 70s, and later the Metrosexual look,  implied men wearing more feminine fabrics, colours and styles.

When women first started “borrowing” their boyfriends cardigans, jeans and shoes it was a fairly radical act of defiance. For comfort and style. Here is Coco Chanel. Although, in the 1920s and 1930s, wearing a men’s hat or tie, tailored trousers or a Breton top with casual pants was slightly shocking, it soon caught on.

A more determinedly masculine look was pursued by others. Katherine Hepburn, for example. She wore jeans in the 1930s when this was unheard of, and usually paired her tailor-made strides with flat, masculine shoes. She was an individualist, with a 5’7″ athletic frame and an angular face and bodyline. Just the sort of shape that looks great in menswear.

Thursday, January 11, 2024

I Love A Success Story - Munroe Bergdorf

Munroe Bergdorf
Wikipedia :  Munroe Bergdorf (née Beaumont; born 11 September 1987) is an English model and activist. She has walked several catwalks for brands including Gypsy Sport at both London and NYC Fashion Weeks. Bergdorf was the first transgender model in the UK for L'Oréal, but was dropped within weeks after a racial row. In February 2018, she was appointed as an LGBT adviser to the Labour Party, but resigned the following month. Bergdorf appeared in the Channel 4 documentary What Makes a Woman, which aired in May 2018.

Bergdorf won ‘Changemaker of the Year’ at the 2018 Cosmopolitan Awards, and was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2019 by the University of Brighton.She joined UN Women UK as an advocate in 2019, supporting its #DrawALine campaign, aiming to put a stop to female genital mutilation (FGM). 

Munroe Bergdorf Joins L'Oréal Paris as Consultant After Calling Out the Brand

Hey It's OK... To Be Confused About Feminism
with Munroe Bergdorf And Emma Gannon

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Feminine Differential - Sometime You Just Know...

When An Outfit Will Look Great.

I saw the "SOFT STRETCH RIBBED HIGH WAIST LEGGINGS" on Talbots a few weeks ago and ordered. Although shipping was problematic the fit, feel, and color are perfect. 

There are so many items in my closet I can put with these leggings; from a many season old chambray shirt to winter long sweaters. The sweater shown is this season's Tommy Bahama, "Breezy Palm Crew Pullover". If interested, the fit on this sweater is very generous.  I have the sweater in large thinking of an oversize look.  Small would have just as good.   

If courageous, pair this outfit with  heels (Nine West - Dylan Round Toe Pumps) or booties. Otherwise, Keds Platform sneakers add just the right feminine differential.  

I have come to appreciate leggings. The tightness and fit are very similar to how panty hose felt in a by-gone-era. These are high rise with a rib-texture for a perfect stretch and a slimming fit. I also think this outfit could be a four-season look.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Guinness World Record - Sprinting Wearing High Heels

Speedy Spaniard smashes 100-metre sprint record wearing high heels

Spanish serial record-breaker Christian Roberto López Rodríguez, 34, has set yet another world record, this time for the fastest 100 metres in high heels.

Christian clocked a time of 12.82 seconds, which is only 3.24 seconds slower than Usain Bolt’s 100-metre sprint world record! [When was the last time you ran in heels - like never.]

The record was previously held by Germany’s André Ortolf, who achieved a time of 14.02 seconds in 2019.

 Christian Roberto López Rodríguez

Stiletto high-heeled shoes must be worn while attempting this record. The heels must be at least 7 cm (2.76 in) high and no more than 1.5 cm (0.59 in) wide at the tip, meaning platform shoes are not permitted.

As you can imagine, wearing stilettos hugely limits a runner’s stability and speed.

Fortunately, Christian managed to complete his superlative sprint without falling head over heels.

“The preparation was very exhaustive and specific,” Christian said.

“I find it very challenging to be able to run in high heels at high speed. In Spain there are races like this, and they have always gone well for me,” he added.

Christian said he attempted this record to prove that Type 1 diabetics such as himself “can do as much or more things than people without diabetes.

Christian has also set a variety of other world records, including the longest duration balancing a bicycle on the chin (9 min 41 sec), the longest duration balancing an object on the nose (2 hr 42 min), and the most consecutive stairs climbed while juggling three objects (2,082).

Christian currently holds a whopping 57 Guinness World Records titles and has plans to break many more throughout 2023!

His records 

Monday, January 8, 2024

A Newspaper Interview


    Gazette-Virginian - Halifax VA

My note: I was interviewed by my Virginia young adult, hometown newspaper. This was while attending my high school reunion in October. A wonderful article was written and printed starting on page 1 of the newspaper. Keep in mind this area of Virginia is very "red" and I was allowed the opportunity to speak directly, through print, to many who may have never listened to but one side.  

I do not have any family there, however, many classmates, and early career work-mates left. My family was very well known in the small community where I grew up. We ran the country general store where everyone shopped.   

This blog post is an abridgment of the newspaper article as published. The staff writer brilliantly included my interview with details about a local emerging LGBTQ support leader. This made the whole of the story relevant to the local community. If interested please read the whole article here: Halifax nonprofit provides support for LGBTQIA+ community in Southside.

Anyone who would like to send a thank you e-mail / comment to the newspaper's staff writer please click on this link.  My personal thank you to Miranda for a well- thought-out and written article.  



Rhonda Williams also recently shared her story as a transgender person with The GazetteVirginian. The Scottsburg native expressed that her goal in telling her story is empowering transgender/non-binary/gender fluid individuals to openly express their true, authentic selves in the world without fear of others’ reactions.

Williams is an activist who has experienced life on both sides of the gender continuum — male and female. She related that she spent years repressing her feminine side, until one day she finally broke free. Through that liberation, Williams revealed she was finally able to fully express herself.

Scottsburg native Rhonda Williams stands
in front of a mural in the town of Halifax
 On recent trip to Halifax County.
Now a Florida resident,
Williams is a transgender activist
 recently shared her story with The Gazette.
“I want people to know that I am transgender. It is who I am, and I am proud, and I want to help other transgender people,” Williams stated. “I am brave enough to be an advocate and to be out of the closet. There are a lot of transgender people who are afraid. They don’t live their life fully until they’re too old to enjoy it. You don’t want your last breath to be, ‘I wish I had lived a more authentic life.’”

Today, Williams has an air of confidence when she walks into a room. “I’m very comfortable in my own body". 

A member of the Halifax County High School Class of 1966, Williams attended her class’ 75th birthday party, “diamond jubilee,” at the Halifax Country Club last month. She walked in wearing an off-the-shoulder black top and gray scarf paired with white pants and strappy black heels bedazzled with rhinestones, her hair styled in an updo. Her classmates recognized her and greeted her.

That wasn’t the case when Williams, now a Florida resident, walked into her 50th high school class reunion in 2016 wearing a black-and-white dress with her hair styled in a bob cut. Her classmates remembered her as “Tommy,” a football player who was “one of the boys.”

“What? You don’t recognize  me?” Williams recalled saying playfully to her classmates when she walked into the reunion as Rhonda.

Williams was born male biologically and has not undergone a sex change. She identifies as a “feminine man” and said she never felt that she was “born into the wrong body.” She explained she felt at an early age that she had a feminine side as well as a masculine side that she wanted to be able to express.

Williams was raised by her grandparents, who ran the corner country store in Scottsburg. She related that her grandparents indulged her self-expression and encouraged her to be whoever she wanted to be. Then known as “Tommy,” Williams said she enjoyed playing in the sandbox and with toy cars and trucks, expressing her masculine side. But she also enjoyed dressing up in ladies’ clothes and playing with dolls, which her grandparents would buy her when she asked.

She said she did not think anything of moving back and forth on the gender continuum until her male peers started teasing her. That’s when she recollected that she knew that in order to be “one of the boys,” she had to suppress her feminine side.  

Williams left her rural Halifax County home to study engineering at Richmond Professional Institute (now Virginia Commonwealth University). Last year, Williams was recognized as one of VCU’s “brightest alumni stars” because of her professional and  personal achievements.

Before the widespread use of personal computers, Williams embarked on a career as a software developer, founding a software company in 1983 which brought to market the first consumer tax preparation software package PC TaxCut. The software developer from Halifax County also got married and had four daughters. Williams, still known as “Tommy” then, continued to suppress her feminine side, for the most part. But she recalled going on shopping trips with her daughters and employing her sense of style to pick out beautiful clothes for them.

Williams and the mother of her children eventually divorced, and at that time in her life, Williams recalled finally deciding to embrace her feminine side and present as “Rhonda,” in the corporate world. She enjoyed dressing the part of a professional woman, wearing silk blouses, suits, heels, and jewelry.

Williams seeks to educate and inform her readers on issues impacting the transgender community in her Blog “Rhonda’s Escape.” She posts about serious topics such as politics, intermingling more lighthearted posts, such as giving fashion advice. She posts daily in her blog, which has more than 4 million views. The name of the blog refers to the “escape” or liberation of Williams’ feminine side.

“Rhonda’s Escape comes from the concept of escaping from a prison that you build yourself into. We are our most conscientious jailer,” Williams related. “Take the key, escape and be who you are.  You’ve got to come to grips with the person you are and accept that person.”

These days, Williams moves back and forth on the gender continuum, and most of the time, she said she would describe her appearance as “androgynous.” In Williams’ view, how people perceive her, whether as feminine or masculine, is up to them. “

Gender is a spectrum, and people can fall anywhere on that spectrum that they want to…I’ve cultivated the duality of my gender,” Williams explained while sporting a casual feminine look — an everyday outfit with Tori Burch flats, accentuated by accessories, thick white hair pulled into an updo, makeup skillfully applied. Williams said she seeks to inspire others by sharing her story and showing them how comfortable she is in her own skin. She also is an advocate for the rights of transgender people.

“Transgender people are people; being trans is part of our humanity,” Williams expressed. “We’re not asking for special privileges. We just want the same basic freedoms and rights everyone else has.”

By emphasizing the humanity of being transgender, Williams said she seeks to dispel the prejudice about transgender people, just as people started recognizing the humanity of gay people in the 1980s and seeing past the stereotypes.

“Transgender is probably 20 or 25 years behind the gay community in visibility,” Williams said. “It’s very easy to be prejudiced toward a concept. But when the concept becomes a person you know, you don’t want to hate that person. (In the 1980s) when people found out, say, that their doctor was gay, they didn’t want to hate their doctor.” 

As a transgender person, Williams has experienced life through the lens of both a man and a woman and has experienced a disparity in the way she has been treated. Navigating her early career in the world of software engineers as a man, Williams said she could not deny the existence of “male privilege.” Later in her career, presenting the female version of herself, “Rhonda,” Williams said she had been asked to “make the coffee” in “more than a few business meetings.” 

In everyday life, Williams said she feels the “same uneasiness a woman would feel in a similar situation.” For instance, she said if she is going to a shopping center after dark presenting as “Rhonda,” she will park close to the door, look around before exiting the vehicle, and clutch her purse to her body as she is walking into the store. On the other hand, she related she has experienced uneasiness from a female shopper clutching her purse more tightly while she was in close proximity to the lady, on a day when she presented a masculine appearance, as “Tommy.” “Raising four daughters, I’ve been very cognizant about how they feel in certain situations,” Williams said. 

Of all the roles she has held in her life, the one that Williams cherishes most is being a father to her daughters. “I will always be a father to my daughters, because I am,” Williams said. Williams fully embraces all the aspects of herself — as a father, a software developer, an engineer, a writer, an activist, and a transgender person, and encourages others to do the same.