Sunday, January 28, 2024

Political Week In Review 1-28-2024

Rolling  Stone: They say of Donald Trump, "The cruelty is the point "  For Ron DeSantis, we might amend that to say, "The cruelty was pointless."

Rarely in American politics has a civic leader, a governor no less, used his official power to marginalize, demean, and endanger so many - in the naked service of career advancement - only to fall so spectacularly flat. 

DeSantis used his power as governor to demean trans people, signing into law a bill that limited drag performances, gender-affirming health care, school pronouns, and bathroom choice for transgender individuals. Championing Florida as what he called a "citadel of normalcy," DeSantis embraced one of the biggest lies of the culture wars - namely that insidious forces are "grooming" unsuspecting children into deviant queer lifestyles. 

Both Gerwig and Robbie ignored … it’s still so easy for Hollywood to overlook and discount artistic contributions of women — EVEN WHEN ITS THE POINT OF THE YEAR’S BIGGEST MOVIE! My God. It was nominated for best picture. Didn’t direct itself, friends!”

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