Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Feminine Differential - Zipper Detail Pants

It is amazing and pleasurable to see all the different style options available in the feminine tool box.  Jeans with two zippers to either side happens to be one of these. Back in the 70's I had denim bellbottom jeans with two similar side zippers.  I wore it without fear and I am sure many (especially women) notice the very unique / untypical male style. One of my early "subtle" escape outfit. 

Love the car in the back

The above jeans are Lascana (Is A Woman's World) Zipper Detail Pants. The detail description states; "Two fashionable zippers at the front, Skinny leg fit, and Smooth waistband."  Worth a try.  

The above top is Amazon's, LilyCoco Women's Short Sleeve Vogue Fitted Off Shoulder Shirt . It is combination of my two favorite looks, off-the-shoulder and sailor stripes.

Can summer be that far away?  


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