Saturday, January 13, 2024

You Are Already Feminine...

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  1. Genesis mentions being fruitful and multiplying... you did that. Romans talks about not conforming to the patterns of this world... you did that. Ecclesiastes mentions being happy and satisfied as a gift from God... you did that. Galatians talks about taking pride in yourself alone... you did that. John mentions not letting yourself be afraid... you did that. Phillippians talks about not being frightened by your opponents... I'm glad that you are not! It's a mistake that many of us make to judge those who are different than us... as I see someone did in the letter to the editor bashing you... makes me feel bad (sorry). As people we watch the news and listen to negative stories all the time, negativity consumes our lives and our society, if the letter to the editor lady took a moment to analyze your life, I bet she would have found just as many positives as negatives and thus, their opinion of you would go from negative to at least neutral. Then if she opened her mind perhaps she could put more love in her heart and think, well, I don't necessarily understand some aspects of Rhonda's life... but who cares? That lady's life probably has some aspects that you or I may not understand either. Life goes on and it's refreshing to see your stories and posts from time to time! A special someone once told me "I don't care what someone does with their life. It doesn't concern me. I love everybody." You'd be happy to know that, because their opinion mattered and still does.