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I Love A Success Story - Morgane Oger

Current honor: Transgender activist Morgane Oger was honored with the Meritorious Service Medal by Canada for championing diversity.

From her site  Morgane Oger (about)

Morgane Oger is a Tech leader in Vancouver with a background in marine engineering, robotics, FINTEC, Energy, Internet, and Telecoms sectors.

Morgane has a track record of activism dating back to the 1990s focused on addressing systemic injustice and uplifting fundamental rights. A transgender mom with two teenagers, Morgane is a highly-effective community organizer and changemaker who is recognized for successfully reaching the hearts and minds of others by working with everyone to convince detractors there is better way.

Morgane has helped others throughout Canada win significant victories on issues focused around equality and inclusion at all levels of Government and successfully spearheaded the push to convince Canadians to support human rights law that protects us all against discrimination based on gender identity or expression.

Morgane Oger is the founder of the Morgane Oger Foundation which helps narrow the gap between Canada’s laws and the experience of people on the ground who face systemic discrimination because of who they are. Through this non-profit society, Morgane drives public-policy change for a more-inclusive society and supports vulnerable persons in BC and elsewhere.

With a number of successful policy and law reform wins in municipalities, provinces, and at the federal level behind her – as well as a number of successful interventions across Canada, Morgane’s advocacy work was featured in Cannes Short Films Festival award-winning short documentary “In Alliance (2016)”, as well as in “1253 Letters (2017)”, and “Morgane Oger: Moving Forward (2019)”.

Morgane was the BC NDP candidate in Vancouver – False Creek during the 2017 British Columbia general election and ran for School Trustee in the 2018 Vancouver General Election and for Municipal Council in the 2022 Vancouver General election. Morgane has served on the executive of Vancouver DPAC, Trans Alliance Society, and the BC NDP and served two years as BC NDP Vice-President. Morgane was part of the delegation of the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) at the 65th Convention on the Status of Women of the United Nations.

In 2019, Morgane Oger won a high-profile precedent-setting human rights case against an anti-LGBT activist that demonstrated once and for all that personal beliefs or the right to free expression do not trump another person’s right to live free of discrimination. The case is now widely cited in other legal cases. 

For her contribution to inclusion and equality, Morgane Oger was named “National Hero” Grand Marshal at the 2016 Vancouver Pride Parade. 

Morgane Oger was awarded the Kimberly Nixon Pride Legacy Award in 2016 and received the Shakti Trailblazer Award in 2018.

In recognition for her service to Canada in extending human rights for LGBTQ2+ persons, Morgane Oger was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal on behalf of The Queen and all Canadians by the Governor General of Canada in 2018. 

The Meritorious Service Decorations recognize great Canadians for exceptional deeds accomplished over a limited period of time that bring honour to our country. They honour achievements in both military and civil divisions.

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