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The Price Is Right / Wrong - Platform Sneakers


Happy Leap Day - Today leap into cutes shoes!

A subtle, fun Feminine Differential.   

We have not played "The Price is Right" in a few months -The pricing of women's fashions is so arbitrary it makes me wonder if the prices are not set by some dart-board approach of what the market will bear.  “Charge what the market will bear.” Think about that answer for a second. What does it mean? Are we not the market? 

With Chinese manufactures selling direct now, we are getting a feeling for the wholesale price.  I have worked at two fashion retail stores and see the exact same import packaging at both. I am willing to venture that nearly 100% of our fashion products are being manufactured in China.  

So as much as I have prided myself on buying USA in the past, it is an almost impossible ask now.   

Here is today's  "The Price Is Right  / Wrong" sampling.  Can you spot the one that cost $1,150?  

Macys - Women's Triple Up Canvas Platform Casual Sneakers from Finish Line $70.00

TEMU - Women's Solid Color Chunky Sneakers, Comfortable Soft Soled Running Shoes, Versatile Low Top Sport Shoes $18.98

Saks Fifth Av. Valentino Garavani  One Stud XL Trainer Sneakers In Nappa Leather $1,150



There is one more I forgot to include above: Amazon's White Platform Sneakers Low Top Platform Shoes Lace Up Canvas Shoes for Women $22.00. These I do own and love the fit and style. A wear to work shoe. 

Plus, a subtle fun, feminine differential.   

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

How Do you Feel About Living In A Theocracy


Julie A. Werner-Simon,
former federal prosecutor,
teaches law at Drexel University

My Personal Notes: What kind of government is a theocracy?

A theocracy is a form of government in which one person or a group of people rules in the name of a deity or god (or multiple deities and/or gods). In most theocracies, government officials are considered divinely guided, and most laws are derived from sacred texts and religious teachings. [or opinions]

I was part of a religion that consider itself a theocracy; "not part of this world". We were all to accept that there was a board of men, "Governing Body", that interpreted "God's will" for all of us mere-mortals. We were expected to accept uncditionally and obey to the letter-of-the-law what was passed down from "god" to them. Even if meant giving up your life or allowing your children to die.

On my part there were always questions on many of the teaching and rules. Finally, this was part of my big "ESCAPE". I have never looked back. It is difficult to understand the controlling nature of where we are headed unless you have been there; wake up! 

How many of your freedoms are you willing to give to the theocracy; what you read, what you wear, or allowing your wife / children to die because of someone else's religious rules? Please comment. 

Here is Law Professors Werner-Simon clear discussion with her class:


Alabama embryo ruling leaves no doubt that we're becoming a theocracy

Professors Werner-Simon note to the editor: I am a law professor. This week in class, while discussing the Alabama Supreme Court’s frozen embryo decision, this exchange transpired:

I displayed the words of Alabama’s chief justice on the screen. He wrote that the frozen embryos are children and that their destruction would incur "the wrath of a holy God."

I told my students that I am a Jew and do not believe this. I shared that when I had a miscarriage and went to my rabbi for solace, he said there was no prayer for miscarriages. For us as Jews, the rabbi said, life begins at the first breath. He encouraged me to write my own prayer.

A student born in a foreign country raised his hand and said that Alabama was imposing a Christian form of government on its residents, so isn’t that a violation of the U.S. Constitution's 1st Amendment ban against establishing a religion?


Yes, I responded. I also said that since the 2022 reversal of Roe vs. Wade (the first time a fundamental constitutional right has been "un-fundamentalized"), America has become a theocracy. State by state, a new Mason-Dixon line is taking shape, and on one side of the line, government officials are imposing their religious beliefs on us.

In 1802, Thomas Jefferson coined the phrase "separation between church and state" in a letter to Baptists in Connecticut to assure them that America would never establish a religion and interfere in matters of worship. Today, he is surely rolling in his grave.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Playing With A Spring Color

I am also a believer that a look can be “normal” and still be fashion.  Hilary Kennedy 

Some great fashion advice from Hilary Kenned, TV Host, Influencer, Blogger

My note:  I have the Talbots SLIM ANKLE JEANS - COOL MINT and have never been sure what to wear on top. Black sure looks good good and provides a slimming appearance.  See more photos on Hillary's blog - inspiring.


Hilary: I don’t know what happened between the 1950’s and now, but somewhere along the way fashion became a little weird.

We went from beautiful dresses and pearls to the idea that the stranger our outfit is, the more fashionable it must be.

On the Right Track

I disagree.  I might play it a little “safe” and not take fashion risks all the time, but I’d still rather wear something that is flattering and classic than something bizarre in the name of fashion.

For anyone out there like me: You DON’T have to dress weird to be stylish. You don’t have to pile on 52 bracelets or wear your hair in a crazy style…you don’t have to wear fishnets with a sundress or harem pants with a crop top.  You can wear a basic black shirt and colored skinnies and call it a day. And while you’re at it, classic jewelry will take you further, too. I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with my “H” monogram necklace from Miriam Merenfeld and my grandmother’s vintage watch. No spiked bracelets and sixteen layer chandelier earrings required.

Besides, when you’re on the go and have to make it from work to happy hour to dinner with friends, you don’t want to have to change clothes along the way. Something simple and classic will work for all three; no changing clothes in your car required.

So, just as I am a huge believer in saving your hard earned money for the pieces that will go the distance (i.e. Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Van Cleef,) I am also a believer that a look can be “normal” and still be fashion. I’ll leave the unconventional style to Amanda Bynes and Lady Gaga.

Monday, February 26, 2024

‘We Warned You’

LGBTQ activists blame anti-trans legislation for Nex Benedict’s death

When this is the message you are sending what do you think is going to happen?


Story by Bevan Hurley 

Nex Benedict, 16
 died one day after being assaulted
 in a bathroom at Owasso High School in Oklahoma

As Oklahoma lawmakers introduced dozens of anti-LGBTQ bills last year, local advocacy groups had a warning.

“We were saying, ‘this is going to cost queer and trans kids their lives’,” Kylan Durant, president of the Oklahoma Pride Alliance, told The Independent in an interview.

“We tried to warn you and no one took it seriously and now here we are.”

Oklahoma’s anti-LGBTQ laws have come under scrutiny after the death of non-binary high school sophomore Nex Benedict, 16, on 8 February.

Nex collapsed at home one day after they got into a fight with three girls in a bathroom at Owasso High School. Nex told a family member they had been “jumped” after standing up to bullies, and the fight was three on one. They died in a hospital emergency room that night.

Owasso police have said an early autopsy indicated Nex had not died as a result of trauma. However, Nex’s family said through a lawyer they plan to conduct an independent investigation into their death.

Nex had been bullied for more than a year prior to the fight due to being gender fluid, according to their mother Sue Benedict.

Like many Republican-controlled legislatures across the United States, Oklahoma has seen a recent surge in proposed anti-LGBTQ legislation.

From bans on gender-affirming care to penalties for public school teachers asking students what their pronouns are, the collective weight has had a chilling effect on young people exploring their gender identity, Mr Durant said.

Oklahoma has the highest number of bills targeting LGTBQ youth in the country, according to the ACLU.

Days after Nex’s death, a house committee voted along party lines to advance a bill that would ban people born in Oklahoma from changing their gender on birth certificates. [they don't care.] 


Sunday, February 25, 2024

Political Week In Review 2-25-2024


Oklahoma Republican calls LGBTQ people 'filth' when asked about death of nonbinary student

A state senator from eastern Oklahoma referred to LGBTQ people as "filth" when asked at a public forum on Friday about the death of Nex Benedict, a nonbinary high school student in the Tulsa area, reported Public Radio Tulsa.

Oklahoma state Sen. Tom Woods

Sen. Tom Woods said that his heart went out to Benedict's family, but that regarding LGBTQ identity generally, "We are a religious state. We are going to fight to keep that filth out of the state of Oklahoma, because we’re a Christian state. We’re a rural state. We want to lower taxes, and for people to live and work, and to go to the faith they choose."

Benedict, 16, died earlier this month one day after a fight in a high school bathroom. The circumstances of their death are still under investigation, and police are interviewing staff and students.

All of this comes amid a push in many Republican-controlled states, including Oklahoma, to remove affirmations of LGBTQ identity from public schools, in particular books that describe those life stories...

Now, Republicans are scrambling to put out the fire without admitting they’re they’re the ones who lit the match.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Friday, February 23, 2024

Musical Interlude - Billie Eilish - What Was I Made For?

 What Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture "Barbie"]

Lyrics: I used to float, now I just fall down I used to know, but I'm not sure now What I was made for What was I made for?

Takin' a drive, I was an ideal Looked so alive, turns out I'm not real Just somethin' you paid for What was I made for?

'Cause I, I I don't know how to feel But I wanna try I don't know how to feel But someday, I might Someday, I might

Mm, mm, ah Mm, mm, mm

When did it end? All the enjoyment I'm sad again, don't tell my boyfriend It's not what he's made for What was I made for?

'Cause I, 'cause I I don't know how to feel But I wanna try I don't know how to feel But someday, I might Someday, I might

Think I forgot how to be happy Somethin' I'm not, but somethin' I can be Somethin' I wait for Somethin' I'm made for Somethin' I'm made for

Thursday, February 22, 2024

I Love A Success Story - Harris Reed

Fashion designer Harris Reed on identity, sexuality and style

Reed is known for his designs that challenge gender norms and ideas of masculinity.

Harris Reed

Fashion designer Harris Reed has said he feels a lot of his clothing is “powered by the shame that queer individuals feel”.

Reed is known for his designs that challenge gender norms and ideas of masculinity, famously creating one of the dresses worn by Harry Styles during his Vogue photoshoot when he became the first man to feature solo on the magazine’s cover.

He has also dressed Beyonce for her 2022 British Vogue cover and Adele in her music video for Oh My God and designed one of her Las Vegas residency outfits.

Speaking to Elle UK, the British-American designer said: “I wouldn’t necessarily say this when I’m dressing Adele or Beyonce, but I think the truth is a lot of my clothing is powered by the shame that queer individuals feel.

“I walk a fine line sometimes when I put a piece on a cisgender, straight woman. But, at the same time, I think it starts a conversation.

I never wanted to label my work. I only wanted to make clothes that made people think, Woah, this is different

‘I’ve talked about fluidity a lot, so I’m kind of at the stage where I’m like, “Can we just change the word?”’ he says, when I ask how he feels about the assignation. ‘I never wanted to label my work. I wanted it to be free and genderless. I’ve only ever wanted to make clothes that made people think, Woah, this is different!’ he explains, full pelt. ‘I still consider myself gender fluid, even though I go by the he/ him pronouns right now. I like that I can be he/ him today, they/ them tomorrow and she/ her next week,’ he continues. ‘I’m very fluid and I still love that concept, but I hate the notion that there’s now a “gender fluid” category. Are we just making another box? Thing is, when you’re going into battle you can’t do so with a flag that has nothing on it. So, for me, I’m still fluid. That idea is still prevalent in my work.’

 Born in America to Oscar-winning documentary film producer Nicholas Reed and artist Lynette Reed, he later studied at London’s prestigious fashion school Central Saint Martins.

He told the magazine that moving to London was when he was introduced to other gender identities and styles.

Reed said: “I remember calling my mom the first week of my degree, sobbing, ‘Mom, am I basic? I think I’m so basic.’

“It was the first time I had met a transgender individual. The first time I met someone who was non-binary.

“I had friends who were pansexual, who were polyamorous. I felt so uneducated – I thought wearing skinny jeans, combat boots and my All Saints biker was the limit of who I was, and then I realized I had not even cracked the surface.”

Designer Harris Reed talks about his first Met Gala red carpet, DMing Lily Collins and Harry Styles tattoos in our latest episode of Ask Me Anything.



Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Holiday Cookie Exchange


Linda's and Barry's Holiday Breakfast and Cookie Exchange

It is amazing that when you get out (Escape) that your friends multiply and acceptance provides so many fun opportunities. A wife from my car club hosted, "A Holidays Woman's Breakfast and Cookie Exchange". Surprised by the invitation, I called and ask if the e-mail list had maybe been mixed-up.  "No mix-up, please come" was my answer."  I did know several from the Car Club and made many new friends that morning. 

We all were instructed to bring two trays; one with 36 cookies to eat / share and another tray to take cookies home. I followed the instructions and baked a full sheet of oatmeal / raisin cookies. There were two long table filled with beautifully decorated cookies. 

It is my understanding that many of the cookies that were left went to retirement / care  facilities.  I had to go to work after the exchange and the whole store ate cookies for the rest of the day.  

I waited on posting this event until Linda shared the group photo. There are times that only the photo reminds me I was not dreaming. Years back, i could have only fantasied about "Escapes" like this one and the acceptance. Yes, people are open / accepting and being out adds so much our lives. 

Thank you Linda and Barry for the invitation.  Life is to be enjoyed; ESCAPE!       


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Feminine Differential - Holiday Fashions Part 2


I got so many complements on this outfit even though I was a holiday "day late" for the Palm Beach Colony's Thursday night gathering.    

TEMU - Heart Pattern Crew Neck
$13.89 - Free shipping
This is my Temu "Heart Pattern Crew Neck Casual Long Sleeve Drop Shoulder Sweater".  It was so much fun the wear and attracted a good amount of attention. What I did not like was how boxy it looked. It is too late to order a smaller size. 

Although it was a good length that worked with the leggings. I guess a reasonable / important trade-off.
With the sweater I wore Amazon's "Jockey Women's Performance High Waisted Brushed Legging". These are truly high wasted and on my short torso nearly came up the bottom of my bra; plus super tight on the legs and ankle. They are not sheer and provide great coverage / shaping.  

I hope to get one or more wearing with this sweater pairing it with casual jean before storing until next season.  South Florida has been having an unusually cool January/February, so many of my rarely worn sweaters have seen several outing this season. A fun differential for us. However, not for the snowbirds that anticipate our tropical days and nights.   

Be bold in your "Escapes" and wear what makes you happy. When someone looks, smile.  A smile communicates that you are OK with being your true / visible self.    

Monday, February 19, 2024

Feminine Differential - Holiday Fashions Part 1


Be My Valentine
Loft Holiday Bow Sweater 

Finding an outfit to complement a holiday look is fun. Few if any men would give a second thought to finding an outfit to express a holiday spirit so here is our opportunity to shine. 

During the December holidays I did pick up a sweaters with bows that was used for several parties; a nice touch.  And, for New Year's I had a sweater with Champaign flutes.  These both are now packed away for next year.  

Many holidays lend themselves to colors and specialty items that reflect the spirit of the day. Valentines, which is all about hearts and red/pink is another opportunity.

 Pink seems to still seems to be riding the Barbie wave in the stores, so is a natural for the "Cupid Day of Love".  Plus nothing screams, "Feminine Differential", better than pink. 

One note on the Heart Sweater. It is super cute and I have tried it with a pink denim skirt and with white jeans. A super nice look. I am not a big turtle neck fan so have tucked the neckline in instead of standing up.  A much better look for me. To hold it in place, I may have to tack it down with several stiches on the inside. Yes, I can sew. 


 Also, you might find this interesting; How To Wear Pink Pants? 19 Outfit Ideas & Styling Tips

The above items in the fashion layout are mostly Amazon; 

*The Jeans:  Hybrid & Company Women's Butt Lift Super Comfy Stretch Denim Skinny Yoga Jeans 

The Sweater:  Women's Turtleneck Oversized Sweaters Batwing Long Sleeve Pullover Loose Chunky Knit Jumper

The Pumps: JENN ARDOR Women's Comfortable Stiletto Pumps 3 inch Elegant Gorgeous Closed Pointed Toe Slip On Solid High Heels for Ladies Wedding Dress Shoes


*Arrival Note: The Amazon - Comfy Stretch Denim are a prefect choice. Highly recommended, for fit, style, and the dusty rose (pink) goes with so much more that I originally anticipated. I have ordered a second pair in a smaller size and will keep the best fit.  The size down worked better. 


Sunday, February 18, 2024

Political Week In Review 2-18-2024


If you did not see it already, see his full 20-minute monologue from Monday night’s “Daily Show” below.  He nailed it.:

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Friday, February 16, 2024

Stories From The Lingerie Store


I believe most of my readers are aware that I work part-time at my Mall’s Soma Intimates Store. The store specializes in lingerie, especially bras and panties. Our products differs from Victoria’s Secret in quality and customer support. No pun intended, in that we specialize in measuring and fitting for your correct bra size. I love my time there, although hard work, it is interesting and fun. It is truly a women’s enclave and my team (all women) accept me. It is a fun place to work. 

"All dressed up and someplace to go", a day or so a week.    

Soma's Vanishing Edge (VE)
Panty Trays and Cabinet.
A few evening back I witnessed a touching emotional moment. It was 7:45, about 15 minutes before closing and the dreaded last-minute shopper arrived. Oh no, will we get to close on time? I was tired. 

The two were likely the mother and teen. I am being ambiguous in just  stating "teen" because I could not determine the gender. The age I am guessing is about 16, the gate male, the chest flat, the clothing androgynous, the face beautifully smooth, and hair was pulled back in a low, long ponytail; very cute. 

The teen held back in the store at first not accompanying the mother to the changing room; although retrieving several items for her to try. The teen's fitting room comfort level and trips seemed to increase as the shopping continued. They were the only ones left shopping.  

Closing time was very near, and as a hint we turn off the store's Muzak; a subtle reminder.  I always check on customers in the back changing rooms (there are doors) and ask, “Is there anything you need?” On one of my trips, I was somewhat taken back to see the two having an emotional moment in the hall with her hugging and holding her teen. I did not intrude on that private moment. 

Just a few minutes after our normal closing, the mother and teen emerged. She liked her dress so much (yes we have lounge dresses), she was wearing it and gave me the tag to check her out. Also, she was purchasing six beautiful panties in various styles and colors.  As I was scanning, checking her out, and placing the panties in a bag, there was another emotional moment with an extended hug. 

Likely the panties were for the teen son.  Remaining professional through the process there was still an emotional tear in my eye as well. In retrospect, I had a front row to a mother's unconditional love. That moment made my evening / week. 

Stay tuned for more "Stories From The Lingerie Store".  

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Palm Beach Chamber Music Season '24


A Valentine's Eve Treat 

I was able to attend the second concert in the 25th Season, Whitehall, Flagler Museum Chamber Music Series. As in previous years I attend as the guest of the sponsor (photo above). After an early dinner in Palm Beach we enjoyed an incredible chamber music treat.  

The performance is in an intimates, small venue setting, as true chamber music is meant to be. The night's program include the listing of the all previous 25 years of concerts and I realized that I was at the first concert in 1999. These events are something I look forward to every year.

The evening's performance was by VIOLINIST MICHAEL SHAHAM AND PIANIST SHENG-YUAN KUAN.  The program included Brahms, Bach, and Waxman with several of the pieces being solo violin.  The performers bio: 

Michael Shaham is a talented, rising young artist who has been playing violin since the age of six and just recently won second prize in the Fritz Kreisler International Violin Competition. Since 2010, Michael participates and performs at the Keshet Eilon International Mastercourse as well as in the Chamber-Music and Young Gifted Violinists Programs of the Jerusalem Music Centre. In 2018 he was named a recipient of the Arkady Fomin Scholarship Fund.

After the concert all were treated to a Champaign Reception with the artist that also including chocolate dipped strawberries and  macaroons. A tradition for all of the 25 years I have attended.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Concours d'Elegance '24


"Concours d'Elegance (French): Is a term of French origin that means a "competition of elegance" and refers to an event where prestigious vehicles are displayed and judged." [Wikipedia]   

My local car club had its "Concours" This past Saturday.  There were lots of beautiful cars and an elegant lunch at The Jupiter Country Club.  Fun on a warn and beautiful Florida day.

I tried to award myself "The Best In Show", but the judges said it had to be a car. 

Meetup groups and clubs like my car club, are a great way to get out, have fun, meet people and be part of the real-world.     

The Winner - "Best In Show"  

Monday, February 12, 2024

Feminine Differential - Pink Skirt Fun..


I am sensing the "Eye-Rolls".  Doesn't this girl know how to dress her age?  Which one; my chronological or my Rhonda invention date?  Likely for either one this is too young. However,  but it is never too late for a girl to have her moment.    

The pink skirt is Amazon's EXCHIC Women's Casual Stretchy Flared Mini Skater Skirt Basic A-Line Pleated Midi Skirt.  I believe the elastic waist will provide versatility to be either midi (at the knee) or short. It is going to be fun and I saw it on Pinterest with a Chambray Denim Crop Top.  A cute contrast of casual styles. 

This is so my style


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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Friday, February 9, 2024

How common is transgender treatment regret, detransitioning?


Published 8:55 AM EST, March 5, 2023

Many states have enacted or contemplated limits or outright bans on transgender medical treatment, with conservative U.S. lawmakers saying they are worried about young people later regretting irreversible body-altering treatment.

But just how common is regret? And how many youth change their appearances with hormones or surgery only to later change their minds and detransition?


In updated treatment guidelines issued last year, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health said evidence of later regret is scant, but that patients should be told about the possibility during psychological counseling.

Dutch research from several years ago found no evidence of regret in transgender adults who had comprehensive psychological evaluations in childhood before undergoing puberty blockers and hormone treatment.

Some studies suggest that rates of regret have declined over the years as patient selection and treatment methods have improved. In a review of 27 studies involving almost 8,000 teens and adults who had transgender surgeries, mostly in Europe, the U.S and Canada, 1% on average expressed regret. For some, regret was temporary, but a small number went on to have detransitioning or reversal surgeries, the 2021 review said.

Research suggests that comprehensive psychological counseling before starting treatment, along with family support, can reduce chances for regret and detransitioning.


Detransitioning means stopping or reversing gender transition, which can include medical treatment or changes in appearance, or both.

Dr. Michael Irwig, director of transgender medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.
My own personal experience is that it is quite uncommon. I’ve taken care of over 350 gender-diverse patients and probably fewer than five have told me that they decided to detransition or changed their minds."

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Feminine Differential - Playing With Red


I love red and it is not a color you see in two many non-female looks. The exception maybe a Kansas City Chiefs Jersey. I had a red Austin Reed Suit Jacket back in my professional days with two matching skirts; one knee length (concretive) the other shorter. I loved that suit. Today's look is casual and its inspiration started with the red Toms Espadrille wedge shoes. 

For those shoe fanatics like us, I ask the question to Google, "What is the difference between heels and wedges?" 

Jerseys - Kansas City Chiefs
The primary difference between wedges and heels is the soles on each style of shoe. With wedge heels, you’ll get continuous, solid, wedge-shaped outsoles that are elevated at the heel and taper down to a somewhat flat toe. On the other hand, high heels are also raised at the back, but the heel portion is separate from the sole underneath the toe.  

Wedges fall into the high heel shoe category because they technically have raised heels. That being said, they’re also a category of their own. 
 (Great shoe discussion at VIONIC)

The shoes are Amazon's TOMS Women's Classic Espadrille Wedge Sandal  and have a great look and are comfortable. The pants Amazon's  LOVER BRAND FASHION High Rise-Waisted Colored Jeans Pants. The top is Lascana Loose Cut Shoulder Tie Detail Top. It has a loose fit that also can be worn off-the-shoulder.

Enjoy - Red wine optional.

Vintage Austin Reed Suite
Charles Jourdan Pumps
1995 - OMG almost 30 years!