Wednesday, February 28, 2024

How Do you Feel About Living In A Theocracy


Julie A. Werner-Simon,
former federal prosecutor,
teaches law at Drexel University

My Personal Notes: What kind of government is a theocracy?

A theocracy is a form of government in which one person or a group of people rules in the name of a deity or god (or multiple deities and/or gods). In most theocracies, government officials are considered divinely guided, and most laws are derived from sacred texts and religious teachings. [or opinions]

I was part of a religion that consider itself a theocracy; "not part of this world". We were all to accept that there was a board of men, "Governing Body", that interpreted "God's will" for all of us mere-mortals. We were expected to accept uncditionally and obey to the letter-of-the-law what was passed down from "god" to them. Even if meant giving up your life or allowing your children to die.

On my part there were always questions on many of the teaching and rules. Finally, this was part of my big "ESCAPE". I have never looked back. It is difficult to understand the controlling nature of where we are headed unless you have been there; wake up! 

How many of your freedoms are you willing to give to the theocracy; what you read, what you wear, or allowing your wife / children to die because of someone else's religious rules? Please comment. 

Here is Law Professors Werner-Simon clear discussion with her class:


Alabama embryo ruling leaves no doubt that we're becoming a theocracy

Professors Werner-Simon note to the editor: I am a law professor. This week in class, while discussing the Alabama Supreme Court’s frozen embryo decision, this exchange transpired:

I displayed the words of Alabama’s chief justice on the screen. He wrote that the frozen embryos are children and that their destruction would incur "the wrath of a holy God."

I told my students that I am a Jew and do not believe this. I shared that when I had a miscarriage and went to my rabbi for solace, he said there was no prayer for miscarriages. For us as Jews, the rabbi said, life begins at the first breath. He encouraged me to write my own prayer.

A student born in a foreign country raised his hand and said that Alabama was imposing a Christian form of government on its residents, so isn’t that a violation of the U.S. Constitution's 1st Amendment ban against establishing a religion?


Yes, I responded. I also said that since the 2022 reversal of Roe vs. Wade (the first time a fundamental constitutional right has been "un-fundamentalized"), America has become a theocracy. State by state, a new Mason-Dixon line is taking shape, and on one side of the line, government officials are imposing their religious beliefs on us.

In 1802, Thomas Jefferson coined the phrase "separation between church and state" in a letter to Baptists in Connecticut to assure them that America would never establish a religion and interfere in matters of worship. Today, he is surely rolling in his grave.


  1. Come to Australia, we fervently still have democratic rights for all citizens.

    1. What a wonderful concept. The US has gone (Trump) mad.