Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Price Is Right / Wrong - Platform Sneakers


Happy Leap Day - Today leap into cutes shoes!

A subtle, fun Feminine Differential.   

We have not played "The Price is Right" in a few months -The pricing of women's fashions is so arbitrary it makes me wonder if the prices are not set by some dart-board approach of what the market will bear.  “Charge what the market will bear.” Think about that answer for a second. What does it mean? Are we not the market? 

With Chinese manufactures selling direct now, we are getting a feeling for the wholesale price.  I have worked at two fashion retail stores and see the exact same import packaging at both. I am willing to venture that nearly 100% of our fashion products are being manufactured in China.  

So as much as I have prided myself on buying USA in the past, it is an almost impossible ask now.   

Here is today's  "The Price Is Right  / Wrong" sampling.  Can you spot the one that cost $1,150?  

Macys - Women's Triple Up Canvas Platform Casual Sneakers from Finish Line $70.00

TEMU - Women's Solid Color Chunky Sneakers, Comfortable Soft Soled Running Shoes, Versatile Low Top Sport Shoes $18.98

Saks Fifth Av. Valentino Garavani  One Stud XL Trainer Sneakers In Nappa Leather $1,150



There is one more I forgot to include above: Amazon's White Platform Sneakers Low Top Platform Shoes Lace Up Canvas Shoes for Women $22.00. These I do own and love the fit and style. A wear to work shoe. 

Plus, a subtle fun, feminine differential.   

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